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Wood Flooring Ideas & Designs

Wood Flooring Ideas & Designs

Find the best ideas & designs to create your wood flooring. Browse through ideabooks & photos to get inspired, or find a professional to help build your perfect wood flooring
Find the best ideas & designs to create your wood flooring. Browse through ideabooks & photos to get inspired, or find a professional to help build your perfect wood flooring

Tips to select ideal wood flooring for home

While selecting the ideal hardwood flooring for their homes, owners first have to consider the setting where it will be used so that the flooring is long lasting. While wood flooring in bathrooms and kitchens need to be resistant to water and to other detergents that that are likely to be dropped on it, wood flooring around the house can be of a less durable quality. Wood flooring is given two types of hardwood finishes called surface finish and penetrating finish to protect it from wear and tear depending on location where it is likely to be used.

Here are types of wood flooring that can be used at home

Solid-wood flooring

This most common variety of wood flooring is available as narrow strips of wood, planks and squares that can be fixed on floors both indoors and outdoors to create plain or custom made floors with herringbone or geometric patterns. This variety of wood flooring is available in both unfinished and pre-finished varieties that can be selected depending on budget and time available to prepare the floor for use.

Engineered wood flooring

In this type of wood flooring planks are made with thin strips of hardwood bonded together to create opposing forces that restrict natural movement of wood. These floors can be directly glued on to concrete or fitted tightly together as planks of wood to stay tightly in place. People prefer real solid hardwood floors above engineered flooring as it smoother and less noisy.

Selecting wood on basis of grade and hardness

All wood species have different degrees of hardness and their relative hardness is available in the Janka rating system which can help to decide on the right type of species to use for different sections of the house. Grade of wood is also very essential to select the right quality for wood flooring and the best grades are clear ones with minimal markings. Woods grades that are clear and consistent with minimal markings are the best variety for wood flooring.

Finishes for hardwood flooring

When unfinished hardwood is being used for flooring then the finishes have to be given onsite after the flooring is done to have consistency and have long-lasting effect. The two types of finished for hardwood floors are surface finishes and penetrating finishes to make them durable and easy to maintain. While there are four types of surface finishes to give desired color and stain to top layer of wood flooring, penetrating finishes are soaked by the wood and wax is applied to give it the desired finish. Types of surface finishes on hardwood floors :-

1. Oil based urethane – Oldest and most commonly used surface finish is available in three sheens and is applied in two to three coats for desired effect.

2. Water based urethane – It can be applied without expert help and is relatively odor free.

3. Moisture cured urethane – Used in commercial establishments it has to be done by professionals and is more durable than others.

4. Conversion varnish – This finish too requires a professional as it has strong odor and fumes.

5. Fancy finishes and decorative options can be given to hardwood floors depending on budget and requirement.

Do you own a wood flooring? Would you build one again? Let us know any of your tips and tricks on how to build your own wood flooring in a budget.