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Must Know About Vastu

Must Know About Vastu

The Must Know About Vastu You Can’t Just Ignore for a Bright Home
The Must Know About Vastu You Can’t Just Ignore for a Bright Home

The Must Know About Vastu You Can’t Just Ignore

A home is not just a place where you simply want to relax after the whole hectic schedule throughout the day. Rather, your home is a place that motivates you to work harder, where you celebrate your success, commit your mistake, etc. Hence, it is said that to know about the life of a person, visit his home.

Not Taking Vastu Seriously

Being the owner of the place, it’s the peace of mind that you would always love to prioritize. No other place than the home can determine the true bond in your relationship. In short, it’s a place where a person would love to find everything arranged in a flawless fashion. However, despite all efforts, sometimes things don’t really happen the way you wish. You don’t stay at the desired state of mind, and the reason of which is you are clueless about.

Despite maintaining all arrangements of hygienic, you or someone else in the family falls sick. Each effort you make towards achieving the desired goal in the business fails in the end.

Each of the cases mentioned above, or the instances occurring at your home or in life if just involves not any appropriate reason, make sure there is something wrong with your vastu. Some people might ignore the vastu recommendations; it doesn’t take much time for the same people to realise its efficacy once they try these tips and get the positive outcomes.

Vastu Is A Complete Science

Vastu is just not any man-made concept or any fashion concept. It’s a pure science that takes the effects of various energy sources around in to account. The various forms of energy, like the cosmic energy, solar energy, light energy, etc., all have their own effects on our body, mind, and fortune as well.

The vibes produced by these energies depend on whether our home is made according to the Vastu principle or not. If it is constructed according to the Vastu principles, we realise the positive effects inside, on our home, health, and fortune. A home deviating from Vastu principles is quite obvious to create negative effects at your home, on minds, etc.

Each part of the home has its own vastu principles that need to be strictly followed for the best outcome. Here we present the Vastu tips for each part of your home that can offer you the due complacency.


The bedroom is undoubtedly the most important part of any home. Make sure your bedroom direction is not Southeast. The best option you should go with a bedroom that absolutely faces the north direction. Well, the bedrooms facing towards the south west and north east direction can also be accepted. If you are a bachelor, a bedroom facing towards the east can be the best recommendation.

It produces the best effect for the teens and children. A crucial vastu tip you should always keep in mind is not to have a mirror inside the home. Your bed direction is recommended to be towards the west or south-west. Teenagers or the unmarried groups of people may keep the bed direction towards the south itself. However, it is crucial to have it in mind that a bed should never be positioned centrally within the bedroom.


After bedroom, it’s the drawing room where a person spends the majority of his time, in fact, the happy hours. Hence, it’s essential that the drawing room is arranged in a flawless fashion according to the vastu.

The best direction recommended for a drawing room is the north-east. You can experience a lot of positivity in your mind and so among the other members within through the process. A drawing room facing towards the north can also produce the same level of positivity within the home. The best colour option recommended for your drawing room is white. You may go with the light green option as well.

The above colours influence the belongingness among the people inside the room. Make sure the direction of the windows inside your drawing room is facing towards the north-east direction; it creates a great level of positivity and keeps the germs and all those with negative effects towards the health at bay. It is always recommended to have the painting of nature, a garden, or village scenery within the drawing room.

Kitchen/Dining room

You can’t afford neglect vastu rules in your dining room. It is important as this part of your home has a very close link with your health concerns. Each component of the room needs to be in right orientation for the utmost satisfaction. The only recommended direction for your dining room is towards the west; you should not neglect it anyway.

Make sure your wash basin has been established in the north-east direction for the best effects of vastu. The electronics goods like microwave, refrigerators, etc. is always recommended to be placed in the Southeast direction only for the best effect. Talking about the windows, the best direction recommended for it is north, though the one facing towards the east can also produce the equivalent level of positivity inside.


Most of the people ignore vastu when it comes about the garages. If you ignore vastu rules in this area of your house, you can regret later. Especially, you should not ignore the positioning of your garage. The most recommended direction for the garage according to the Vastu is towards the north east. Another important point like a must for your garage is to make sure that the sheds of the vehicle or any other equipment should not fall on the main building in any way.

Final Note

A home consists of four walls, and so a hotel room. We never try to create any sort of memory inside a hotel room. On the other hand, we just want to ensure that our home produces only the best experiences that can be termed as the memory. So it should be your top priority to seek peace and happiness in your home and by following proper Vastu rules , you can achieve overall wel being in your life.

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