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Wooden-windows design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Why install a wooden window?

Other than being aesthetically superior and stylish, they are also very resistant. Wooden windows can be given any type of finish, shape and design, and adapt to any architectural style of the home in which they are to be placed. They have a number of benefits compared to standard windows which, however, have to be balanced with the few disadvantages.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wooden windows?

Wooden windows are durable, flexible and manageable material. Depending on the type of wood, the costs can be from very low to very high.  It is also of low industrial impact, as it is can be an ecological and sustainable material, depending on which type of wood it is and where it is purchased from. 

The marquetry is custom-made but can be adapted to windows of any size, including standard measures. Its durability can be for life, provided that it is given the proper maintenance. 

In extreme climates, wooden windows work as an extremely effective insulation, supporting low and high temperatures and maintaining a pleasant climate in the interior, contrary to metal like steel or aluminum, which are conductors of cold and heat. It is also a natural noise insulator, and if combined with double-glazed sheet or high-caliber poly-carbonate, insulation is highly effective.

Wooden windows require constant maintenance. They are not recommended for basements and areas too humid or arid because it tends to rot with moisture and attract pests if they are not cured, and if they are in contact with water or soil.

As a security system in the home, they should be combined with blacksmith-ing or steel grids or some equipment against theft.

What are the types of wooden windows for your home?

Fixed windows: they do not allow natural ventilation since they do not open, therefore they are usually cheaper since its structure is smaller. It helps insulate the interior and saves on energy. 

Horizontal axis windows: the window is rotated around a horizontal axis, usually at the top of the crank, thus avoiding the entrance of rain or any external element. 

Rotating or hinged: the leaf or the pair of leaves open relative to a vertical axis from side hinges, inwards or outwards. 

Sliding : one of the two slides slide horizontally on a rail installed in the flue, does not protrude from the span or obstruct the space inwards or outwards. 

Guillotine: similar to the sliders but in a vertical axis, working by means of counterweights to avoid closing in a dangerous way.

Which type of wood is ideal for windows?

It is essential that the wood to be used has been properly treated and cured for moisture and pests, avoiding as far as possible deformation and contamination and ensuring adequate operation for many years. 

Pine woods:  easy to handle and resistant to pests with the proper treatment. They do not have enough strength and stability to provide security though. 

Oak: very durable material and extremely resistant, although less flexible and manageable. 

Mahogany: resistant to moisture, fine and elegant finish. 

Sequoia: it is excellent for the places of extreme climates because it supports the climatic changes well. 

Iroko or teka: it is very resistant to humidity, ideal for tropical regions in India.

What are some modern designs of wooden windows?

Wooden windows can be adapted to any style and design of window of your preference. Being wood, there is the benefit that it can be designed to the taste of the owner, with the appropriate measures for their residence and not necessarily use the dimensions that are handled in the market. 

Balcony windows: they are windows of the rotating type or hinges, they are usually narrow and tall and of course, they appear on a balcony or are installed on a high floor. 

Panoramic window: can cover much of a complete wall but focusing on the landscape, focusing from the horizon to the sky. It can be operated in modules or a single sheet with a thick hinge. The double glazing is recommended to isolate, due to the wide surface that it covers. Its perfect for industrial style homes. 

Roof windows: they work like skylights  and look fantastic on steeply sloped roofs and roofs with a rustic or campirano style.

Modular windows: usually fixed windows but it is not a single glass sheet but a grid whose modulation is made by means of a wooden structure. Looks impeccable in classic designs, traditional Indian or modern.

How to keep wooden windows in good condition?

First remove the dust from the piece with a duster or soft dry cloth, so as not to scratch the surface. Then, wash the structure and the structure with a sponge moistened in warm water and liquid soap. Remove the excess with the sponge moist, well squeezed and without soap.

Next, spray some natural oil or wood cleaner. Then, rub with a dry cloth and wait for it to dry and absorb. It is important to moisturize with the proper oil the wood, to avoid that it loses resistance and that generates pests or entrance of humidity. Coat the surfaces every one to two years. 

Accept the hinges, the rails and any mechanical equipment with which the piece counts. For the construction, installation and maintenance of wooden windows, we recommend you consult with a professional in windows . We invite you to continue browsing the homify platform, where you will find thousands of ideas for your windows ...