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Wooden houses design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Wooden houses are good and affordable option for anyone who wants to go for a cheaper alternative than traditional (and often more expensive) housing options. The cost of prefabricated wooden houses can be 30% less than the cost of a traditional brick and mortar home. Although they are popular only in parts of India in the coasts like Goa and Kerala, these housing schemes have immense potential and people have started to to build this type of home, mostly as holiday resorts.

What are the different types of wooden houses?

The idea of moving to the suburbs or a village in a small wooden house, away from the hulu-baloo of the cities is an appealing idea in itself. There are many wooden houses to choose from, according to categories, from charming and classic country to state-of-the-art, well equipped and modern. They are a perfect option to build in northern parts of India with a mild or cold climate, because of the great capacity of the wood to produce heat. Also, they can be an alternative form of housing in the hot and wet tropical part of the country, but one must be careful with the ventilation. If you are considering buying or building a wooden house, make sure you do your research and adjust the look and need that is suitable for you - homify has thousands of photos to inspire!

Rustic wooden houses: These type of houses are great for a countryside or on a farm, but can also be a type of house adapted to build it in the city. It can be made from logs or with a combination of woods, including bamboo. Generally they are can be found among paddy fields in Bihar, Orissa or West Bengal.

Modern wooden houses: There are no particular set of rules for building this style of wooden homes, it can be anything, like with sloped roofs or flat roof, open to the patio and a wooden house combined with other materials such as stone or concrete. Modern wooden houses are synonymous to innovative design ideas.

Asian style wooden houses: They are constructed with open interiors and the rooms are adapted to solve multiple functions at home. They have excellent ventilation and are designed well for rainy areas. In addition, the architectural design of the Japanese wooden houses includes channels that transport the rainwater to a metal box so that water drains gently and prevents deterioration of the wood. This is a key architectural element in Asian style wooden houses.

Nordic or Scandinavian wooden houses: These are usually built with Nordic pine or Finnish wood. They are more suitable for cold and hilly geographies like Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh and other north-eastern states. These kind of architecture is suitable for houses which are characterized for being designed to spend the greater time in family and indoors and can also include a fireplace.

What is the durability of a wooden house?

Contrary to popular belief, wood is tough and durable and can withstand moisture, wind and sun. With the right care and treatment, a wooden house can last decades. Also due to the fact that they're biodegradable and constructed of wood and other renewable materials, they easily adjusts to the cycle of nature. Some timber have a certificate of origin and registration which states that logging companies plant new trees for each tree cut for construction use.

How much does a wooden house cost in India?

The cost of a wooden house depends on the size, type of wood and location where you are going to transport or build it. Prices vary, for example a prefabricated wooden house in Gurgaon costs Rupees 2000 per square feet. A wooden hut in Greater Noida costs Rupees 2500 per square feet, whereas a wooden log house in New Delhi is priced at Rupees 3500 per square feet. A bamboo wooden cottage can cost as low as Rupees 600 in Faridabad.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a wooden house?

Wood provides a good indoor climate. They are cheaper than conventional houses; quick to build, fast to assemble and flexible in design. The disadvantage is maintenance because wood reacts to weather conditions. Unfortunately, a wooden house can not resist natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. If you want to build a property where such natural disasters are common , you may need to think twice.

How can homify help me with ideas about a wooden house?

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