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Wooden-doors design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The most common doors in a house are wooden, since in addition to providing protection and security, they give a good appearance to the front of the house, as well as to the interiors. In addition, wood is a durable, functional and warm material, so it always gives a pleasant welcome to anyone who visits your home. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of wooden doors.


- Wood is a flexible material for handling, design and styling.

- It is elegant and very resistant.

- It offers an image of warmth and beauty.

- Aesthetically, it may look sophisticated or rustic, but always pleasant.

- It's a rich natural insulation.

- It is of low energy consumption: its handling can be mechanical.

- Lends itself to a wide variety of finishes.


- The wood must receive a treatment against moisture and pests.

- Although some wooden drum doors can be economical, solid wood doors can become expensive depending on their structure and type of material.

- Dyes or varnishes are expensive.

What types of wood are the best for doors?

Pine: it is the most economical wood, although it is not the most resistant, it can be managed in plates and gain strength. It is easy to work with, resistant to pests and putrefaction is available. You can finish with any ink or varnish color.

Oak: is a strong, hard and heavy wood, flexible to work and is usually light brown.

Mahogany: very fine and elegant finish, a dark brown tone, resistant to humidity.

Maple: has little flexibility for handling, little resistance to insects and is usually light creamy to white in colour.

Redwood: it is soft and light but with great resistance to deformations. It is resistant to climatic changes and requires little maintenance.

What are some important tips to make your wooden door safer?

We must never skimp on the safety of our home and our family, so even though the wood of the main door is high strength, there are options to reinforce its structure with several sheets, with grids, with meshes or with layers of metal. The following are some points on how to make your wooden door more secure:

Combination of doors: you can install a nice hard and thick wooden door on the outside, and on the inside place a door of stained glass or glass with steel gratings, preferably a sliding door to avoid double collapse. This way you can ensure the protection and style of your home.

Wood and ironwork: another combination consists of having a nice wood door of your choice and, to the outside, a blacksmith's door with a design according to whether it allows the visibility of the wood or completely covers it with an equally attractive design.

A composite door: do not risk an outside drum door, these are excellent for the interior for being light and manageable, but to protect your home you can hire the services of a good carpenter to build a door with a monolithic wood plate solid to which panels or views can be added to give it style. It is more resistant than a modular door.

With steel: there are solid wood doors on the market, to which a steel plate of various calibres is added on one or both sides. If the idea is to look the wood outwards, you can request that the plate is placed inwards, you will have twice the resistance.

How to care for wooden doors?

First of all, the wood to be used must be "cured" or sealed against pests and humidity. The seal you require depends on the type of wood and its porosity. In general, this consists of saturating the piece of moisture, injecting a chemical to open the pores and carry it to the maximum of resistance to finally seal them so that it is not possible to receive moisture.

To clean of cobwebs, a duster is enough. To remove dust and dirt, a soft sponge moistened with warm or hot water and liquid soap. To remove, only moisten and squeeze the sponge again, without soap.

To remove stains, use a cleaner especially for wood, or a natural mixture of lemon juice and vegetable oil, rub the surface well and remove the stain. Then spray oil or polish to moisturize the surface, and wipe with a dry cloth. Allow the wood to dry completely before touching it. It is important to also clean accessories such as hinges and keep them well oiled. Don’t forget to clean the handles and stained glass as well.

What style of wood door will fit your house the best?

To choose the ideal door, you must match the style of your residence. For example, a door of stained glass with a floral design will probably not look good on a minimalist facade. Doors have as many styles as the architecture itself:

Colonial style: a door in an arch, with a thick marquetry and in a dark tone.

Contemporary: one-piece, monolithic, with a pair of small square windows in asymmetrically placed, chocolate tone.

Rustic: thick wood in light color with black iron rivets.

Scandinavian: a modular piece of pine with paint finish in light tones.

Classic: wood panels with an area of stained glass in colors or with beveled glass.