Windows design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Windows are openings in the walls that allow us to ventilate a building or a house, allowing fresh air in, as well as the natural light of the sun, illuminating the interior.

Types and designs of windows

The ideal  window design depends a lot on the weather, the place and the architectural style of the house that carries them, not only as a hollow in the wall covered with some type of protection (glass, acrylic, plastic, etc.) but also as a decorative element .

The main types you can find, according to its opening are the following:
Swing : It is the most common type. It rotates on a vertical axis and is supported on hinges on one side and opens completely to let air in, but they need a free space to open .. 

Oscillating / Projecting : They have the possibility of letting air in without opening it completely. They are called oscillating if the part that is semi-open is the superior and projective if it is the bottom part. They are widely used in schools and other institutions, or in  skylights , and can be seen in combination with those of the swinging type. 

Tilt-and-turn : Very popular in Europe and North America, combine the above types, allowing a full or partial opening with just turn the handle in different positions. 

Guillotine / Sliding : They are divided into two halves and open parallel. Unlike the wings, they do not need space to open, but they do only halfway. They are called guillotine, if the opening is vertical and sliding if they do it horizontally. 

Tilting / Pivoting : They are similar to the oscillating or pivoting, with the difference that the axis is at the center. They are called tilting if the axis is horizontal and pivoting if the axis is vertical. 

Foldable : As its name says, fold up to open all the space and leaving very little space of material. They are ideal for large spaces.

Oscillating-parallel sliding: They combine the sliding and oscillating types to create a solution of multiple possibilities. 

Of course, the various designs and types of windows depend a lot on the climate and the local culture of each place. While in some places, its function is to let air and light in, in others its main function is to let light in, but not air given the low temperatures. In India, with its different climates, choosing the correct type, thickness and materials is the difference between being very cold, hot or not ventilating the house enough.

How long does it take to install a window?

Before starting to install a new window, make sure you can repair the existing one. It will be cheaper to repair than to install from scratch. Aesthetics are important and should be taken into account, because what looks great in the store may not work at home and look out of place. 

But if your windows are beyond repair, a new installation can take between 3 and 4 weeks, depending on the materials, type and measurements. The first thing is to make the measurements in each and every one of the places where you will do the installation. These must be exact, as any crack will let the air through. 

Otherwise, talking to the professional about your needs is essential. Do you need to isolate yourself from the cold or create drafts? Is outdoor noise a factor to require thick or double glasses? You must take into account all factors to achieve all the comfort you require. The same with the investment: negotiating with the expert before doing the work and signing an order or a contract will protect you from any eventuality that otherwise you can not easily solve. 

Finally, if you have the ability to install windows on your own, remember that glass is the most important part. Protect it at all times and only manipulate it when installing it in the frame.

What accessories do I need?

The windows are designed to let in light, which can be a problem when darkness or intimacy is needed. For this reason, almost all of them need accessories that add the versatility of controlling the luminosity: 

Curtains : They are an old classic and the most basic of accessories. A curtain is a fabric long enough to cover the entire open space that is installed at the top and hangs in front of the window. They usually settle in two and run sideways to open. Other types have string systems to open up or sideways. 

Blinds : They exist of diverse types, but the most common consist of a system of ropes and several boards of wood or plastic on one another or parallel in vertical, which allows to regulate the opening and the space between the tables with much facility. Within the  blinds we can find various types, such as Venetian blinds, roller blinds and pleats. 

Black out : They are a very particular type of blind and can be found in many businesses as a way to completely close access. Made of metal, black out allows to block 100% light once completely lowered.

Other accessories that you can use are flowers and plants that you can install in the frame or in special pots to hang out. Not only will you give your home an aesthetic touch, but you can turn the care of your plants into a hobby.

Maintenance and how to give your windows a long life

Your windows can last a lifetime if you give them the right maintenance. This is not only enough to clean them regularly, but it is a great start. You will also need to check them regularly for hinges, wood or other materials, glass sealing, painting, etc.

It is important to keep the windows in good condition, ensuring a much longer shelf life and looking fantastic. To keep them in perfect condition, we recommend the following: 

- The windows can be maintained to perfection by cleaning them regularly. 

- Inspect the sealing and packaging, especially in the rainy season. 

- It is also necessary to make small repairs such as paint and sealant, if necessary.

In case the opening system is faulty or a glass is broken, it is preferable to request the help of a  professional, thus ensuring that the window will return to its optimum operating state. Here at Homify, we have many ideas and designs of windows for your house, so we invite you to continue browsing our platform and be inspired!