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Modern windows & doors

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Modern windows & doors

Needless to say, a home is incomplete without doors and windows. Doors are the focal points of a house because they signify the first step in the journey through a house. They help in creating the first impression of your home by your guest. Doors also facilitate movement of family members in and out of the house. Further, doors are extremely vital in ensuring circulation of fresh air and light coupled with positive energy throughout the house. Windows are a support system for doors and they help in two way circulation of fresh and stale air. They also help with ventilation. Traditional houses built on large open spaces had a complex web of doors and windows supported by top ventilators. Today, these elaborate ventilation systems and passages have been reduced to a mere customary functional passage. Modern day flats contain only one entry door supported by a window in each room. So, there is not much scope for experimentation as far as placing windows or doors is considered.

The positive is that, these limitations in architectural features have given rise to lots of innovations and ideas for making the house look modern and stylish by using architectural inputs. Innovation in material application and in the design of doors and windows are one such area. Today, many companies offer unique design opportunities in materials never thought of before. The windows and doors are being developed and designed to replicate the sense of  modern aesthetics, beauty, grandeur and flexibility. The combinations in texture, colour, material and style that are being developed for doors and windows are remarkable and exquisite.

What kind of modern windows should I put in my home?

Window is a symbol of austerity and freshness. Modern homes may not have a personal garden view, but they definitely overlook exquisite skyscrapers and designer community gardens. There are lots of options available as far as modern windows are concerned.

Traditional windows were done in wood. But now, there are now lots of fabricated materials available for making windows.They include aluminium, steel or iron frames, PVSu and composites. These materials can be used in isolation or combination.There are various styles of windows to choose from like sash, casement, tilt and turn. Using any of the styles with sensibility can give the much needed aesthetic sense to the windows. While choosing a window, size and position should be given due consideration. Sliding double glazed glass windows look chic and elegant. They also serve as insulating mechanism.

Where can I find ideas & inspiration for modern windows and doors?

Doors and windows form an intricate part of any home. One can observe windows and doors of their family and friends. This observation can give a fair idea of what you need. In order to gain a better insight into the technicalities of architecture and style, one can do some research on the internet. You can easily find great ideas on modern doors and windows on homify as well. It is a must see site for gaining knowledge about recent trends in door and window design. At homify you can find lots of interesting ideas on types of modern doors and windows, materials needed and also the most popular styles. These ideas are supplemented by pictures so one can actually visualise the final look.

What colour should I choose for my windows?

Colours are great healers and mood boosters. Choice of appropriate colour can make a window look great and extremely splendid to the eyes. Traditionally, windows were done in shades of brown to match the colour of wood. Modern windows have lots of options to choose from. Though brown is still a popular choice, there are black or gray colours also to choose from. The choice of colours depends basically upon the place you are using it in. You can use black, brown or gray color in regular homes.If you are selecting colours for the windows of a kids area like a school, day care center, restaurant etc., then it would be better to chose bright shades of red, yellow and blue. It is advisable to go with standard brown or black colors for corporate offices. Finally, whatever colour you choose it should look good and catchy with the whole decor.

What sort of glazing panel should I choose?

A glazing panel is a type of support that is used to hold the glass of the window in place. This is an easy process and has been used for years. This support becomes hard and tight over the years and makes the window frame stronger. So glazing should be carefully chosen. One should use energy efficient glazing for windows as it keeps the home warm. While selecting windows, select double panes for which double glazing would be required.

UPS glazing is quite popular in modern windows .Double glazed windows contain the filling of argon instead of air between the two panes. This prevents the loss of energy through windows. Thus, while selecting window panes, one should be careful about the selecting of window panes.

What kind of door should I put in my home?

Selecting a door for a house is a work of utmost precision and care. There are several considerations while selecting a door. The door for the main entrance should be strong, sturdy and weather resistant. Doors should be capable of acting as insulators to prevent the loss of heat. One can choose the material from traditional wooden doors, fiber glass, steel doors, plywood doors or any other composite form of doors. Then there are eclectic style doors & windows and minimalist style doors & windows.

These doors can be made into various styles like lift and slide doors, multi panel bifolding doors, oversized hinged doors, pivoting, pocketing, angled, radius and impact tested doors. Some of these doors are architectural wonders and apt for big houses. Every door type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages which should be considered while selecting a door. Sliding doors are a fit for small areas where there is less leg space for opening the door. Multipanel bifolding doors are alternative solutions for providing extra wide spaces and uninterrupted opening in the places where there is continuous movement of goods and people. The hinged doors are good in wood frame and fiberglass.

What kind of door is the safest?

Doors are important for keeping a house safe and secure. So there is a need to take extra care in selecting them in order to ensure safety of the house. The front door should be of wood that is adequately strong and sturdy. Nowadays there are several options available in the form of designs and colours to make the front door look attractive and beautiful. Some people take extra care by adding an extra metal door in the front. This ensures double safety of your house. There are beautiful designer iron doors available which can be painted in attractive colours as well. The doors inside the house can be chosen of fibre glass or wooden plywood. They are available in attractive styles. Select fibre glass sliding doors to separate drawing room from dining area.

Are there any specific tips for choosing modern windows and doors?

Modern doors and windows should be chosen with utmost caution. These fenestration elements can prove to be really costly and difficult to maintain. The first criteria for selection should be the position and size of the door. Choose a wooden door or iron door for the front or main entrance. One can select sliding doors in places which are narrow like the kitchen or between a study room and a bedroom. The size of the doors should be big in the case of the bedroom and drawing room because there is a need to move things in and out continuously. Use light and flexible doors inside the house. Doors which are exposed to weather conditions directly should be weather resistant. Use water resistant doors for bathrooms.

Is there a style guide for designing & decorating windows and doors?

There are lots of style guides available for helping you to style the doors and windows. The wooden door should not be used in places which are directly exposed to water as they absorb water and expand. The style guides available on homify help you gain significant insights into several unique and exquisite designs that can be applied with slight modification and remodeling. These designs are not very costly either. There are lots of options available on homify for all budgets big or small.

Rustic doors & windows:

For a rustic style, select doors and windows with dark wood and antique designs. Give them a natural look by adding a potted plant or artifact on the window sill. Support it with unfinished rustic accessories to give it a raw look.

Eclectic style doors & windows: 

Eclectic style decor can be created  by having a cohesive mix of the latest, and the most trendy window frames and accessories. Bright coloured frames can be supplemented with pastel coloured doors. 

Minimalist style doors & windows

For minimalist style doors and windows, keep the door design to a bare minimum. Use windows that are simple and elegant. Avoid using doors with elaborate designs.