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Wall design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Where can I find ideas and inspiration for walls?

When it comes to creating a unique style of your own in your home, the walls of a home are very important. Since there are loads of designs to choose from, making a decision can be a disconcerting experience. We highly recommend doing some preliminary research. The process becomes much easier if you have an idea of the colors and styles that you would like to use in each room, otherwise there are many different places that you can explore to find inspiration. 

If you can’t figure it out on your own, there are many professionals willing to help such as interior designers and decorators. If you decide to hire one, meet as many people as possible and you will surely find someone whose style matches yours and what you are looking for. You can also hire painters to get a more professional or complicated paint job done. When you are looking to create your ideal home, it’s worthwhile and will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

Beautifying your walls or finding inspiration to do so can be as simple as browsing through homify, researching the best options for the different styles available for various rooms in the house such the living room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. With wallpaper, again you have many choices and alternatives.You can opt for a more country style or an industrial one. Homify allows you to save all your favorite photos in an ideabook, which means that once you have found the style you like, you can save the images you want to look back to inspire you. It is also easy to remember exactly why you liked the image, adding text to the photos with the ideas that you liked the most.

What options do I have to decorate my walls? 

There are loads of creative ideas you can use on walls that can give life and vivacity to the flattest and most boring of spaces. From wall papers to painting, there are many different options to choose from when decorating walls. If you do not have experience or creativity to achieve it as you want, a good option is to consider a good painter. These professionals are highly qualified and can create an impeccable finish in a room more efficiently. They will be able to help you with decorative options so that you have the perfect base for your room. There are many creative ideas for decorating walls - if you want something unique and original then maybe you should consider stickers for walls or an original wallpaper. There is no need to limit your imagination, since the large number of colors available, options of wall paper or stickers can be adapted to any need. 

Wallpaper is not just for the room or bedroom. Modern, resistant, water-resistant tapestries can help liven up the kitchen and bathroom too. If using wallpaper in an entire room seems too much, you can apply it to a wall and turn it into a dramatic focal point in the room. For those decorating a room for children, rubberized art is an inexpensive way to create a striking and entertaining decorative scheme. One or two large stickers can transform a wall into a forest full of animals, a fantasy castle or any other reason that encourages the imagination of children. And when the child grows, they can always be removed and replaced.

What are the most popular styles for walls in India?

The  modern style of walls in India is about creating a simple yet elegant space. In fact, to create a modern style, it is important that you start from the walls. The walls tend to be painted in magnolia and beige, with the occasional introduction of elements such as exposed brick and dark tones. Many prefer to use neutral colors for the walls to create the appearance of modern style and build on them with different accessories and modern accessories. Consider having one of the walls of the room a different color from the others, as another way to include color in your home.   

The  minimalist style has a lot in common with the modern look but introduces unexpected contrast elements to highlight the sharpness of the design. So white walls should be contrasted with a dark floor, or walls of a dark gray tone combined with a pale floor. Minimalist designs sometimes include a focal wall of striking color such as lime green or fuschia to give the design a burst of youthful enthusiasm. There are many options for the minimalist style wall, but most people opt for a simpler look with white walls. Minimalist accessories are a good way to inject color, but plain walls are what best combine with this style.   

Finally, the rustic style allows for a wide variety of approaches to walls, and blends well with old properties with character. Unlike the elegant finishes of modern and minimalist styles, the walls maintain traditional features such as moldings and rails. They can be painted in bright shades of lemon or blue, or covered with floral wallpaper, or leave the brick apparent.