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Villas design ideas, inspiration & pictures

A villa is a big single family home in suburban areas or Tier 2 or 3 cities in India standing independently on a bigger land than the house itself. Unlike bungalow with it’s roots in India, this type of housing evolved from the Roman nobles and lords which later evolved into a small agricultural compound that was fortified and isolated. Over the period of time, it evolved and now-a-days in India, it is a bigger version of a single family home, larger than a bungalow, but smaller than a mansion, and is suited for people with large incomes, businesses or used as a popular accommodation for tourists.

What are different types of villa?

Countryside villas: They are constructed with of simple materials like concrete and wood , but equipped with all the comforts of a villa. In some cases, depending on the location, the ceilings or structure can be of palm or bamboo.

Urban villas: These are located in large spaces, way bigger than the stand alone house and are equipped with all amenities. The architecture is modern, minimalist, and sometimes have a rustic, Mediterranean or colonial feel. Urban villas are primarily designed to be inhabited for short periods, such as vacations or rent for weeks or months.

Luxury villas: Luxury villas come with unique and exclusive design. They stand out from the other houses because they equipped with heated pool, jacuzzi with panoramic view, underground wine cellar, sauna, tennis courts, cinema room, games room, etc. In addition they are located in privileged places and in some occasions even with beach or private port. The homes of Bollywood stars in Mumbai usually have these kind of amenities.

Ecological villas: An ecological villa is characterized by its construction oriented nature to maximize the use of sunlight and save energy. Built with natural and renewable materials, innovative design and integrated to the surrounding environment, they are designed to operate partially or totally independently. They adapt to the comfort of modern life, but at the same time, promotes an ecological lifestyle. The resorts in Kerela or Himachal Pradesh can be categorised under them.

Modern villas: Modern villas are characterized by smaller than an average sized villa, but have all it’s amenities and comforts. They are based on urban locations like Delhi or Mumbai.

What should be taken into account when building or buying a villa in India?

The main aspects to consider are location and climate, as villas are designed to provide comfort offer privacy and enable the inmates to enjoy all facilities like terrace and pool. The house should be designed to provide comfort and free moving space and must have decent open space. The interior spaces must correspond with the exterior and double-height ceilings and also provide a visual appeal.

How much does a villa cost in India?

The price of a villa depends on factors like size, style, and location. The prices of housing in Tier 1 cities are way more expensive than Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities. Sprawling villas within Mumbai can start with prices up to 7 crore rupees whereas in Delhi and Bangalore the starting prices are a bit lesser at around 5 crores. The cost of construction of a villa depends on area of construction and on the specifications. The cost of land in the hilly regions is a bit cheaper than plain lands, but construction costs will be higher. Specifications provided by budget housing builders suggest that the cost of construction can be around Rs. 1300/- per sft , including all the costs, building construction and external developments.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a villa?

Villas are sojourn to luxury and relaxation, but there are many factors to take into account before deciding to purchase the property. The advantages often include owning a holiday home, which makes it easier to plan a vacation and save money on accommodation. Renting out the property when not in use can help to add additional revenue. And as the real estate prices are generally stable, prices for this type of property most likely will never decrease. But the primary disadvantage is maintainence. Like any other property, a villa would require really good maintainence and hence a part of your budget will be needed for the welfare of the villa. In India people generally have caretakers to look after their property while away.

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