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uPVC windows design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What are plastic windows?

Plastic or PVC windows are relatively new and have been gaining increasing popularity in India over traditional aluminum windows, thanks to its advantages and benefits that make them an excellent choice for any home. PVC is a component based on polyvinyl chloride, hence its acronym PVC and is mixed with different chemicals, plasticize-rs and pigments.

How and where to use plastic windows? 

PVC windows have a simple design, clean lines and modern, so they are much more suitable for use in homes with contemporary design, minimalist or modern. It is not recommended to be used in houses with traditional or classical architecture, as the contrast is not visually pleasing, remembering that  windows are an integral part of the design and architectural composition of the façade.

What are the main characteristics of plastic windows? 

Firstly, plastic is lightweight and easy to bond. They are a great ally in the conservation and energy saving of the house as they are excellent in thermal and acoustic insulation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic windows ?

PVC does not corrode, rot or bend, which greatly facilitates its maintenance. Plastic windows have an excellent thermal quality, which allows to keep the houses cool in summer and warm in winter. They also do not need to be repainted and are totally recyclable. 

The modern style of plastic windows adapts perfectly to contemporary houses. They can have single, double or triple glass. PVC windows are also much cheaper than a wooden window, with better thermal and acoustic insulation. 

Although they are more flame resistant than wood, they are not fireproof and in case of fire, the PVC can burn off toxic gases. Aesthetically, plastic just does not have the attractiveness of wooden windows.

If you want to dismantle the windows for repair, it can be quite complicated and you may require a professional to do it.  Also keep in mind that white frames tend to fade and take yellow or pink tones, making them look unattractive. Excessive heat can even break the frames. The typical lifespan of plastic windows is between 10 and 15 years.

How is the installation of plastic windows carried out?

Firstly, check that the bays are well profiled and structurally sound. Then arrange the assembly of the span and its enclosures, so that the frame is perfect. Avoid installations of alarms within the frame and window opening.   

If you are going to replace an existing window with a PVC window, remember to measure the wall space, considering that the new window should be 10 mm smaller than this measured on all sides. 

Tip: As a general recommendation, remove all furniture from the room or cover it prior to the installation of the window

Placing the frame of a plastic window 

First fix the base of the window to the window sill, screwing or anchoring according to the manufacturer's specifications. Then, apply sealant to the edges of the base and place the rest of the frame in the window opening. 

Next, insert the packings for blocks and center the entire window frame well. Check the level and it is placed to lead, this will ensure that the window works perfectly. Fix the inserted frame andeal and check packages, to avoid leaks and achieve a better fixation of the entire window.

After that, clean the work area and the new frame to install the glass.

Placing the window glass: 

First take the glass or glasses, if it is double, and place it inside the frame. Once placed, adjust it inside the frame according to the manufacturer's recommendations, both glass and frame. After completion of this installation, the operation of the window must be checked if its mechanism is working correctly when opening and closing it. Having this test ready, make a seal with silicone and check that there are no leaks.

How are the uninstalling plastic windows carried out?

Before uninstalling an existing window, check that the new frame is exactly the same as the previous one Once you have checked these measures, you can proceed to remove the existing window. Care must be taken not to damage the window and keep the finishes as intact as possible. Removing the window frames will make it much easier to uninstall the window, making it much lighter

Tip: We recommend you wear gloves and safety glasses if you are going to do this work for yourself

Who are some suppliers and manufacturers of plastic windows?

In Homify, we have an extensive catalog of suppliers and manufacturers of PVC windows , as well as thousands of residential and commercial projects that have these types of windows, helping to inspire you and give you great ideas for your next project. We invite you to browse our portal and explore each of its sections, through excellent images that we are sure will be of great help in your next project.