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Study/office interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect home office?

A perfect home office is a place where you find ease and comfort to work with the most appropriate accessories and surroundings. Working inside the house makes it easier for us to work according to our routine and with the convenience of the house itself. A few of us get the opportunity to create a Home Office. Making a perfect one depends on your office requirements and the various other factors that comprise the room. The presence of all the comfort one requires and the unhampered work is a result of an effective and efficient home office. All you need to do is to make sure there is no disturbance in the work while you sit in your Home Office. Design it in a manner so that any such hindrance that hampers the work is removed and dealt with easily.

Where can I find home office ideas & inspiration?

The very efficient home office ideas can be found at the homify website with exclusive decor, affluent furniture, creative designs and other articles in the room. The Home Office can also be inspired by the necessity of various other things in the office according to the work type. Designing it with your own imagination or with the help of a specialist depends on your choice. One can easily use the ideas from friends and family members and also get inspired by other home offices of the people around. Making use of the objects efficiently and creating an effective work space should be the initial thought of making a very useful Home Office.

What exactly can I do to my home office?

One can decorate a Home Office with things that soothe the mind and help you relax so that you can concentrate on the work. To ensure this, you can use furniture like the revolving chairs or recliners and a table with a perfect height. Maintaining the focus on keeping minimum things and simple décor further improves the quality of a Home Office. Keep only what is required and remove anything that is out of place or unnecessary in the room. Though make sure to keep things like a beautiful flower vase or a pretty picture of family to decorate and brighten up the room as well as your mood. An opening in the form of a window or a door helps better inflow of light in the Home Office. Keep a check on the lights, furniture and stationery in the Home Office for a well-organized work balance. One must make sure of beautiful patterns and colors of the furniture and other items in the Home Office to ensure a vibrant flow of energy in the room.

What wall color should I choose for my home office?

Keep the walls of the room subtle with light and pastel shades. The light color of the walls, control the brightness of the room effectively and makes the environment stay relaxed and comfortable. Using dark colors irritates the eyes while concentrating on the work and strains the brain with unnecessary brightness. The shelves on the walls help in stocking the work files and other articles related to work easily. The beautiful shelves also work as wonderful wall decors and enhance the room manifolds. The pretty wall pictures and lights also brighten up the room with energy. You can also make use of the wallpapers on the wall with very pretty flowery prints or such light prints of your choice. Making use of the wooden planked wall looks in the Home Office is practically a very smart choice.

What type of flooring should I put in my home office?

The wooden flooring goes pretty well with the Home Office areas. In trend, the wooden floors give a very chic look and enhance the beauty of the room. Along with the wooden floors, the tiled floors also look amazing in the Home Office. The light color tiles make the room look large and spacious. The light shade on the floor helps you concentrate on the work as well. Carpeting the area helps in the swift movement on the floor. Using rugs instead of the wall to wall carpets is also a good idea. The stone floors or any other material also may work well, depending upon the design and other features of the room. All we need to make sure is that the room should sync well with the rest of the house.

What home office design is right for me?

The home office design varies as per the work. So, depending on the work type one should decide what kind of an office design is apt of oneself. For those who have a Home Office with client interaction, need to keep the office in a fashionable manner. Chic and smart flooring, wall decor, furniture and upholstery are required for such a Home Office. For those who just have an individual work kind of a Home Office would need a simple yet very efficient office style. The kind of space available is also another factor that decides the office design. Further, personal preference also plays a very crucial part in the designing of a Home Office.

Are there any specific tips for decorating my home office?

Making sure of no disturbance from the rest of the house is a very important feature that one should keep in mind while designing the Home Office. The small and effective tips come in handy like keeping the home office desk simple and comfortable. The very comfy and ergonomic chairs for correct postures while you work are extremely important for your physical self. The focus on the light openings like the doors and windows is again an important feature which cannot be ignored. Keep the windows open to the fresh air to fill in the room for a more refreshed mind while working. The curtains, upholstery and the carpets or rugs should be kept minimal or plain with light colors.

How do I use accessories in my home office?

One very important aspect of the Home Office is the accessories used in it. Often, we tend to keep a lot of unnecessary things that pile up and make the room uncomfortable in the long run. Home office furniture is one of those basic things to pay attention to. Depending on the work, one must be clear about the specific design of furniture one needs. In case you need to entertain some clients, you must have a bigger table and some extra chairs for the people to sit. On the other hand, in case you work alone in the Home Office you just need one table and chair for yourself. Keeping it simple and maintaining minimal accessories is the idea behind a simple Home Office.

What happens if I have a small home office?

In case of a smaller area to maintain as a Home Office, one can easily keep it comfortable and convenient. Make sure of minimum work related things to be kept in the office. Keep the study desk clean and tidy. White wall colour and light shade of flooring help make the room look bigger and spacious. Keep the walls clean and furniture minimal. The use of modern storage ideas that use the space efficiently and minimal are good for a small Home Office. Let the inflow of natural light brighten up the room effectively and the electrical white LED light be used in the room for optimum effect.

Is there a style guide for designing & decorating a home office?

The imaginative and creative ideas of your mind are the best style guide for designing and decorating a Home Office. You can also check the style guide at for further assistance. An elaborate guide on designing and decorating a home office as per latest trends is available at


country style home office may have a very subtle look. The classy look of this kind of a Home Office is unbeatable. The very elegant wooden furniture can be used in this setting. The wooden and white table study desk with similar chairs go very well with the wooden planked walls of the room. The wooden shelves in the room also enhance the interiors. The very pretty yet simple lights with flowery curtains that glow in the bright light falling from the window just look amazing.


modern Home Office is a very up to date kind of setting that is well equipped with latest accessories and stylish decor. Beautiful shelves and seating with modern patterns and colours enhance the modern look of the room. The very efficient modern designs and materials used for table, chairs and other furniture make the room beautiful. Smart lights and the blinds on the windows give a trendy look. The wall art and the art frames along with other beautiful art pieces make the decor look pretty and delightful.


The raw unfinished look of the thoughtful design creates a mystery around it with a mystic appeal. Usages of wooden and metallic tones make the look very appealing. This industrial style of a Home Office has an unconcealed and bare look that somehow appeals to onlookers. Shelves and furniture with a mix of wood and metal look very raw and smart in their own way. The use of grey and other metallic colors on the walls and other surfaces enhance the look completely.

Keep it simple and easy for the work to be efficient. A Home Office should come out as a comfortable place to work in and energetic enough to bring new ideas to mind.