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Stairs design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Where can I find design ideas for staircases? 

If you are looking for inspiration for designing your staircase, homify can help you. Here you will find clever storage solutions, lighting ideas and inspiration for decorating and making the most out of your staircase. Without leaving the website you can see many different options for your hallways, corridors and stairs. You can also create an ideabook with all of your favourite pictures, and by saving it you can have something to reference when you begin designing and decorating your home.

Whether your staircase is at the entrance hallway of your home or in a dark corridor leading to bedrooms, professionals at homify such as interior architects and interior designers can help you make the right design choices for your house. 

Many Indians enjoy the use of more neutral colors, as they maintain a more open and bright staircase. However, there are endless ideas when it comes to stairs. Some popular options for staircases are spiral staircases and minimalist floating stairs. While people in the hilly areas of North India opt for a more rustic look with wooden stairs, central and west Indian cities prefer an industrial look with metal stairs and railings.

What is the ideal design for the stairs?

Most indian homeowners with a staircase occupying the most prominent point in a home, particularly those with open plan layouts, expect it to be perfect. Many people dream of wide staircases or even spiral staircases with handrails that are the focal point of an entrance hallway. However, this is definitely not the reality of most home owners.The ideal staircase depends completely on you and the style of the rest of your house. If your house has a rustic style, a wooden and more traditional handrail would be more suitable. However, if you prefer a minimalist style, having a white staircase can be much better suited to your style. 

If you’ve seen a design, but don’t know where to get it from, there are specialist staircase and railings companies who will assist you from concept to completion. With homify you can easily find ideas for staircases and even professionals who can help you design and install them. People often see a staircase they like and wonder where to get a similar one. Most are custom made rather than shelf-bought staircases designed by a luxury designer or architect. You might even be inspired by a suitable design you find on homify and choose to design a similar one yourself.

Using the directory you can easily find professionals in your city in India, check out their Facebook profiles and portfolios and even contact them easily! There are hundreds of great ideas, so keep an eye out for exactly what you like the most and remember to save all of these sources of inspiration and Ideabooks for when you begin designing.

How can I decorate a staircase?

Decorating a staircase can be a difficult task. It may be important for you to have an aesthetically pleasing staircase; however, the most important aspect is the functionality of your staircase. If you have an old house and want to update it, changing an old and ugly staircase may be the best way to achieve this goal. There are many options, from painting or changing the stairs and handrails, carpeting your staircase, removing the carpet , changing the stairs to a wooden stairs. However, the process can be long and expensive if you do not have the experience. Remember that if you choose to do the work for yourself, making sure you have the right materials and tools is extremely important! 

At homify we even have architects like Preethan Interior Designer who specialises in designing creative and unique staircases such as a staircase that looks like a guitar or a boat. 

The wall space along the stairs is a great place for wall lamps, displaying paintings or photos and placing display shelves with decorative accessories such as vases with flowers. The space underneath the stairs on the hand, is a great space for a pooja room or a mini garden, and can add more beauty and personality to your home.

How can I make the most of the staircase space?

The staircase is often not a very big space in the home, although it does take up a fair amount of space in the house. Staircases in modern homes are often narrow, leaving just enough space to take steps. Older houses on the other hand, have wider stairs which can be used to place potted plants or large lamps and small furniture. The space on the stairs can be used if it is wide enough and it is utilised in the right way. Even if the stairs are extremely narrow, you can use the wall space to mount shelves and place books, turning it into an escalating home library. You can even hang little plants on the wall to liven up the staircase.

The space underneath the stairs is another space you can take advantage of for purposes of storage or even for a pooja room or a mini indoor garden. You can have professionals build you a custom designed shoe cabinet, closet or even an aquarium space if you so wish.