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Spa design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect spa?

Everyone has their own idea on what constitutes the perfect home spa. From bold, contemporary spaces, to more traditional spa and sauna styles—home spas bring extended luxury to living space. The perfect spashould inspire relaxation and wellness; whether it’s a modern, minimalist retreat, or a luxurious spa suite with every amenity imaginable. Home spas can make welcome permanent addition to your indoor or outdoor space, while occasional spa facilities and portable home saunas can transform extra space as and when required. For those looking for the ultimate in luxury, large indoor pools and water features mark the standard. Infinity pools, saunas and steam rooms are an essential for more contemporary spaces.

Spa ideas and inspiration

Here at homify, there’s over 500,000 tried and tested design ideas to inspire any homemade spa project. The homify Ideabook makes it easier than ever to keep track of eye-catching designs to incorporate into home spa plans and projects, with an easy to user interface you can update, any time with easy note taking to get every detail down. Updates to virtual scrapbooks are saved to user profiles, allowing for quick and easy access to ideas 24/7. For those looking to connect with a professional to help make their dream spadesigns a reality, homify puts you in touch with the talent you need with a network of thousands of qualified experts ready and waiting to give your project the creative push it needs.

How do I design a spa at home?

The perfect spa needs to incorporate your needs and lifestyle. For those looking for more occasional indulgence, portable saunas and spa facilities can turn existing areas into temporary spa spas. For those looking for a permanent solution, a specialist spa designer can help transform ideas into reality. A professional designer and build architect will be able to help steer clear of typical construction problems and advise on long-term savings and investments. Here at homify, there are thousands of qualified professional and experienced designers available to help transform design ideas into finished results.

What do I need to consider when building a spa at home?

When installing more permanent fixtures like pools and water features, long-term impact and investment needs to be considered. Filtration and cleaning systems either need to be easily maintained, or able to last the pools intended lifetime. Ensuring an eco-friendly design with low environmental impact is essential. Investing in quality systems and foundations at this stage is a must to ensure savings on maintenance down the line.

What equipment do I need for my home spa?

Home spas can be as simple as an indoor pool and steam room, of offer full circle relaxation with saunas, hot tubs and treatment rooms. Everyday essentials like loungers and recliners, massage boards and treatment tables should all be selected for comfort and long-term value. Extended treatment rooms and facilities might require specialist equipment and supplies, while larger features like pools will need their own stock of spares for repairs and maintenance supplies.

What facilities does a spa need?

Other than the staple spa equipment and essentials, every home spa should be equipped with en suite shower and changing facilities and plenty of reclining space. Many home spas integrate a small bar or serving area, or open into larger outdoor hosting areas to really extend living space. The homify network can get you inspired for a tailor made home spa you’ll love, and put you in touch with the right experts for real results. If you’re extending into home spa comfort, you can be slightly more flexible with layout and blend into your existing space, although every home spa should feel like total retreat, granting total relaxation with every visit.


Saunas are a must for any self-respecting home spa. Saunas use steam and aromatherapy to promote maximum relaxation. With designs dating back centuries, there’s a range of more traditional steam saunas, to contemporary relaxation retreats with contoured seating, integrated lighting and aroma release technology. From traditional Finnish inspired designs, to cutting edge contemporary designs—a sauna is a staple no home spa should be without.

Hot tub

An icon of modern spas, a hot tubs can be utilised indoors or out. Hot tubs are designed for hosting, with multi person capacities and contoured edges for optimum comfort. From simple heated pools, to the famous Jacuzzi jet; hot tubs come in with a range of features with user-friendly controls and easy maintenance. Hot tubs make ideal extensions of replacements for pools, and take the spa experience outdoors, all year round.

Steam room

From traditional sweat lodge styles to more modern steam cabins, the steam room is a home spa staple. Steam rooms can be more open and expansive spaces for group capacity, or smaller, single user cabins for solitary relaxation and enjoyment. Steam rooms offer more concentrated steam therapy, with simple to use controls for occasional enjoyment, or establishing a steam and aromatherapy routine.

Sauna ideas and inspiration

Here at homify, there’s thousands of design ideas to help get any project started. The homify Ideabook makes it easier than ever to keep track of eye-catching collections and essential ideas for every homemade spa project For those looking for guidance, homify makes it straightforward and simple to connect with experienced pool and spa professionals and designers to help realise design ambitions.

What is the best sauna design?

The best saunas are the ones designed with optimum comfort in mind. Easy to use steam controls are another essential, while hard-wearing systems requiring low maintenance ensure year-round enjoyment, and less investment down the road. For larger spaces, saunas can be incorporated into outdoor spaces and take on new dimensions, making them ideal for hosting. Space-savvy design and portable hot tubs and steam rooms can provide a more flexible solution for those short on space.

How I can build a custom sauna?

When designing a custom sauna, always ensure the intended work adheres to building and planning requirements. Permanent and semi-permanent structures like pools, and certainly any building extensions, may require permission. Once you’ve decided on your design and are ready to go, consult with a design specialist to give your idea the seal of approval and further guidance and make sure you consult only the most experienced professionals when it comes to putting the finishing touches to any sauna.

What do I need to consider when buying a sauna? 

When purchasing a pre designed and semi constructed sauna, always ensure there are no problems with available space to save issues with installation. The intended space should also have all required power and plumbing facilities ready and available. Long-term running costings and ongoing maintenance should also be considered, although when buying sauna products, customer reviews and testimonials provide more balanced and objective product insight.

More spa styles

When it comes to picking a space space perfect for your home, you’re spoiled for choice. Go for streamlined edges and integrated technology for contemporary spaces, or go for traditional luxury to bring a touch of timeless opulence to your home. Here at homify, there’s thousands of design ideas for all spa styles, with expert professionals from all backgrounds ready and waiting to help get your project started.

Modern spas 

Modern home spas take relaxation to the next level, with sleek and contemporary fixtures and fittings, and seamlessly integrated technology to enhance your experience. From simple pools heated to precision, to ambient lighting, underfloor heating and jets and hot tub extensions – modern spas offer a solution that can be tailored to perfection. The perfect choice for modern architectures, with striking infinity pools and contemporary interiors and finishes.

Eclectic spas

When making a design statement, eclectic spas are ideal for tailoring a space to suit individual tastes. Custom hot tub and spa design can turn spa staples into real points of interest, with bespoke systems and settings for tailor-made relaxation and maximum enjoyment. Eclectic spas can be outdoors, freestanding or integrated into indoor living space.

Classic Spas

Those opting for the classic spa option, still have plenty of choice when it comes to designing the dream home spa. Beautifully shaped pools streamlined for comfort, with water features and breathtaking decor for a signature trademark of tradition. With centuries of design, saunas are a staple of many classic spa designs.