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Single family homes design ideas and pictures

A single family home is a single-detached unit, with an independent entrance and with it’s own electricity and water access. These kind of houses enjoy the luxury of space and usually have a front yard and a backyard. Single family homes are popular among families and are traditionally considered better to raise children.

What are the different types of single family homes?

Single family homes can be sorted under four main heads. The biggest, expensive and most luxurious ones are the mansions. These can undoubtedly be associated with fame, wealth and fortune. Examples are the homes of Bollywood celebrities in Mumbai or rich cricketers. The next category is villa. It is bigger than an average sized house and is generally categorized as a large comfortable-size home next to beaches or in the hills. In India you usually find them in most tourist attractions like hill-stations or other offbeat places. After the villa comes the bungalow. It is a single detached house standing independently house on a large piece of land, usually in suburbs. There is not much considerable difference between a villa and a bungalow, apart from the fact that a bungalows offers a less formal floor plan. The famous Indian haveli comes under the category villa, whereas a bungalow is considered a smaller version. The smallest of them all is the cottage. Built with at least four main rooms, it is the smallest type of a single family house. Cottages also have an addition to the back for extra amenities such as laundry, bathroom, and kitchen.

What are pros and cons of a single family home?

Single family homes come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. As mentioned already, the advantages basically include extra space like a garden for children to play or people to relax in , whereas as a disadvantage, it allows the local regulation an opportunity to add an extension to the property. It also includes the fact that all kinds of repairs and other costs of amenities have to be looked after by the owner himself. Also the price for water and electricity has to be borne by the household alone. Apart from that the maintenance cost of garden, entrance, play ground and pools needs to be maintained by the owner. Also it is difficult to find single family homes in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities now as they are deemed too costly. However they are still the popular housing option in smaller cities in India.

How much does a single family home cost in India?

The price of a single family home depends on factors like size, style, and location. The prices of housing in Tier 1 cities are way more expensive than Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities. Sprawling bungalows or villas within Mumbai can start with prices up to 6 crore rupees whereas in Delhi and Bangalore the starting prices are a bit lesser at around 3 crores. Meanwhile, famous holiday locations such as Alibaug or Lokhandwala can start from 50 lakh rupees, whereas a small bungalow in a city like Sangli can be bought for 75 lakh rupees.

The cost of construction of a single family home depends on area of construction and on the specifications. The cost of land in India in the hilly regions is a bit cheaper than plain lands, but construction costs will be higher. Specifications provided by budget housing builders suggest that the cost of construction can be around Rs. 1300/- per sft , including all the costs such as Architectural Design, Structural Design, building construction and external developments (example wall, gate etc.,).

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