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Shutters design ideas, inspiration & pictures

When should I install a Shutter?

When the house where you live has direct contact with strong wind or the bedrooms are located where it doesn’t receive much natural light. If you live in an area where rain storms as regular, then this is a good time to install a shutter. Basically, shutters are small gates with frames, which are placed outside the window, offering extra protection against rain, sun and wind and can be opened and closed as required.

What’s the difference between shutters and blinds?  

The main difference between shutters and blinds is that shutters are installed outside of the window, while blinds are installed inside of the window. This is because shutters offer protection for your windows, while also being able to control light and privacy. On the other hand, blinds are merely an alternative to curtains actually.

Shutters are more expensive than blinds, but they’re also more functional and custom designs tailored to your windows can actually add value to your home. They come in a myriad of styles that make them a desirable option no matter what style of home you have. If you have wooden windows, then you might want to invest in costlier wooden shutters to match. However, there are also many cheaper options available.

Blinds come in a variety of designs. There pricing of blinds depends on the materials being used.  Aluminum and vinyl blinds are highly functional, but tend to be more affordable than real wooden blinds.  Blinds made with sustainable materials like bamboo create the same cosy feel as wood (as do faux wood blinds).

What are the different types of shutters? 

Louvered shutters: composed of overlapping uniform slats of wood set into a frame. Popular in colonial architecture all over India. They’re gorgeous, but may look out of place in a contemporary minimalist style home though.

Panel shutters: matching window frame and shutters combine to create a classy yet informal country-style exterior.  

Board or batten shutters: the main styles are an arched top or square, with both spaced and joined styles. They are composed of individual boards joined together with shorter pieces of batten. These shutters are excellent for curved windows.

How to install shutters?

First, take accurate measurements of the window. If you have a standard size window, we can find several models of blinds in the market that fit these sizes. Second, decide the type of blind and fabrication material thereof. Third, follow the manufacturer's instructions to fix the main structure. Fifth, mount the opening and closing mechanism, as well as the shutter. Finally, test operation and then clean the work area.

How do I correctly measure my window for installing a shutter?

Firstly, identify the type of window that you are going to measure. Take into account both the opening of the window, as well as the type of frame and thickness of it. Next, choose the frame type for the frame. The mounts determine both the resistance and the way of abating the shutters, depending on the use that will be given to them.Then, choose the size of the gates, as well as the thickness of the frame. Finally, check the measurements of the windows again. Remember that it is better to measure twice and cut once.

It is also necessary to take into account that the precision in the measures and specifications, requires great care because it will ensure that the shutter is installed in an optimal way.

Can I install the shutter myself or should I hire a professional?

There are several tutorials on the Internet that show us how to install shutters, showing the tools and materials necessary for the correct execution of the project, but often, as simple as it seems, this type of work turns out to be difficult to do or to get the expected results, so we always recommend you consult with an expert on the subject, including to do something as simple as measuring windows and shutters. 

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