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Prefabricated home design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The dream to build a house can be increasingly difficult now-a-days as costs of real estate have accelerated. But with the advent of technology, owning a house is still possible. Here a prefabricated house comes into play. A prefabricated home can be defined as a fully-assembled dwelling, meaning that the interior is virtually finished and constitutes elements of the buyer’s choice. The material inside the house may or may not follow the same logic as the exterior. Amenities like thermal insulation or flame protection can be installed in a prefabricated home. But some construction details like the height of doors, windows or walls cannot be modified at ease as they tend to follow a fixed pattern. In case of wooden house, the pre-cast option can be considered. A prefab house generally has a finishing time of 3 months.

What are the materials of needed for a prefabricated house?

For a prefabricated house, you have a wide range of materials to select from in contrast to the popular belief that options are limited. But it also depends on the construction company that you choose - professionals with more experience in the field will spoil you with more options. Most common materials for prefabricated homes are concrete and wood molds, as it is the fastest way to construct a house compared to old traditional methods of building. While constructing a modular house, usually concrete slabs are produced and are evenly cut to fit the size of the property. Then the steel beams are drilled and stuck in the ground to ensuring strength and sustenance, and finally the concrete building blocks are added like in a puzzle. Installing the roof completes the process.

How durable are prefabricated houses?

Steel is the safest option while it comes to selecting materials as it can withstand the test of time and is weather resistant. It is important to take the location of the house into account as a rain or storm infested area will require stronger structure that are free from dilatations, movements, contraction or even twisting at its base.

How much does a prefabricated house cost?

A prefabricated house varies in prices across geographies but are always way more cheaper that a brick and mortar establishment. As an expert labour and skilled workforce are not really a requirement , prefabricated houses can have their costs as almost half of an ordinary house. As an example a 1000 sq ft home can cost from Rupees 60 lakh in a Tier 2 city in India but a prefabricated house will cost almost half of it. Also if size is to be considered, a brick and mortar home needs to be at least 600 sq ft in size, but a prefabricated house can start from sizes 450 sq ft.

How does a prefabricated home look on the inside?

A prefab home, being an assembled building, usually contains all the owner’s elements of choice. The interior and exterior designs may or may not be in harmony with each other. Prefab homes have the option of thermal insulation, fire protection etc.

How do I assemble my prefabricated home?

The prefabricated home is constructed by one company but the assemble is done by another. As the construction company is not responsible for any damage to the transport or assembly of the house, it is worth investigating the entire judicial situation of both chosen companies.

What are the advantages a prefabricated wooden house?

If you are looking for a wooden house, you should definitely consider the prefabricated option. In addition to saving about 30% in construction and finishing time (about 3 months), this type of home is just perfect for the tropical climate.