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Modern style pool design ideas inspiration & pictures

Modern pool

In India having a pool at home has gone from being a luxury to becoming a necessity, owing to the stresses borne out of modern city life. A modern swimming pool is a is a container that is filled with water to enable swimming or other leisure activities within the comfort of a home. Modern swimming pools can be built into the ground or built above the ground as a freestanding construction or as part of a private residence or apartment complex. Built in pools are most commonly constructed from materials such as concrete, natural stone or metal, and can be of a custom size and shape or built to a standardised size as per specifications from swimming pool suppliers. While building a modern swimming pool, a lot of planning, safety and design considerations have to be taken into account like drainage, water purification and personal security, sometimes all these factors are way beyond what a normal homeowner can handle, hence it is advisable while constructing a modern pool to take expert help and advise on these specific areas.

What makes the perfect swimming pool?

The perfect modern swimming pool should be of appropriate size and depth. Ensuring personal safety is an important factor at the swimming pool. A perfect swimming pool should consist of some standard amenities like a fitness center, changing room, sauna bath, resting chairs. Cleanliness and hygiene along with scenic location increases aesthetic appeal of a swimming pool. The size of the pool should be according to the space available and the number of people who are expected to use of it.

Modern swimming pool ideas and inspiration: 

A modern swimming pool is best situated in the backyard or in a covered area of the house. If it is a community pool, then it should be placed somewhere that is accessible to everyone in the community. Spaces should be comfortable, attractive, and with privacy for members of different age groups and gender. A pool can be designed in attractive colours, and in various shapes. Lights and illumination is another factor which can make a swimming pool look attractive and appealing. Aesthetically designed swimming pools at scenic locations may be referred to as ideal swimming pools.  

How do I design a modern swimming pool? 

Designing a swimming pool is an easy four step process. The first step would be to choose an appropriate shape, keeping in mind the space available for building the swimming pool. Shapes can be chosen from lots of different ideas available like custom, Grecian, oval, etc. Pool technology is an important criteria for designing a swimming pool. Select a pool technology from automatic, energy efficient, salt generator, heater, etc. The third step for designing a swimming pool is to select an aesthetic enhancement. Aesthetics enhance the appeal of a swimming pool. Select from waterfall, fountain bubblers, laminar jets, deck jets, coloured lights, vanishing edge and much more. Finally, choose the decking for the swimming pool. It can be poured concrete, decorative concrete, stone, pavers etc.

What do I need to consider when planning a swimming pool?

The planning phase is most important part of the process while planning a swimming pool. While planning a modern swimming pool there are lots of considerations that need to be kept in mind. Some of the factors to be kept in mind for efficient planning of a modern swimming pool include availability of budget, capacity to buy the required machines, designing the interior and exterior, selection of colours, accessories and preferences of the owners. 

What do I need to consider when building a swimming pool?

Constructing a modern swimming pool is a job that needs care and meticulous planning.  There is a need to focus on the minutest of details at every stage of the building process. The construction should focus on the material and accessories that will be used. Enclosures are important. Consider whether the swimming pool is open or closed. This consideration will affect the choice of installations as well as the installation process. Steel structures are durable and save money, prefabricated structures save time and labour cost. Careful selection of colour adds to elegance, style and décor of a modern swimming pool. Most important is to look for the warranty of the installed machines and structures. Safety consideration should be on the top of the list during construction.

What do I need to consider when remodelling a modern swimming pool?

Remodelling and renovations are an ongoing process in this era of innovations and launch of new products. When remodelling, one should consider trendy colours and designs. Since one is ready to make a change one might as well keep up with modern themes and designs. Another important criteria is to consider is the availability of new technology for swimming pools. New technology may appear costly at the time of implementation but in the long run it saves money and helps in cost cutting. Swimming pool styles like Asian style swimming pool or Mediterranean style swimming pool can also be considered while remodelling.

What does a modern swimming pool cost?

The cost of swimming pool installations will differ on the basis of the type you are going to install. The cost may vary from $9k-$13k depending upon the size of the pool one has opted for. Price may also vary for fibre glass, concrete or a vinyl pool. Fibre glass is the cheapest and concrete is the costliest if one calculates the price based on the type of material that is being used. The cost may change for self-installation or assisted installation. Finally, the design or theme one has chosen and the accessories one has decided to add will also alter the cost of the pool. On an average one can consider the overall cost to be anywhere between $10 - $12k for a simple modern swimming pool installation.

How do you maintain a home swimming pool?

Possessing a swimming pool is a rewarding investment, especially during the sweltering summers. Maintaining a swimming pool at home is a continuous process which requires quite a bit of regular attention. It is always a good thing to maintain the pool on your own or in case you are not familiar with the process, to get the help of pool experts. The first thing is that one should be familiar with the water needs of the pool. Knowing the pH level of the pool is essential to maintain the quality. It ranges from 0 and 14, with a neutral pH  7. Pool water should be near neutral between the pH range of 7.2-7.8. Chlorine should be used to disinfect the water of the swimming pool and also to sanitise it. The water can be tested by using strips that will be able to identify chlorine, alkalinity, p H and cyanuric acid. These strips can be dipped in water and the corresponding colour range shows the level of chemicals in the water. One needs to make sure that the reading falls in an appropriate range. After finding the levels of the chemical one can go about deciding which chemicals need to be added and which need to be moderated. While adding these chemical instructions should be followed carefully. The last part in maintenance is maintaining the pool filters. For this the swimming pool should be manually cleaned daily. The water level of the pool should be maintained between 1/3 and ½ way up the opening of the pool. Take care to pour in water before vacuuming it. There are several types of filters available like sand filters, cartridge filters, and diatomaceous earth filter. Whichever filter is used in the swimming pool, one should know how to use and maintain it properly.

More swimming pool styles

Industrial style swimming pool:  

The concept of industrial style pool design is more about all the elements of the construction being on display. That is why one gets to see a lot of exposed surfaces on display in this design. In this style one would find the swimming pool surrounded by exposed brick walls, high beams and exposed lighting fixtures. While the pool itself would be tiled and complete with lights on the inside, the industrial interiors would be at work in the surroundings completing the look of the industrial swimming pool. This concept is trendy and has become very popular among homeowners because it is something different from the usual.

Country style swimming pool: 

The refreshing country style swimming pool is a cool visual treat on a hot humid afternoon. The country style swimming pool is designed in beautiful shapes and bathed in warm colours, it can be built as an indoor or outdoor pool. This design is more about the integration of plants, natural tones and stone sculptures. The deck is made from stone slabs generally, but in some cases wood panels are also used. The shape of the pool would depend upon the preference of the owner.

Mediterranean style swimming pool: 

The mediterranean style swimming pools are a big hit for hosting parties and family outings. They can be designed in attractive shapes, housing small as well as big pools. Overall décor should reflect a natural looks of Mediterranean climate. White and blue are the dominant colours used in this setting. Pool lights with mystic looks can be used to create an informal environment.