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Pool design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect swimming pool?

There’s no set rule when it comes to designing the perfect swimming pool. There are various kinds of swimming pools for residential use, some of the types are, built-in, indoor pools and lap pools, these different types can be integrated into the home surroundings for year-round enjoyment. Built-in indoor pools are easily integrated into luxury living, with spa comfort and designer fixtures and finishes. A natural extension to an indoor living space, home swimming pools can be designed to tailor to contemporary tastes or even to traditional design aesthetics. Picking the right shape and size for a home swimming pool is essential. L-shapes and Grecian pools work well in most homes with ample amount of outdoor space, and are great for hosting small events or lounging. The classic kidney shaped pool still remains a favourite when budget constraints are at the top of the list, while rectangular and oval designs remain the go-to standard for indoor and outdoor spaces everywhere.

Swimming pool ideas and inspiration

From simple outdoor pools, to luxurious indoor spas – you can find plenty of inspiration in homify’s swimming pool section. Whatever the design maybe, homify has numerous references to kickstart the design process of your swimming pool – whether you’re looking to remodel your old pool, or realise a new dream design. The homify pool section includes many professionals with countless great references, and the homify idea book lets users keep track of every bright idea that has been tried and tested. From contemporary pools for smart decked exteriors, to elegant spas for luxurious living – it’s easy to save the ideas that make an impression with just one click. The homify ideabook is easy to use, and is a tool to collect new ideas, to ensure every great idea gets saved to be implemented in the future.

How do I design a swimming pool?

Designing the perfect swimming pool has never been easier. Once you have decided on a size, style and budget – use homify to connect to design professionals you’ll need to get the project off the ground, and turn dream designs into a reality. Consulting an expert swimming pool designer or installation professional is essential in ensuring all the finer details are fully addressed and resolved. When there is enough space and no strict building restrictions, swimming pools can usually be installed to order on most scales. For larger, more permanent structures – always ensure experts have been consulted during the planning, construction and ongoing maintenance of your project.

What do I need to consider when planning a swimming pool?

When planning a swimming pool installation or remodel, always consider your available space first. Integrate the pool, rather than impose upon the space. When looking for premium fittings and finishes, always invest in hiring the services of a professional swimming pool architect or designer who can help make your dreams a workable reality. For the outdoors there are a variety of permanent and temporary pools as well, above the ground pools are ideal for those looking for seasonal swimming pool solutions and a less invasive addition to the outdoor space. Purchasing a swimming pool can be an expensive long-term investment, so ensure all the aspects are well thought out, with an efficient and eco-friendly design that’ll save you money on maintenance in the long run. The ultimate question for those looking to design a new home swimming pool should be – what is their primary intended use. For hosting, exercise or relaxation? Larger indoor swimming pools provide year-round use and access for those on a strict swimming fitness program or looking for a home training location.

What do I need to consider when building a swimming pool?

Building a swimming pool can turn into an expensive construction project if not handled correctly and not well planned. Almost all built-in swimming pool structures will be classed as permanent, or semi-permanent structures, requiring planning and building permission before construction can begin. Errors in planning at this basic stage of construction can cause significant delays and setbacks to a project. When incorporating a pool installation or pool re-model into an interior space, special care has to be given to all aspects of construction. Any good swimming pool designer will design and oversee the construction site throughout the project. Smaller projects can be self-managed, but for any larger swimming pool construction, specially involving any permanent above-ground architecture, a dedicated site manager makes a worthwhile investment. Drainage, filtration and basic support systems will have to last the lifetime of the swimming pool – so consultation with experienced professionals in the field of  swimming pool design and installation is a must.

What does a swimming pool cost?

Whether you’re looking to install, remodel or consult a designer for your project – a home pool project can be expensive. Above ground swimming pools and more temporary structures, that can provide a more affordable option, with the added benefit of storage and seasonal use. Built-in and indoor construction can be expensive. homify is an online platform that can connect you to the professional your swimming pool project needs. In this manner you can save quite a bit of money in the long run, as these professionals have a lot of experience in the design, construction and maintenance of residential swimming pools.

How do you maintain a home swimming pool?

All swimming pools require a degree of upkeep and maintenance. Pool water should be maintained, tested and treated regularly to ensure safe swimming conditions. Everyday pool cleaning and upkeep is essential, while occasional servicing by professional pool cleaners will ensure the water is completely safe for swimming. Drainage and filtration systems must be closely monitored, maintained and replaced where necessary throughout a pool’s lifetime. Additional heating and lighting systems require added maintenance and replacement. Simple tasks can be tackled in-house , but for special tasks where you need a professional – homify gives you the chance to connect to thousands of experts perfect for your swimming pool project.

Built-in swimming pools

When space is available, built-in pools can be the ideal design choice for outdoor swimming. Naturally integrated into their surroundings, outdoor pools are seamlessly landscaped to blend into the environment, with greater depths and enhanced design features for the ultimate in al fresco living. In-ground pools are more permanent fixtures, so they should be professionally designed and built, to ensure as little impact on the environment as possible. Built-in swimming pools require more maintenance then temporary, above ground pools. As a permanent structure, constant upkeep of the home swimming pool and its infrastructure demands a significant long-term investment. Considerable savings can be made in the early design stages, giving you an eco-friendly option and energy efficient swimming solution. Find an expert now on homify to help you complete your dream swimming pool project.

Above ground swimming pools

Although more visually imposing, above ground swimming pools offer a more flexible solution for customers looking for a temporary solution in comparison to permanent pool ownership. Above ground pools tend to have less impact on the environment, easily manageable systems, in the event if you ever encounter any trouble with your home swimming pool. Above ground pools are easily installed, requiring no specific planning permits, and express delivery and set-up times. An ideal choice for customers looking for a seasonal swimming solution, temporary above ground options can be rolled out during the summer months and disassembled easily for storage until next year when not in use. Made from reinforced concrete, steel and other durable materials – above ground pools are suitable for years of summer time enjoyment.

More swimming pool styles

When it comes to a swimming pool, there’s plenty of choice. There’s timeless modern, classic, Roman and Grecian styles with steps and traditional finishes, as well as sleek contemporary swimming spaces to integrate into your outdoor space.

Modern swimming pools

Contemporary architecture and design can be easily complemented with swimming pools, to match style and budget . In-ground swimming pools can be beautifully landscaped to enhance the surrounding environment. While infinity pools make an instant statement and utilise outdoor space efficiently. Modern swimming pools are complemented best by stylish decking and modern tiling, along with integrated lighting and heating, for optimum enjoyment during the day and night as well.

Classic swimming pools

There are many classic style and traditional style swimming pool shapes to opt for, when space is a constraint. The classic L-shape or kidney shape is a great option for all year round enjoyment. Older styles like the Roman and Grecian are stepped for easy access, with classic finishes and fixtures for an authentic aesthetic. For those looking for function over form, lap pools can be quick and easily installed and are some of the most easily maintained swimming pools as well.