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Country style nursery/kids room ideas,inspiration & pictures

Country style children’s room ideas and inspiration

A children’s room is a reflection of a child’s personality and behaviour. It needs to be decorated and designed in such a unique way that your child feels extremely special and welcomed each time he steps his foot inside the room. In other words, he should be the king and all other elements of the room should represent an integral part of his kingdom. The ideas and inspiration for a children’s room can be best received from your child himself. For a country style children’s room, you may refer to different magazines and journals for some inspiring designs and decor ideas. homify, is here to make your job easy as it provides you a huge range of ideas in a highly organised and user-friendly manner. This website is well equipped with bedroom ideas for both boys and girls that can be easily filtered and saved in your personal idea books. All you need to do is, browse through different categories, sections and subsections and choose the best references and use them to make your child’s room a perfect country style children’s room.

How do I decorate a baby’s room in a country style?

To decorate a baby’s room in country style you need to consider certain basic aspects. The first being whether it is a boy or a girl. Now the entire colour pattern and theme depends on the gender of the child. Also, you might opt for a neutral theme so that your country style nursery is perfect for both the genders even in future too. Next, you need to decide the colour combinations for a country style nursery design. Do you want brighter shades or subtle shades? Usually, for babies and infants people opt for light pink hues for a girl’s country style nursery which is further accentuated by pink flowers and planters and also some pink flowery wallpapers. For a baby boy, a subtle pale blue is recommended that not only matches the male theme, but also makes the nursery perfect for a country style décor. For a country style baby’s room, you might give a thought to other nursery ideas like furniture and interiors. Try opting for a wooden crib with darker wooden shades that matches the wooden décor of the country style nursery. If going for subtle white or yellow walls, you might as well go for a white wooden crib with colourful and bright cushions.

How do I design a child’s room in a country style?

Just after a few years of designing a baby’s room, you are now all set to design a child’s room. Now that the child is all grown up, you need to match the country style interiors with his personality and traits. As it is his/her room, you need to value their suggestions as well.

For designing a country style room for a boy, one option might be to go with a sports theme such as football or basketball, use light pastel shades of blue or yellow for a pure country style theme. For a girl’s room, you might go with flowery patterns and extensive use of natural colours like pink, green and yellow that are totally in sync with country style home décor. The most important thing while designing a country style children’s room is to have openings that bring in abundant natural light into the interiors, so that it feels spacious, comfortable and safe.

How do I design a teenager’s room in a country style?

A teenager’s room is all about style and comfort. For building a teenager’s room you need to let your teenager be an integral part of the entire designing process. It is their room and should reflect their thought process and personality. Teenager’s bedroom ideas should mainly deal with their goals and ambitions. It should be equipped with a study area to maintain a keen focus on studies always. Also, design it in such a way that extracurricular activities like music and dance can remain an efficient part of the room as well. An appropriate place for the guitar and the skateboard will always keep the teenagers room well organised and neat. homify brings you ample teenager room ideas that can help you plan both for a girl and a boy. For a teenage girl, try including a cosy vanity table that can help her dress up and face the world with confidence. Make space for storing various items like books, clothes and accessories. Make this place perfectly lit to let positive vibes and good energy flow in at all times.

Decorating tips for country style children’s rooms

homify brings you an extensive list of decorating tips for a country style children’s room. The first tip to build a country style children’s room is to employ warm pastel colours that will radiate good energy and warmth all around the room. Second tip, try using concealed areas for storage. Make use of exposed wooden shelves that can hold collectibles and decorative items that your teenager has brought back from the school trip or a summer holiday. Also, hang up photos and pictures of your beloved or mount them on the walls for an added personal touch. Use of colourful and vibrant children’s curtains, cushions and bed covers is another great tip to bring a bright contrast against subtle walls. You might also try to use wooden bunk beds and wooden canopy beds to finish a pure county style children’s room décor. Try to make maximum use of natural light by providing wide window panes with wooden frames that are coloured according to the home décor style.

Which wall colour should I use for a children’s room?

Wall colours are always important in home décor. For a children’s room, use subtle colours like shades of white and yellow, but always add a feature wall that is bright and vibrant. The ceiling, too, should also be adorned in the colour theme, this will make the room lively and agile. Try using bright wallpaper or children’s stickers for designing a perfect children’s room. Mix and match different colours and themes to make a playful environment for your child.

Which floor is suitable for a child’s room?

The flooring plays a very important role in designing a child’s room. Go for non slippery and soft flooring like a carpet or vinyl flooring. These flooring surfaces are durable and low maintenance. Both vinyl and carpet provide a smooth and soft surface to walk that lessens the chances of bruises even if your child falls down. Also, rugs are a great source of adding colour to the room as well as providing some peppy floor toppings. Make sure not to use rugs with loose ends as your child might trip over them.

Which room decor is good for my child?

There are enormous styles to choose from depending on your child’s taste and your budget. Simple, minimalist, eclectic, country style, etc. to name a few. The child’s room should be a reflection of his/her personality. It should be so charming and beautiful that your child is just drawn to its beauty every time he sees it. You should ask your child about his preferences. Does your child like sports or barbie dolls inside the room? After considering all these points, you can look for designs and ideas on homify to decorate a perfect children’s room in country style for your child.

Transforming the children’s room into a teenager’s room

For transforming a children’s room into a teenager’s room, make efficient use of materials and colours. This is the time in life when the needs and preferences of a child take a drastic turn. So, ask your child about his dreams and fascinations and then decide the room décor and furniture. Get rid of all the stuff toys and barbie dolls. Make some space for adding a vanity or a small dressing area for girls. Similarly, make space for adding an entertainment section with TV and audio devices and speakers. Basically, sit with your grown up child and scroll through the different options on homify that provide you quick and efficient ways for an easy transformation.

Setting up a small children’s room

Setting up a small children’s room is no more an issue with homify, which brings you ample designs and patterns to choose from. All you need to be careful about is the space and style you want to build. Always remember to leave enough empty space in the room. This not only makes the place less clumsy, but also gives wings to a child’s imagination so that he can draw, paint or write something of his choice for decorating that particular part of the room. You should opt for bunk beds or foldable beds that can be easily converted into a seating area or study table when not in use. Use concealed storage ideas that can nullify the use of large cupboards. Decorate the ceiling with thoughtful lighting to create an illusion of space. Go for starry lit ideas or space ship themes for adding extra fun to the room.

Which style for the kids?


modern children’s room is full of themes and ideas. It involves a mix and match of various subtle and bold colours to make an ideal residing place for your child. Modern designs consist of themed beds, themed curtains and even theme based lighting. It has a mini play area as well to maintain a healthy and playful atmosphere in the room.


classic children’s room is full of pastel shades with little splashes of bold colours here and there. This design comes equipped with classic bunk beds or single beds which are in perfect harmony with the subtle interiors that help your child grow and nurture in peace. Subtle lighting and sober wallpapers also help in maintaining a classic décor.