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Nursery/Kid's Room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The children’s room—A place for dreams

Transform your kid’s room with inspiring designs and individualised touches to create a magical place. Open up a whole new world of exciting styling possibilities for your child's room, from adorable nursery ideas to cool teenage bedroom ideas. You can be as brave, bold, fun or sophisticated as you want, there is no limit to the imaginative ways to customise their rooms. Capture the essence of your child’s personality and encompass it into the decor, furnishings and accessories to create the perfect place for bedtime dreaming. Whether you want to decorate their room in classic, modern, eclectic or Scandinavian style, homify can guide you through the creative process to help you produce a very special room.

Children’s room ideas & inspiration

Browse through homify’s wonderful array of stimulating ideas and discover the exciting designs that can be achieved. homify offers expert ideas that will inspire and encourage you to take up the challenge, roll up your selves and get started on the ultimate make over of your kid’s room. From minimalist to adventurous themed rooms homify’s experts are teaming with kids bedroom ideas. Take a virtual tour through their pages and if you spot something you like simply save the photo to your ideabook. Build your ideabook as you search for inspiration with added text and personal notes, ready for when you decide to take the decorating plunge!

How do I decorate a baby’s room?

Firstly it is a good idea to consider the main nursery furniture and equipment you want in your baby’s room before deciding on the layout scenarios. Do you want free standing items that can be re-arranged from time to time or built in cots, cabinets and storage space? Creative use of even the most limited budgets can transform a room if careful planning and thought has been applied. Is it for a boy or a girl, or do you want a neutral theme that can be accessorised accordingly? Consider the overall feel and effect you want to obtain; do you want your nursery to be warm and cosy, vibrant and lively, pink and pretty or themed and playful? Explore the many wonderful nursery ideas on homify to find the style to suit your little girl or boy. 

How do I design a child’s room?

Before taking up the challenge of designing your child’s room reflect on their personality, tastes and desires. Children’s own input and ideas are often encouraged and welcomed by homify’s interior designers. As well as carefully considering functionality such as essential storage space for toys and belongings, ensure to incorporate stimulating and fun elements. Be brave with bold bright colours, funky patterns and eclectic children’s bedroom furniture. Take inspiration from the many truly inspiring homify ideabooks brimming with kids bedroom ideas. From creating comfy seating areas for naps and quiet games to energetic climbing walls, indoor slides and using children’s cabin beds to create a special space for bedtime cosiness. While effective use of lively murals, children’s wall stickers and starry night ceiling lighting can kindle your child’s imagination.

How do I design a teenager’s room?

When decorating rooms for a teenager let them express their individuality and encourage them to take an active part in the designing the interior layout and décor. During their adolescent years tastes and inclinations towards current trends may change quite regularly so it may be a good idea to start with a neutral and age defiant makeover. Go for a relaxed and easy-going design that can easily transition through the years without the need for a complete facelift. Perhaps choose a nice subtle yet inviting wall hue, classic quality style furniture that can be combined with jazzy accessories, chic curtains and on-trend wall art. Create an inviting desk space for homework with bookshelves and cubby holes to encourage studying. Setting 

Tips for the children’s room

With countless design options and styles to choose from decorating your child’s room can be daunting task. Enjoy browsing through homify’s fabulous examples of functional bedrooms and playrooms for inspiration, borrow ideas from different photo’s and blend styles together for an individual design. Finding a practical and fun design that will stand the test of time, with trends and tastes developing as they grow, can be quite a challenge. One of the most useful tips is to make the most of available space with inventive storage options. Most kids tend to have a lot of stuff so provide them with fun, colourful, interesting storage space in your design. One further tip often side-lined is the importance of lighting which can help create the mood and atmosphere of their room. Imaginative lighting ideas can transform a room, from giant floating fruit lights to cute character side lights.

Which wall colour should I use for the children’s room?

Take inspiration from our design experts at homify with some exciting girls and boys bedroom ideas and look at their multitude of photographs for wall colours of all hues. Parents today may lean towards more gender neutral upbringing of children where the stereotypical colours of pink for girls and blue for boys no longer holds true. Mix things up a little with a range of colours from bold reds for boys and pastel greens for girls. A general rule when deciding on wall colour is the size of the room, for smaller rooms keep to lighter colours while larger rooms can take stronger colours, but with kids rooms there are no such restrictions. Why not bust out the colour and let your imagination run free. Or keep some walls more neutral with softer colours and use one wall as a statement with bright patterned wallpaper, a large themed mural or use blackboard paint—the perfect answer for those who have artistic children that love to draw on the walls!

Which floor is suitable for a child’s room?

When contemplating flooring options for child’s rooms look for durability, resilience, low maintenance and hardwearing surfaces. Vinyl flooring comes in superb contemporary design choices, it is easy to clean and maintain which is great for younger children and can be a very affordable choice. However carpet can add warmth and tactile comfort to your kid’s rooms, while also adding a splash of colour. Scatter coordinating rugs around wooden floors to add soft areas for sitting and playing. Look through homify ideabooks for some innovative ideas on combining different types flooring for nursery, toddler and teenager rooms.

Which décor fits my child?

Deciding which décor to opt for depends on your child’s own personality and what suits their unique character. Scandinavian, classic, eclectic kid’s bedroom furniture can provide the basis for the room’s overall style. It is possible to merge a variety of styles and favourite kids themes but be careful not to over do it. To obtain the right balance homify offers the help of trained interior designers who can assist you to create a magical intimate space for your child.

Transform the children’s room into a teenager’s room

As your child becomes a teenager their tastes and needs from the bedroom changes considerably. It becomes increasingly important for teens to have their own space where they can express their individuality and growing interests. Take a look at the teenage bedroom ideas on homify with your son or daughter and plan the transformation of their room together. Use vibrant primary colours to give their room some energy and life. Pop art prints are popular, along with soft furnishing such as throw pillows and trendy bean bags. A study space is essential with room for a laptop and textbooks with shelves and drawers to help keep things tidy. Curtains can transform a room in an instant, take down the old Disney themed ones and replace them with a more sophisticated, contemporary design pair.

Setting up a small children’s room

Staging a room with beautiful girls bedroom furniture or adventurous boys bedroom furniture can be great fun. Whether it is a safari theme, princess or futuristic space travel theme the choices of beds and storage units can make all the difference. Explore the wonderful world of bed design that help children learn and enjoy themselves while creating a perfect place you’ll child will want to sleep in. From slide beds to novelty pirate ship bunk beds, homify experts have oodles of ideas to inspire. 

Which style for the kids?

Choosing the décor style for your children’s room can be the starting point for your final design. Finish off by furnishing with classic, modern, eclectic or Scandinavian kids bedroom furniture to complement the decorative style.

Classic children’s room

Use timeless pastel hues to create a classic style child’s room. Create a harmonious balanced environment with coordinated furnishing that wont date as your child grows. Choose good quality furniture in neutral colours that can be accessorised differently through the years to keep it fresh and relevant to your child’s age and likes. The nursery especially suits a classic touch that can be kept neutral until the birth of your baby reveals whether it is a girl or a boy, and be suitably accessorised afterwards.

Modern children’s room

Children love modern up-to-the-minute designs, with bold primary colours and themes of their current favourite characters. Bursting with contemporary kid’s room ideas, homify experts can guide you through creating a fantastic range of modern kid’s rooms with futuristic furniture and quirky touches. Stimulate your child’s mind with intelligent decorations such as letters, words, numbers and global maps, all in keeping with a modern design.

Eclectic style children’s room

Having difficulty deciding on one theme or style for your child’s room, then why not throw caution to the wind and go for an eclectic assortment of colours, shapes and patterns. Separate parts of their room with different themes, such as African animals, cartoon murals and magical fairy lands in another, while keeping a neutral play space in the centre of the room. Eclectic style kid’s bedrooms can be fun and rewarding for children whose likes and dislikes can change on a regular basis.

Scandinavian style children’s room

The natural materials such as wood and leather used for Scandinavian style kid’s bedrooms lend themselves perfectly for both girl’s and boy’s rooms. Scandinavian simplicity is functional and practical, with clean lines and cohesive style. Typical Scandinavian beechwood furniture gives a child’s room a light airy feel and add a few minimalist pieces of kids bedroom furniture to complete the look. The stylish geometric shapes renowned in Scandinavian décor can be enhanced with bright colours and tactile materials and easily adapted as your child develops from toddler to teenager.