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Media Room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect home cinema?

A home cinema is the ultimate resort for all the fun loving movie enthusiasts. Using audio and video equipment to produce a movie theatre quality of sound and picture in your house creating no less than a perfect home cinema. The comfortable equipment, furniture, decor and the room itself make it a really enjoyable experience. Creating your perfect home cinema depends on the kind of look you would like to have in and around you, while you watch the best movies together with your family & friends. For those who love to keep it informal, the pool side movie arrangement is an ultimate design for a pool party or a simple movie night. Constructing a home cinema in a separate, dedicated room is also a very innovative choice. Another important factor that would make the perfect home cinema is the comfort factor.

Where can I find home cinema ideas & inspiration?

You can easily find latest home cinema ideas on the internet and create your own space. You can also take advice and suggestions from experts and check some wonderful ideas at One has the choice of making a home theatre in a room or have a natural open space turned into a garden-home cinema. The inspiration of making a home cinema comes from the love for movies and luxury. The décor and overall look of the room would depend upon the individual taste and preferences of the owners. As mentioned earlier, the type of comfort one wants from this setting would also play an important role in determining how the space is decorated.

What exactly can I do to my home cinema?

Depending on where you want to have a home cinema, there are many choices. The basic systems one requires for a home cinema are the high definition projector and a high definition screen. Viewing a movie needs total silence to give it an auditorium feel, so it is best to choose a room away from the street. Effective lighting is a must to give minimal brightness to walk around while the movie is playing. Again, the lights should be aptly placed and used while no movie is playing. The furniture, chairs and tables can be placed, so as to let everybody view the screen from a similar height and comfort. You can also add accessories like a small refrigerator to store refreshments. If the projector idea does not work, then one can get the latest assortment of gadgets like a big flat screen TV, ideally at least 52” for the best movie experience. Along with this a home theatre system would be good to provide the surround sound effect and a Blue Ray DVD player for maximum definition of movie quality.

What wall colour should I choose for my home cinema?

Keep the walls plain and in a dark color. Dark colours are suggested for the walls because they have the tendency to absorb light and sound faster and better than bright colors. This would be good when you are watching a movie. The walls of this home cinema room are often constructed so as to isolate the sound and make an ideal listening environment. Keeping the walls simple is best because the main purpose of the room is to enjoy a good movie without any distractions. However, if you want an artistic touch, then going in for textured dark color paint is suggested. 

What type of flooring should I put in my home cinema?

Movie enthusiasts sometimes love to have a great movie experience by turning the room into a complete theatre. The floor of this room often is at different levels so as to give height to the chairs kept at the back. In case of a levelled room, one can use any kind of material. Wooden floor is recommended, but the ideal way to make this room is to have wall to wall carpeting. The carpet fabric absorbs sound and so you will be able to enjoy the surround sound effect much better. 

What technical equipment do I need for a home cinema?

For an equipped and efficient home cinema, a very up-to-date home cinema system is a must. The checklist for equipment will depend upon the type of room one has and the number of people one can expect at any time to be present within the room. If it is a very large room and one expects to have a large gathering, then having a projector and a screen is suggested. For smaller rooms and gatherings having a large screen TV with DVD or CD player will be able to serve the purpose. Surround sound speakers are a must in either case, and this should not be compromised on in any case. 

Are there any specific tips for decorating a home cinema?

For decorating a home cinema one needs to take immense care of the lighting in the room or the area dedicated for home cinema. This is the first thing to be focused on. The room or space should be properly furnished with the state-of-the-art furniture like recliners that have snack trays, cup holders, flip-up seat cushions and foot massagers along with many other such accessories. Alternatively, one can also have large and comfortable couches placed throughout the room if the room if small and for use by only a few people. For the best home cinema pool parties, youcan easily arrange required accessories, chairs and bean bags for the cinema session. The sound system, the lights, the clarity of the projection screen and the distance of the screen from the chairs should all be kept in mind for an effective movie experience. Certain additions can be made to the home cinema room like shelves filled with movie DVDs or posters of your favorite movie stars on the walls. Keep the floors clean and carpet them with plain colors. You can also make use of rugs instead of the carpets. You could add a bar in the corner and a refrigerator at the back to provide drinks and refreshments.

Is there a style guide for designing & decorating a home cinema?

There is a very elaborate style guide for designing and decorating a home cinema on You can check for some very elegant and chic styles and décor at homify and improve the existing home cinema or create one in the house.

Modern home cinema

The first thing to be done when making a modern home cinema is to identify it's location. It should ideally be in a place where there is less exposure to noise and natural light. Natural light should be kept to the minimum because it can interfere with the movie viewing experience. The furniture should be selected keeping the highest levels of comfort in mind. Also, the furniture should be placed in such a way that everyone sitting, should be able to view the screen. High definition screen and other equipment enhance the look of the modern style home cinema. Minimal art pieces and paintings or movie posters on the wall would make it the perfect home cinema. 

Industrial style home cinema

The industrial style of home cinema has more of a spacious environment that the other styles. With large sitting area and more accommodating space, the industrial style has a modern yet minimalist look in it. This theme is primarily about the use of leather and dark colors. For those who wish to follow this theme, the use of leather bean bags and dark colored carpets as well as dark paint on the wall would be a good way to start. Wood flooring would be a good option and the use of decorative items should be kept to a minimum. The use of recliners in this case would give the most comfort. Complete the look with a trendy dark wood bar in the corner of the room.

Country style home cinema

A very lavish yet country style may include a comfortable seating area with cosy wooden furniture in it. The room may have beautiful curtains and windows with effective lights falling inside the room. The chic decor in the room will enhance the pleasant movie time. Beautiful carpets and flooring along with traditional designs add to the beauty of the room. This is in case the home cinema room has been designed for a smaller number of people and more for comfort than for the overall movie watching experience. If one expects a large number of people or wants to create an actual home theatre, then using wall to wall carpeting in the room and placing large single couches in dark colors will give a country style look to the home cinema.

Be it any style, type or fashion, a home cinema is the most cozy and chic room of the house. With wonderful movies and shows playing, this room is a pleasure to have with its uniqueness in itself. For the diehard movie fan, this is a must have in their house.