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Tropical style living room ideas inspiration & pictures

What is the essence of a tropical living room?

The tropical design style tries to recreate the beauty of nature inside a home. In tropical countries, lush green foliage is contrasted by the bold and bright yellows, oranges, pinks and purples of flowers. Therefore, a living room designed in this style should have a balance of soothing and vibrant elements. For example, the brown floor can be offset by a bright feature wall in yellow or orange. Plants are an essential part of a tropical house. The living room also benefits from large windows that beautifully frame the gorgeous tropical landscape in the space surrounding the home. It’s a perfect design style for tropical bungalows and villas, whether you live in a gated community in an urban area such as Bangalore or Gurgaon or in a large standalone house in Munnar and Kochi.

On homify, you can find inspiration for decorating a living room in this style by browsing through the examples of professionally-designed houses from across the world. Make a note of the elements that you would love to include in your living room, so that you can share them with an interior designer when you are decorating or renovating your home.

What is the ideal material for coating the walls in a tropical living room?

Since the tropical design prescribes the use of materials that evoke nature, walls can be coated with either colours, prints or textures to achieve this. While white is a popular colour for the walls in most modern homes, it is best avoided in a tropical style living room as it will make it look too plain. Instead, use warmer neutral tones such as light yellow or beige. You can also have a bright colour such as green, but this is best restricted to just one of the walls so that it doesn’t overpower the room.

Wallpapers are another wonderful material to use for coating the walls in a tropical living room. You can choose either a bold and vibrant print that conveys the theme or a beautiful landscape that transports one to a relaxing and exotic place. Rustic and country-style elements work well in tropical design, so if you want to break away from the ordinary, you can consider using brick on the living room walls.

What can I use for the floor?

Like with the colour palette of the walls, the floors can have warm earthy tones or more toasted shades of reddish-browns. It’s best to go a few shades darker while choosing the colour for the floor so that it adds depth to the room. Natural stone, terracotta tiles, red oxide floors and even ceramic tiles in suitable colours are great options in a tropical living room.

Don’t forget about carpets and rugs! It’s best to use those which are made from natural fibres such as jute, cotton or hemp. Alternatively, you can get a rug with a leaf print that depicts nature in a charming way. They won’t be too expensive, and you can easily get one in the range of INR 3,500 to INR 8,000. Remember to balance the shades used on the floors with those throughout the room so that the overall look is synergistic.

What are the ideal décor elements to use in a tropical living room?

Depending upon your preference, you can use accessories that either add a soothing vibe or bring a fun and vibrant feature to the space.

Flowers: While they can be used to decorate living rooms of any style, in the tropical design, you should use plants and flowers that match the theme. Fragrant orchids are a perfect choice as they add beauty and a pleasant aroma.  

Curtains: Tropical living rooms should have natural light, so if you have large windows, don’t use dark curtains that interfere with the passage of sunlight. A wonderful alternative to curtains is bamboo blinds. Wooden shutters, which can be opened or closed to adjust the light are another lovely way to bring in a nice colonial touch that is typical of homes in tropical countries.

Cushions and throws: From bold prints to warm browns and greens, use cushion covers or throws on the sofas to adjust the colour palette of the room to make it brighter or subtler. This is an inexpensive way to decorate as you can get tropical-print cushion covers in the range of INR 350 to INR 750.

Lamp shades: Wicker or bamboo lamp shades that are suspended from the ceiling bring a charming touch to a tropical living room. Alternatively, if you like bold design, you could consider eclectic accessories such as pineapple lamps. When choosing bulbs, if you prefer to use LED, pick warmer tones rather than cold white.

Plants: Since a tropical living room should reflect nature to bring a lovely relaxed vibe into the space, plants are a must. You can place small trees in beautiful wood or wicker planters to bring a soothing element into the room. Try to use different shades of foliage in the plants that you add to the area so that it enhances the natural theme.

Other accessories: Whether you choose to decorate with paintings or photos, pick frames that suit the tropical theme. Wood is a wonderful option for any type of accessories to decorate this style of living room. You can use it on frames, bowls, vases, planters and anything else. While tropical design, unlike the minimalist style, doesn’t restrict the number of accessories that one can use, take care to maintain a balance so that the room doesn’t look overcrowded.

Of course, you can consult one of the interior decorators on our portal to get help in creating the right mix of elements in a tropical living room.