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Scandinavian style living room ideas, inspiration & pictures

How can I create a contemporary living room in the Scandinavian style?

The Nordic style is popular because of its cool and chic essence, making it an attractive option for decorating modern homes. So, it is not surprising that many people choose to decorate and design their social spaces, especially the living room, in this style. If you love bright, spacious and airy environments, you can browse through our pages to get inspired by beautiful living rooms decorated in the Scandinavian style, including some from modern homes in India’s metropolises such as New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

What are the essential decorative elements in Scandinavian living rooms?

Hanging lamps 

Designer lamps that hang from the ceiling can add a unique and contemporary touch to a Scandinavian room, and the best thing is that you can save a lot of floor space by illuminating your interiors in this aesthetic manner! On an average, a modern pendant lamp could cost between INR 800 and INR 25,000 per piece. However, the prices can vary depending upon the size, uniqueness of its design and the material from which it is made. If your living room is mostly white, as is expected in the Scandinavian style, we recommend using black or grey lamps to create a subtle contrast. 


Since a Scandinavian room should be spacious and bright, mirrors are ideal accessories as they create the illusion of a larger area. Similarly, they add to the brightness in the room by reflecting natural light throughout the area. Preferably use circular mirrors, and you will love the stunning effect that they bring; we assure you! 

Rugs and carpets 

Leather and fur rugs are characteristic of the Nordic style. After all, this style originated in the cold Scandinavian countries where warmth is a vital and functional element for the interiors. Of course, leather and fur may not be your choice, especially if you are a defender of animal rights. These materials are also ill-suited to the tropical and humid conditions in cities such as Chennai and Kochi. An option is to pick alternate materials that present a similar texture, but are easier to maintain in the Indian climate. You can use either faux-fur or leather, or resort to cotton rugs in neutral colours such as grey.

Floating shelves with unusual designs 

You can include floating or hexagonal shelves in your Scandinavian living room to bring in a distinctive element to the decor! Alternatively, choose shelves with geometric shapes and out-of-the-ordinary designs to create a modern living room. On the shelves, you can display your favourite books or beautiful black-and-white photographs with thick frames to create contrast. In the market, you will find a variety of shelves in the price range of INR 500 to INR 30,000, depending on their quality, material, size and design. 

Pictures and quotes 

Decorating the walls with abstract paintings and conceptual or modern art is a great idea! When choosing your art try not to move too far away from the minimalist colour palette that the Scandinavian style uses to maximize the effect of whites, blacks and greys. Another great idea is to frame inspiring quotes or verses, which represent you and your family, to decorate your living room. You could also use wall stickers with beautiful illustrations or inspirational quotes.

What is the ideal furniture for Scandinavian living rooms?

We recommend you go with modern and multifunctional designs when it comes to choosing furniture of your Scandinavian-style living room. For example, your coffee table can double up as a spectacular storage unit.  Sofas, chairs and other furniture should not only look sophisticated but also be extremely comfortable. While ideally straight lines are recommended for furniture in a Scandinavian style room, choose pieces that are suited to the shape and size of your room. Don’t lose focus of the fact your living room should look spacious, so instead of cramming it with too many or too-large pieces, choose furniture that is modern, functional and suitable for your room. An L-shaped sofa is a perfect option, both in terms of ergonomics and aesthetics, for optimizing space in the room. Like with other decorative elements in Nordic style interior design, keep the colour palette of furniture neutral. Use upholstery in grey and combine it with light wood to bring a lot of modernity and character to your house.

How can I coat the walls of my Scandinavian room?

On the one hand, you could simply paint your walls white and contrast them with neutral or darker tones in the furniture. However, if you want your walls to stand out and become memorable, we recommend you think outside the lines to create a stunning feature. For example, you can contrast your white walls with one wall or a small section in raw and exposed brick. Another option is to coat your walls with brick and then paint it white. This will introduce texture and add a lovely touch to the room. 

When you browse through the hundreds of examples on homify, while you will find plenty of ideas to inspire you, it can prove to be confusing when you need to decide which ones to choose for your room.  Fortunately, you can get a free consultation from some of the experts, including interior designers and decorators, registered on our portal. Contact them to get started with bringing the gorgeous Scandinavian style into your living room.