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Mediterranean style living room ideas, inspiration & pictures

How can I use the Mediterranean style in my living room design?

If you want your living room to vibrate with joy, naturalness and freshness, the Mediterranean style is perfect for it. All you need is some wonderful ideas, and on homify, you’ll find hundreds as you browse through photographs of living rooms decorated in this style! Incorporating the Mediterranean theme in your living room will bring to it an ambiance of warmth and relaxation, making it the perfect place to entertain your friends, family and guests. By using the right type of elements in an ideal mix, it’s easy to achieve the desired look, whether it’s to bring a warm and comforting feel to a duplex apartment in New Delhi or a lovely holiday feel to a weekend home on the outskirts of a quieter city such as Ahmedabad.

What kind of furniture should I include in a Mediterranean living room?

Mediterranean living rooms should be filled with light and be vibrant, sunny and joyful. The idea behind this design style is to evoke elements of the sea and nature through your design, furniture and decorations to recreate the pleasant and relaxing feeling of being on vacation.  Therefore, every piece you use in the room should contribute to the experience. For example, instead of using a plain wooden coffee table, you can get a fun element such as a cute vintage or retro trunk that is reminiscent of a treasure chest lying submerged at the bottom of the sea, and of course, you can use its surface as a coffee table, while inside the trunk, you can store books, photographs, magazines, coasters and anything else you like.

Wood is a key material to use in the furniture of Mediterranean houses, especially the living room. Additionally, you can use other natural materials such as wicker and rattan in light tones. Since Mediterranean style rooms have furniture made from natural materials, they often resemble the rustic and country-style homes. Another material that works well in Mediterranean rooms is wrought iron.

For the furnishings too, you should pick colours and textiles that convey nature and the sea. Upholstering your sofas in earthy tones with a subtle contrast provided by cute cushions in turquoise blue or olive green will create a charming Mediterranean feel in the living room. For the upholstery and the cushions, opt for natural fabrics such as cotton and linen. 

With what should I coat the floors of my Mediterranean living room?

Our recommendation is to cover your floors with wood or tiles that look natural and enhance the brightness of the space. Ceramic or stone tiles in cheerful tones or earthy colours are perfect. These tiles can cost between INR 30 to INR 250 per square foot, depending on the quality and pattern. Marble is another material that you should not exclude when deciding on coating your floors to fit the Mediterranean theme as this material is not only natural but also clear and bright with finishes that reflect light very well. However, do not forget that the marble will work out a bit more expensive compared to the other materials for coating your floors. On an average, it can range from INR 100 to INR 480 per square foot depending upon the colour and quality.  

You can also cover your floors, or at least a part of them, with beautiful mosaics. Use it to demarcate floor space in the open social area to create a stunning effect. Wood is another option for the floors. For example, you can use it to coat the floor of the mezzanine in your social area. Preferably use light-toned wood that brings warmth without eliminating brightness. You could even coat your floor with white or light-coloured tiles with a few in blue or green placed at random intervals to create an interesting visual composition.

As you can see, the ideas and possibilities are endless. Therefore, if you find it difficult to make the right choice, you can get help from the expert interior designers and decorators registered on our portal. 

What kind of curtains should I install in my Mediterranean living room?

One of the foundations of the Mediterranean design style is the abundance of natural light in the interiors, so when you choose curtains for the living room, pick textiles that allow light to enter the room unhindered. Avoid thick fabrics and dark curtains that block or filter the amount of sunlight coming into the room. The curtains in a Mediterranean style living room should only be a decorative element. Sheer curtains are ideal, especially since Mediterranean houses usually have large windows with fantastic views of the countryside or the sea, and you don’t want to hide the spectacular panorama. 

What kind of decorative and structural details can make a difference in Mediterranean style living rooms?

This design style is all about creating distinct features that evoke the feeling of warmth and comfort. Rustic style wooden beams or exposed iron ones can become an essential part of the room’s décor.  In addition, brick walls painted white can add a chic touch to the space. Another idea is to have furniture built into the structure of the home. For example, benches or sofas can be built with cement to link the floors and the walls seamlessly.  

Colour plays a vital role in the mood of a room, and in a Mediterranean living room, we recommend the use of bright or pleasing colours that evoke nature. Décor can also add texture to bring a charming rustic feel to the room. Beautiful Persian carpets or colourful hand-woven rugs can be used to add texture and colour to create focal points in the visual composition of the room.