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Country style living room ideas, inspiration & pictures

What style does a country living room portray?  

Are you a nature lover? Do you love the fresh air and beautiful scenery of the countryside? Do you value simplicity? If you answered in the affirmative to the above questions, then you will love the country style for your interiors. Would you like to decorate or renovate your living room in this wonderful style? If so, we can help you to get started.

While the country style will be perfect for a spacious bungalow on the outskirts of a smaller city such as Trivandrum or Jaipur, you can also adopt the style in the living room of a modern apartment in an urban area such as Pune, if you want to introduce some old-world charm to the space. 

What decorative elements are recommended for country-style living rooms?

Vintage elements 

Incorporate vintage or retro elements in the decoration of your living room to achieve the country theme successfully. Remember that the older an object looks, the better it is suited to the style! So, go on, head to your garage or storage shed and dust off some of the pieces from your grandmother's treasured collection to make them a part of your decoration.

Wicker baskets

In addition to looking aesthetic and decorative, wicker baskets can provide a functional feature by contributing to the storage in your living room. You could place your books and magazines in these beautiful baskets. It sounds good, doesn’t it? You can find wicker or cane baskets and magazine racks in the market for as much as INR 400 to INR 2500, depending upon the size and the design. 

Mirrors with rustic frames 

When designing and decorating your country-style living room, you must ensure that your space does not end up being overloaded, as this will make it seem small and crammed. Considering this, we recommend you hang mirrors with lovely rustic frames as they will not only lend style to the décor but also reflect the natural light and make room look more spacious and brighter than it is. Mirrors with thick and unpolished wood frames will be perfect for this. You can get an old mirror reframed or buy a new one for around INR 4,000.


Flowers are essential to the country style, which, as the name clearly indicates, is inspired by the countryside. Therefore, we suggest you decorate your living rooms with aromatic flowers that also add some colour, life, harmony, peace and joy to the space. 

Warm rugs and carpets 

Finally, use warm and comforting rugs and carpets. For best results, you can opt for hand-woven designs that are locally crafted. Choose either multi-coloured or neutral designs to adjust the overall composition of the room.

What design elements should not be neglected in country living rooms?

Ceilings with wooden beams 

This touch is essential in a country-style room. If your roof is slanting, it will most likely have strong and resistant wooden beams in its structure to support the weight. However, if you have flat roofs or ceilings, you could include decorative beams that contribute a lot to the interior design of your country-style living room. 

Rustic fireplaces 

What you cannot miss in a country living room is a fireplace that brings a look of cosiness and warmth to your interiors. Ideally, you should choose a very rustic design. In fact, even an old cast-iron stove that works the primitive way with dry firewood will be perfect for this style. 


When it comes to curtains for a country-style living room, it is ideal to choose designs that come in ochre or caramel tones, so that, like your fireplace, it provides a feeling of warmth and comfort to the room.

A nature-inspired colour palette

The ideal colour palette for country rooms should include a blend of tones that are inspired by the various elements of nature such as fire, air and earth. Thus, browns, bronzes and black are the recommended colours for a living room of this style.

What type of furniture will go well in country living rooms?

Like with the rest of the decoration, the furniture should also be simple and rustic. Some of the pieces that will add to the charm of the country style include:

Rocking chairs made of wood or metal 

They are ideal for country living rooms, because they remind us of the inherent relaxation, tranquillity and slow pace of life of the countryside. You can find an old wooden rocking chair at a second-hand market. Alternatively, a wicker or cane option can work just as well.

Wicker furniture 

Besides being used for storage, this material is ideal for the country design theme. Whether you get a set with sofas and a matching coffee table, or a couple of wicker chairs for the living room, they will greatly enhance the look of the room.

Wooden coffee tables 

Wood should be prominent in a living room decorated in the country style. You can get creative with how to incorporate it into the furniture. For example, you can use an old wooden trunk as a coffee table – a great idea, since it can also double up as storage for the living room.  

For more ideas on how to achieve the country style in your living room, browse through the photographs on homify for inspiration. You can also contact professional interior designers registered on our portal and send a request for a free consultation.