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Scandinavian style kitchen ideas, inspiration & pictures

How is the Scandinavian style used in kitchen design?

The Nordic or Scandinavian style is all about simple and practical design that is simultaneously elegant. Like with other rooms in the house, it can be used in your kitchen to achieve a harmonious balance between the functional features and the aesthetics. By using simple elements and straight lines, the kitchen can be made warm and cosy – perfect for a place where the family gets together. By prioritizing efficient design as well as high-quality materials, it creates an environment full of comfort and beauty for those who use the kitchen. This style of kitchen is popular among those who want to dress their apartment interiors in an ultra-modern style. Nowadays, you can find the Scandinavian style in Indian homes, especially in modern apartments in Bangalore, Pune and other large cities.

What materials are commonly used in a Scandinavian kitchen?

Wood: In a Scandinavian style kitchen, wood should get priority as it helps to create a cosy environment. It can be used for the floors and furniture or to coat the walls. When choosing wood, it is preferable to pick light shades and those which have prominent grains on display as they bring a natural feel.   

Marble or granite: For work surfaces, nothing beats the strength and durability of these two materials. However, opt for lighter tones that help to maintain brightness inside the kitchen.

Tiles: When using tiles to decorate a Nordic kitchen, look at introducing subtle contrast through colour, geometric patterns and designs. Tiles with a retro or vintage touch are ideal as they enrich the monotony of white, which dominates Scandinavian style interiors. Ensure that the tiles refresh the space and do not overpower it. 

Stainless steel: This material is ideal in the interiors of a Scandinavian kitchen, as it adds not only an avant-garde touch, but also flashes of luminosity. 

Laminates: Those that resemble natural materials such as wood can be used in this style of kitchen. The advantage of laminates is their low cost and easy maintenance. Also, bear in mind that laminates may not be the best choice in coastal areas such as Chennai or Goa that are humid. In these places, they might need to be replaced more frequently. 

Brick: Scandinavian design does well with small doses of industrial elements, so it is common to find kitchens in this style decorated with brick walls. This is another wonderful option for adding a touch of colour and texture to the environment.

What type of furniture is ideal in a Scandinavian kitchen?

Like the rest of the elements, the furniture in a Scandinavian kitchen should be simple, functional and sophisticated. Ideally, it should follow these rules:   

- The lines should be clean and simple to achieve a sense of order. 

- The surfaces should be light-toned so that it enhances brightness. 

- The interior of the drawers and doors of cabinets should have a good depth, to ensure easy organization and optimum storage capacity. 

- Remember that the Scandinavian style seeks, above all, clutter-free and clean environments. 

- Doors and drawers should preferably be without handles or knobs so that they don’t create visual distractions that reduce the aesthetic appeal of the style.

What are the basic furniture pieces to use in a Scandinavian kitchen?

Cupboards: They are needed to keep all the elements of the kitchen organized and the countertops free of clutter. 

Table: It’s good to have a table or a bar that serves as a multifunctional element – a workspace as well as a place where the family can sit down for meals.   

Wooden chairs or benches: While these are usually found in rustic kitchens, you can include pieces with the distressed look or a metallic coating to give an avant-garde air to the room. You can find suitable options in the price range of INR 3000 and upwards.

Stainless steel appliances: Get appliances in stainless steel as they reflect light and help to enhance the brightness in the area, besides bringing a modern touch to the space. Ideally, you should get built-in appliances. However, if they are beyond your budget, you can also find standalone options with a stainless-steel finish. For example, an OTG (oven/toaster/grill) in this finish will be available in the market at prices ranging from INR 5,000 to INR 15,000 depending upon the capacity.

What are the ideal colours to use in a Scandinavian kitchen?

In Scandinavian environments, colours that promote brightness should be dominant. 

White: Doubtless, this is the star colour for the configuration of a Scandinavian style kitchen, because above all things, it reinforces the sensation of light and spaciousness. White should be present on the kitchen walls as well as on the furniture. If you feel that too much of white makes the environment look sterile, you can combine it with the warmth of wood to bring a welcoming feel.

Grey: In a Scandinavian kitchen, you can apply lighter tones of grey, with the intention of creating a mild contrast in the space. Grey is an avant-garde colour, which also helps to highlight decorative elements with subtlety. Another advantage is that it creates a feeling of depth. 

Black: It can be used as an accent colour in a Scandinavian kitchen to bring elegance and modernity. In the kitchen, black can be present in accessories, lamps, or even on one of the walls to make it a focal point. 

Pastel colours: These shades are well received in a Scandinavian kitchen, since they refresh the coldness of white. They can be used in small quantities, and preferably only in accessories. The most commonly used shades are blue, green and yellow, because they are present in nature and add to the soothing style of the kitchen.

What about lighting?

Scandinavian kitchens should be very bright, so use all available resources to create a room that is full of light from both natural and artificial sources.

- The food preparation area must be lit by a direct source from the ceiling.

- Lights placed on wider surfaces are ideal as general illumination for the whole space.

- The lamps in the Scandinavian kitchens, are inspired by the industrial design, so metal lamp shades will look spectacular. 

- On the bar or table, cosier pendant lights can be placed to create a relaxed atmosphere. 

You can browse through the photographs of Scandinavian kitchens on homify for inspiration on elements that you can replicate in your kitchen. If you are unsure about how to combine various elements to create a perfect look, we recommend that you contact one of the professional kitchen planners registered on our portal and send a request for a free consultation.