Country Style Kitchen Design Ideas & Pictures

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    Need help with your kitchen?
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    Need help with your kitchen?
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    Need help with your kitchen?
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    Need help with your kitchen?

Country kitchen ideas and inspiration

Country kitchens are often associated with the use of organic materials and fine artistry. This is a warm and comfortable zone of the house where meals are cooked and served. The country kitchens are imbued with a rustic flair with major emphasis on large wooden tables, butcher-block counter-tops and natural lighting. homify brings you ample ideas and advantages for remodeling an existing kitchen or designing a new country kitchen right from scratch. The experts at homify make sure to help you with the minutest details ranging from country kitchen lighting to country kitchen accessories to help you build a dream country kitchen in your residence. homify acts as your ideal kitchen planner. After finalizing your design, you can contact a group of highly skilled homify professionals who will help plan your kitchen with you. A country kitchen can also be an open plan kitchen where you have a cozy dining area or a gourmet space right beside the kitchen with no partition wall. This is a modern touch to a country kitchen which not only beautifies your home, but also provides a broader view of the kitchen while making sure that the family stays together during the meals preparation as well as during dining.

Country kitchen design tips

Worried about building a country kitchen with no proper guidance? Do not panic as homify will guide you at every step in building an absolutely stunning country kitchen. The basic design tip for a country kitchen is, it has to be spacious and comfortable. The country kitchen comes with a huge window or pair of windows to allow maximum entry of natural light. Artificial light is provided by the use of artistic lamps hung from the ceiling that fill the whole room with warm yellow light. The inclusion of oversized furniture, large kitchen worktops and rustic décor helps you in effective projection of a country kitchen. Also, the use of warm color tones, brick or stone wall designs and wooden flooring work in perfect combination with the above mentioned details work wonders.

Tips for creating a country kitchen

A country kitchen should be a replica of you. In other words, a country kitchen personifies you. It should absolutely make you feel at home with its never-ending warmth and infectious comfort. You always have the option of including a personal touch with the use of indoor plants or family photos or customized kitchen wallpaper in your country kitchen. You can always incorporate DIY kitchen ideas by making hand painted kitchen towels or vases or wall hangings which might bring in  coziness in your country kitchen.

Kitchen planning made easy

A kitchen should be planned in such a manner that it should look both attractive and highly functional at the same time. You do not want to invest in a kitchen that just looks adorable and has nothing much to offer in terms of functionality. At the same time, you would not want to invest in a kitchen which is functional in nature but does not pamper you enough to spend those extra moments to prepare a sumptuous feast for your family. Homify brings you beautiful designs that fetch you a great value for money both in terms of ambiance and utility.

What will a country kitchen cost?

Unfortunately, there is not a fixed number to answer this question. The cost of a country kitchen will depend on what you choose to have and how you plan to fit it in your kitchen. The cost of country kitchen also depends on whether you are renovating everything from the very beginning or just tweaking up some aspects of an existing kitchen. homify brings you a variety of designs and patterns to choose from. Starting from cheap kitchen designs and accessories to high-end eclectic designs, homify has it all. It will help you choose according to your pocket and taste. A country kitchen need not always be built using fancy materials. It can also be created with a DIY kitchen pattern where you do not go for store bought items instead make your own cozy and comfortable country kitchen.

What should I consider when buying a kitchen? 

There are numerous factors to consider while buying a kitchen. First, careful consideration should be given to the kitchen design. You should be well aware of the space available in your household for carving out a kitchen area. Second, the kitchen design should fit in your budget. It should be affordable and should not burn a hole in your pocket. The third point to keep in mind is to foresee if the design is for a short duration or a long duration. If it is for a long duration, you can go for heavy, sturdy and firmly fixed designs. But, if it is for a short duration, you might not want to spend much on firm designs and instead opt for temporary fixtures. Also, prioritizing on your kitchen accessories will also save you a lot of time and money.  

Interior design ideas for country kitchens 

The interior design ideas are a pivotal point of consideration while designing a country kitchen. Extensive use of wooden kitchen furniture along with large glass windows with wooden frames or stone based slabs and frames and personal bits of warmth and togetherness make a perfect country kitchen.

Advantages of a kitchen island

A kitchen Island has lately gained a lot of popularity in new and modern kitchens. It is one of the latest and most appreciated additions to a contemporary kitchen. By and large, it is a versatile piece of furniture, placed in the center of the kitchen. Apart from luxurious looks, the kitchen island provides tremendous utility. It can be effectively used as a spare cooking stove, as a counter for kneading dough for bread and pasta and also as a small refrigeration cabinet. The kitchen island eliminates the need of refrigerators that eventually help you save a lot of space. An ideal kitchen island can be made in tile, wood or stainless steel. Depending on the overall kitchen décor, it can be painted in a similar or contrasting color and coupled with ideal lighting for maximum brightness.  

Ideas for country kitchenettes

A kitchenette is a small kitchen. homify brings you endless ideas for country kitchenettes. This can vary from a trendy country kitchenette to a minimalist kitchenette. The main aspect to remember is, a small kitchen does not always means a cheap kitchen. A lot can be done in small kitchens too. The most important point to consider here is, the country kitchen lighting should be done in such a way that it makes the area look brighter. Use of white or shades of white for country kitchen walls gives it a bright appearance. You can also replace the white walls with stone washed or brick walls. Also the effective use of elongated and rectangular tiles creates a spatial illusion. Inclusion of slender platforms and inbuilt appliances make room for movement and also provide you with easy accessibility. The rustic charm is deepened by the use of wooden cabinets and decorative kitchen tiles.

What country kitchen worktop is right for me? 

Country kitchens come with a variety of worktops. You can choose from giant to ornate stone for a pure rustic feel. The worktop should be such that it complements the country kitchen wallpaper and kitchen accessories. In most of the country kitchens, a wooden worktop is recommended as it goes well with the interiors. It has a natural, organic feel to it and can be chosen from a variety of segments be it oak, maple or traditional style bamboo wood. A country kitchen worktop can also be made in marble or granite for complementing the stone interiors. You might as well use the combination of stone and wood based interiors to design your country kitchen.

More kitchen styles

Modern kitchens 

modern kitchen need not always be lavish and spacious. It can very well be small, compact and perfect for a typical urban city apartment. A modern kitchen includes swanky kitchen cabinets, intricate kitchen lighting and matching kitchen accessories. The appliances are state of the art with best in class features which provide supreme user experience. This kitchen includes all modern appliances and devices for making a perfectly delectable meal and at the same time it ensures that cooking isn’t just cooking but a delightful experience in itself.

Classic kitchens

A spacious and warm kitchen ambiance defines a classic kitchen. It is the traditional style of kitchen that has all basic amenities with the incorporation of conventional kitchen furniture and interiors. A classic kitchen can, at a time, include a dining area as well as have a space saver option for smaller households. The classic kitchens are always functional and tend to be user friendly in terms of convenience and maintenance.

Industrial style kitchens

An industrial style kitchen mainly consists of stainless steel cabinets, wooden counter-tops and a drop-in sink. All the elements of this kitchen style are crafted in sleek and slender patterns that portray the look of an organized chemical laboratory. The robustness of the stainless steel cabinets coupled with the seamless matte or glossy finish gives the Industrial style kitchens a unique place in the list of choices for country kitchens.