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Kitchen Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The kitchen—A place to live

The kitchen is the heart of any home; it is the place where you always go no matter how you feel, or how your day folded out. Therefore, it is essential that your kitchen makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease, this means your kitchen’s design should be a reflection of both your personal style and your practical needs. So, ask yourself how you would like to eat, cook, entertain and live in your kitchen. Which kitchen design works best? Is it a sleek and spacious gourmet kitchen, equipped for your forays into culinary discovery? Or, perhaps, an open, fluid Scandinavian style space that doubles as your living room?

Kitchen ideas & inspiration

homify’s kitchen section offers an assortment of kitchen decor ideas to help spark your imagination. From modern to country, eclectic to Mediterranean, homify offers an idea book tool to help guide you to your own dream kitchen. Simply click the ’save’ tab on a photo of a kitchen design and it is stored into your own personal reference portfolio of design schemes and inspirations, which you can update whenever you like. To really help you get your creativity flowing, you can add text to your images, and make notes about what you liked most or what you would change about the images you have chosen. Everything you do in your idea book is automatically saved to your profile so you do not loose any of your ideas, and so you can continue designing as soon as you have your mind set on an idea.

Kitchen planning made easy

Good kitchen design and planning relate to smart kitchen storage, so think about the designs that suit your lifestyle and your kitchen space. Which designs would open up your space or limit storage space? Finally, which ones would best accommodate how you actually use your kitchen? Try to plan for your reality--you do not want to end up with a kitchen that only looked good in a magazine but bears no relation to what you require from it.

Tips for decorating your kitchen:

Your kitchen decor ideas should stem from what makes you feel most ’at home.’ Whether that means decorating your kitchen with photos of family and friends or keeping it minimalist, the process of choosing your kitchen decor is sure to be one of the funniest, most personal bits of the design process. One of the best ways to do this is by doing a DIY kitchen projects like making your own vases, wall hangings or, if you’re up for it, building your own tables. 

How do I design the kitchen walls?

From rustic woods to chic ceramics, homify offers a variety of materials to spice  up the walls of your cosy cooking  space. Considering the size of your kitchen when choosing what kinds of wall materials to use is the  key. Too much of one material can be overpower small kitchens, so think about which walls to put new material on, and which walls are best left as they are.

White kitchen vs black kitchen

Choosing the colours of your kitchen,  appliances, surfaces and cupboards is important because it decides the basic style of your kitchen. In general, for small or medium-sized kitchen spaces, white or light cupboards and countertops open the space up, giving it a feeling of being larger and lighter. Darker colours, on the other hand, can make large kitchens feel cosier and warmer, and add depth to the space.

Which floor for my kitchen?

homify showcases a myriad of feasible flooring options for your kitchen. While avoiding a  carpet is most advisable, remember that throw carpets can be laid down on any kitchen floor to make it snugger, and are easily washed. If you do a fair amount of cooking, keep in mind that the smaller the kitchen, the hotter it gets so, in such cases, you may want to skip underfloor heating. While wooden floors warm up any space, they do require a bit more maintenance, requiring re-staining and re-polishing, especially if you are someone who wears shoes in the house a lot.

What to watch out for regarding your kitchen surface?

There are few aspects of your kitchen which are more crucial for its’ utility than the type of surface you choose for it. Tiled countertops give any kitchen a chic yet homely feeling. However, the grouting on ceramic countertops requires consistent and thorough cleaning to keep them looking nice. Stone surfaces like granite are a bit more costly but are definitely the sturdiest and easiest to maintain, and they up your house’s market value considerably. For a tighter budget though, quality laminate surfaces mimic the appearance of stone surfaces quite well.

What should I consider when buying a kitchen?

Aside from a careful consideration of your own lifestyle, personality and taste, you need to do an appraisal of your budget and what your short or long-term goals are for your kitchen’s design. Are you going to be doing little upgrades over time or a complete overhaul immediately? Choosing which parts of your design are absolutely essential and which could be sacrificed may be wise in case either time or funds run out.

How do I design an open kitchen?

As a first rule, light opens up any space. You can optimise the natural light from windows by putting in as few obstructions to the sources of natural light as possible; that is, an open design should firstly be centred around the windows. Unnatural lighting can also be employed effectively to create an airy impression. Track lighting on the ceiling and under-the-cupboard lights, for example, do an excellent job of lighting up the entire kitchen space. A final essential rule for achieving an open kitchen design is to utilise wall shelving, cupboards and vertical drawers rather than cluttering the kitchen with excess pieces of kitchen storage furniture like carts or dish cabinets.

How do I find the right kitchen planner?

homify offers you an opportunity to contact a wide range of design professionals who can help you plan your perfect kitchen. After you have compiled your ideabook and worked your budget, simply click on the tab ’Professionals’ at the top of the page, where you can initiate contact among our top-rated designers and architects.

Decorating small kitchens

Kitchen decorating ideas differ if you are working with a smaller kitchen space. But a smaller kitchen size affords a multitude of opportunities to design a well put together space. Remember that large decorations may overpower small kitchens and dilute the overall appeal of a kitchen’s aesthetic. So, when choosing kitchen decor, small pieces can go a long way. Perhaps the smartest way to decorate small kitchens is by purchasing super beautiful but functional kitchen accessories like wall shelving, which can also be changed with the seasons and your personal taste.

Which style for my kitchen?

Country style kitchen

Country style kitchens are spacious and comfortable. They feature large kitchen worktops, oversized furniture and wooden decor ideas centred around warm colours and the use of natural materials like brick, stone and knotted woods. Updated, more energy efficient versions of antique appliances such as giant, ornate stoves and ovens are often used as the centrepieces for any country style design.

Modern kitchen

Without needing to be too trendy, the modern kitchen should nevertheless be contemporary, and especially accommodate the needs of those who live in smaller, urban spaces. Modern kitchen ideas provide smooth solutions for kitchen storage: drawers and cupboards can be built into nooks and corners, and many drawers are built vertically rather than horizontally to optimise every inch of space.

Common features of modern kitchen decor include polished woods, clean lines, polished metals like stainless steel and bold, bright colours--particularly jet blacks and brilliant whites. With a characteristic focus on functionality and efficiency, modern kitchen design also saves you money by incorporating up-to-date, energy efficient appliances and fixtures such as LED lighting, induction electric hobs, and refrigeration units which do not contain chemicals harmful to the ozone layer. Modern, eco-conscious kitchens use recycled materials, including for kitchen surfaces, benches, wallpaper, sinks, tiles and floors. 

Eclectic kitchen

Eclectic kitchens have an array of distinguishing features which help you design a visually interesting cooking and dining place. If you like to mix and match, then eclectic style kitchen design is wonderful, tables and shelving tend to be unconventional--circular, elliptical compositions are common. The use of colours in multiple shades and hues, is another characteristic of the eclectic style. Those mismatched stepping stones from the garden may make a stunningly funky dining room table or breakfast nook top.

Scandinavian style kitchen

The basic concept of a Scandinavian style kitchen is fairly straightforward: open, relaxed, simple yet versatile. Solid coloured cupboards, kitchen surfaces and appliances compliment usually geometric or flowered patterns, which are embodied in wallpapers, ceramics, lamps or wall art. So, changing things up means simply changing out kitchen accessories or decor rather than a complete overhaul of the kitchen’s basic design.