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Infinity pool design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Infinity pool is a swimming pool where water flows on one or more edges, creating an optical effect of water with no limits. These pools are often designed so that the edge appears integrated with a larger surface than the water, such as the ocean, or with the sky.

The best thing about infinity pool designs is the aesthetics: the tropical landscape merges with the water, uniting the sky with the horizon in beautiful shades of green or blue. Whether it's the effect or the design, the truth is that this choice in your home not only makes you feel good, but it increases the value of your property as well! In the ‘90s this pool was only exclusive to hotels and spas, today it is also present in residential homes. Combined with a wooden deck and the right furniture and quality sun loungers, it can make any house look like a holiday home.

Are there any famous infinity pools in India?

There are some pretty spectacular infinity pools that have been built in hotels, resorts and private residences in India. Some of the most mesmerising infinity pools can be found in Udaipur at the Oberoi Udaivilas, Cochin at the Vivanta and Chennai at Somerset Greenways.

How much does an infinity pool cost in India?

Today it wouldn't cost a fortune to build your own private pool, even if you are living in a house as small as 250 sqmt in a metropolitan like Mumbai or New Delhi. The cost of a private pool comes between INR 4-8 lakh for a normal size pool. Although the basic cost of a normal swimming pool comes up to around INR 1,100 per sqft, the decorative and technological advancements of an infinity pool can add up the cost. But these fitments like internal lights, skimmers add up to the benefits too.

What should i consider when I plan to build an infinity pool?

Firstly, you must make a preliminary study of the quality of the ground: the pool settles more easily on the ground with a slight slope, we must also see the quality of the bottom soil (limestone, sand, mud, etc.) to protect the foundations properly. Some types of soil are not compatible.

Before building your infinity pool you should pay attention to the location of the sun, which, positioned in the northwest part of the terrain allows an even more incredible view of your pool. To get the water waterfall effect, you need a gentle slope just after the adjustment cycle is finished. The slope must be enough to be invisible from the other side of the pool, in order to get visual effects on the horizon that blends with the edge of the pool, Also don’t forget the pool lights and pool illumination.

You should also invest in two pumps and two level sensors to ensure comfort: one for filter, one for water flooding. Install the valve check in the temporary tank when the pump stops. If one does not wish to receive rain water (contaminated with acid, etc.) from the flood pitfalls you must lift the outer edge to prevent runoff water to the buffer tank.

If you need inspiration you can easily find Infinity pool images here on homify and collect them in an ideabook for your further reference.

What are the pros and cons of an infinity pool?

One of the main advantages of investing in an infinity pool, other than its exceptional aesthetics is that it maintains cleaner water much better than the traditional swimming pool. Where the water flows continuously, all the waste floating on surface such as leaves and insects or tanning oils are transferred to the reservoir water surplus. There is no time for them to soak in water and descend to the bottom of the pool, and the irregularities are quickly cleared. If the excess water exceeds the maximum, the infinity pool becomes like a mirror and cleans the water surface. Basically, it’s a self-cleaning pool which will ensure clean water at all times.

One of the disadvantages of the infinity pool designs is that it requires more complex and restrictive technical application than the traditional swimming pool. Its facilities (buffer tank, pitfalls, hydraulic system) and equipment (level sensor, valve, pump dedicated to infinity) must be different from the normal pool. In addition, it is difficult to find a suitable cover system (tarpaulin) without generally ruining the aesthetic. Unless the infinity pool takes all the luxuries, or sticks to a standard size or shape, it will be necessary to resort to a custom cover system.

Any tips for maintaining an infinity pool?

The maintenance care in an infinity pool is almost the same as conventional swimming pools, with some extra observations. The gutter should be waterproofed and coated with the same material chosen for the pool liner (as the water will return to the pool, so it should always be clean). Also, periodic check of gutters, which are usually in more hidden areas, are very important.

What do I need to know before building my pool?

While the maintenance issues are negligent, archaic laws have made it mandatory to acquire permission from civic authorities before building a pool, private or public, beyond a certain measurement. The rules differ from one state to another and in some case from one district zone to the other. For example, in the national capital, Delhi Police is the single-window authority for building a swimming pool. They will send over a health inspector before the construction.

For safety reasons, the outer wall of the gutter must be at least 20 centimeters wide to ensure a certain setback, so there will be no risk if someone decides to leave the structure on this side. There is also the ’false infinite border’ consisting of a system with pebbles. The water in the tank will overflow only if there is movement and it falls into a deep gutter, after the level of the pool is lower, simply refill it, as would be done in any common pool. The traditional version is an electronic pump which causes the water to overflow and return to the pool continuously. Adopting this system can make the work more expensive - we suggest getting in touch with the best professionals for pools and spas.