Modern style house design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. Front Elevation of Residential Project : modern Houses by Moon Arc
  2. Main Door: modern Houses by ZEAL Arch Designs
  3. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  4. Poddar residence: modern Houses by Dutta Kannan architects
  5. Residential projects: modern Houses by Ingenious
  6. North elevation with Stone and Fundermax cladding: modern Houses by Hasta architects
  7. :  Bungalows by Design Paradigm
  8. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  10. The UFO House:  Bungalows by S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd.
  11. Exterior: modern Houses by Ansari Architects
  12. entrance: modern Houses by Hasta architects
  13. UMBERGAON BUNGALOW: modern Houses by smstudio
  14. Main entrance door: modern Houses by Hasta architects
  15. Small Flat, Cosy Interiors: modern Houses by ARK Architects & Interior Designers
  16. Fascade: modern Houses by Hasta architects
  17. 3d view of house:  Bungalows by Square Designs
  18. A modern home with Artistic twist: modern Houses by KREATIVE HOUSE
  19. Residence of Mr.Subhash: modern Houses by Hasta architects
  20. Mr. Agarwal's Residence: modern Houses by S A Designs
  21. North Elevation: modern Houses by Hasta architects
  22. Exterior: modern Houses by Ansari Architects
  23. Interior:  Villas by Planet Design and associate
  24. garden area wall with stone cladding and a bird mural: modern Houses by Hasta architects
  25. Suraj House: modern Houses by Klass Designers and Contractors
  26. Private residence at Gwalior : modern Houses by Vinyaasa Architecture & Design
  27. Private residence at Gwalior : modern Houses by Vinyaasa Architecture & Design
  28. Gujral Residence: modern Houses by groupDCA
  29. 3D Exterior House Design:  Single family home by ThePro3DStudio
  30. North elevation: modern Houses by Hasta architects
  31. : modern Houses by S.R. Buildtech – The Gharexperts
  32. hotel:  Multi-Family house by Pooja
  33. Arvind residence:  Villas by S. KALA ARCHITECTS

Modern house designs

The word ‘modern’ means relating to the present, so when we talk about modern houses, we refer to those that are built according to the latest trends. The modern movement in architecture began in the early decades of the twentieth century. It was conceived as an opposition to the overused antiquated styles, which were characterized by elaborate ornamentation. Designers of the time looked for ways to make architecture simpler. This resulted in innovative forms of construction using new materials, such as concrete, metal and glass. Currently, there is an infinite variety of designs of modern houses. However, they are all based on the common principles of simplicity, functionality, elegance and the lack of ornamentation. The beauty of a modern house lies in its unpretentious design.

What should I consider when planning a modern home?

In a modern style house, all the design elements should be in harmony with each other.  Simplicity is the key. Try to keep the design uncomplicated by avoiding too many separations such as long corridors or passages. The idea is to use the spaces efficiently so that each of them can be put to the maximum use. Modern architects like to look at their house designs as ‘machines’ that perform, and this is an invaluable concept to employ when you are building your house. When in doubt, ask yourself questions such as: does the shape of my house make sense? Does it have sufficient natural lighting and provide privacy in the places that need it? Don’t forget to think about the colours. Modern houses have larger concentrations of neutral colours such as cool whites, beige, light grey and cream, but it’s all right to have few splashes of bright or flashy colours, so long as they don’t dominate the design.

When building a modern style house in India, what are the points to consider?

The first thing to do is to get a fix on how many people will live in the house. Are you going to build it for your family? If so, do you need large spaces like terraces, gardens or a front yard that can be used for socializing or for your children to play? Alternatively, do you want a small modern apartment or a cosy prefabricated house that is perfect for two people? These become even more relevant depending on where you plan to build your house. For example, a small two-bedroom apartment in the city centre in a metropolis such as Mumbai may cost around 1.50 crore rupees. In a tier-2 city such as Jaipur, you can build a spacious three-bedroom house, including the cost of land, for the same amount. The façade is another element to consider. Modern houses use concrete, exposed bricks and glass to create a light and minimalist effect. In a city such as New Delhi, which has an extreme climate, or a house in a hilly region, the use of a large amount of glass would greatly reduce the insulation of the house, resulting in additional expenses for heating or cooling the interiors. When you are designing the interiors, you want to use every inch of space efficiently. Modern designs are characterized by an intelligent use of spaces by means of ample storage as well as rooms with dual functionality. The design should be customized to your requirements. For instance, you can include a mezzanine for better use of space and light. If you love art, the interiors should have spaces that are adequately illuminated and structured to exhibit paintings or sculptures. By working together with an architect and explaining your requirements, you can create a beautiful and functional house that is a true representation of the modern design style.

How much does a modern house cost?

Beauty does not always have to come at an exorbitant price, especially when talking about modern houses. With clever design that uses spaces efficiently, you can design a lovely home even on a small plot of land. Obviously, the smaller the land, the lower will be the cost of the house. Additionally, the overall cost will vary depending upon the type of materials used to construct the house. Using cheaper materials such as concrete doesn’t mean that the house cannot be luxurious. You will find several examples of modern houses on homify that prove this point.

What are the different types of modern houses?

Before you get started with building your house, it’s important to be aware of the options, so that you can pick one that suits your needs, preferences and budget. 

Modern prefabricated houses

These houses are constructed with sections or modules that are manufactured elsewhere and then assembled on site. Using this modular technique helps to save money and time. Prefabricated houses can be just as spacious as a conventionally built house, and they are beautiful and friendly to the environment. 

Modern houses in the Bauhaus style 

The Bauhaus architectural style was born in Germany and is famous for its use of rectangular shapes such as windows, which are placed in harmony and symmetry within linear forms. The design is box-like, but very simple and elegant. The linear forms that we see today in the façades of modern houses are inspired by this design style. The interiors have abundant natural light and communal areas that create spacious environments. 

Passive houses 

This type of house is designed with the aim of reducing the ecological footprint. Passive houses make use of materials, space and light intelligently. They are built with materials or systems that enhance the energy efficiency by regulating the temperature inside the house. This makes it easy and cheap to maintain an even temperature indoors, either on a very hot summer day or during the coldest winter months. 

How do I design a modern house in India?

The best way to design a modern house is to connect with an architect. On homify, you can browse through photographs that present modern houses by the designers around the world as well as in your local area. In India, you can find professionals from the big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, as well as smaller cities. On our website, it is easy to find designs for each room in your home, whether it’s the living room, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms, or other areas such as gardens, balconies, swimming pools, sheds and garages. When you see an ideabook on a topic that interests you, make notes and collect all the designs that inspire you, so you can easily go back and refer to them. This way, it is easy to visualize how your home will look.