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Mediterranean style house ideas, inspiration & pictures

What does the Mediterranean design style for houses refer to?

This style, which originated in the Mediterranean region in Europe, particularly in the south of Spain, Greece and Italy, is based on the premise of filling the interiors with sunlight, so that the rooms are very bright. This conveys a feeling of relaxation and warmth comparable to what we experience when we are on vacation. 

Due to its characteristics, this style is ideal for country houses or for homes located near the beach.  It can also be used for houses in the city to recreate the tranquillity and brightness of the countryside or the coast. 

In India, this style of house is ideal for coastal areas such as Chennai in Tamil Nadu, Goa, or Kochi in Kerala.

What are the typical features of the facade of a Mediterranean-style house?

The Mediterranean-style house is built using simple construction techniques. However, it has distinct features such as large windows, lattices and lofty ceilings. Common features that you will find in houses built in this design style are porches or vestibules at the entrance, columns in the façade, balconies and large gardens. Additionally, the roof is usually made of clay tiles.

Materials: These houses are constructed with stone, brick and lime, which are excellent for insulating the interiors. 

Forms: Within the style, you will find a few variations, depending upon the specific region in the Mediterranean from where the architect draws inspiration. For example, the Spanish style has Moorish influences that are typical of Arab architecture. The Italian style is reminiscent of the design seen in old hotels. 

Colours: White is the main colour used for both the interior and exterior of the house. Other popular shades, which are often seen in Mediterranean architecture, include blue, cream and ochre.

How much will it cost to build a Mediterranean-style house?

Mediterranean architecture makes the most of the local materials of the region, so if the same principle is followed, it does not have to be very expensive. Building a house with clay, brick and tiles can work out cost-effective. In India, given the current costs of materials, you can build a three-bedroom Mediterranean house at an approximate cost of INR 20 lakhs, not inclusive of the interior decoration. Of course, this will vary significantly depending upon the size of the house.

Should I build from scratch or use prefabricated components?

For a Mediterranean style house, it is better to build from scratch, as achieving the same look with prefabrication can be complicated, considering the basic materials used in this style. However, if you want to restrict the Mediterranean design style to the interiors, then a prefabricated house will be more economical.

What are the basics for decorating a house in the Mediterranean-style?

Furniture: Wood should be the primary material used for the furniture in these houses. It should have simple shapes and very few decorative details. Other options that work well in this design style are pieces in wrought iron and natural fibres such as wicker. Furniture should always be in light tones. In Mediterranean houses, outdoor environments are significant, so you should also think about the ideal furniture for these areas of the house. Divan style benches, stools and chairs, which have a casual and relaxing feel, are the most suitable. 

Furnishings: Textiles made of natural fibres such as cotton and linen are perfect for furnishing a Mediterranean house. It’s especially essential for the curtains, so that they are light and allow air to circulate freely in the interior of the house. Remember that this style was born in warm regions, and the houses were built in an orientation that would allow the maximum air circulation within the interiors. 

Plants: Nature has a fundamental role in the decoration of the inside and the outside of a Mediterranean-themed house. It is quite common to see fruit trees in the garden, fresh flowers in terracotta or brass vases and aromatic herbs in small planters. The plants are usually placed in large pots. In the garden, benches or seats made of logs are a common feature. 

Art: The pieces of art in Mediterranean houses are usually images of the sea or the countryside. Ceramic plates are mounted on the walls as decoration. Other accessories used to decorate the house are seashells and hats made from natural fibres.   

Colours: While white is the protagonist, you can create refreshing contrasts with blue, green, yellow, ochre and even pink tones.

Textures: One of the standout features of the Mediterranean style is the use of textures to coat surfaces. Stone, wood and limestone are the best, as they help to maintain the rustic look in the house. 

Other decorative elements: Wrought iron is another popular material used in the decoration. It can be brought in through mirror frames, furniture and lamps. The natural fibres present in the carpets, cushions and curtains, add to the overall look of the style.

What type of lighting is ideal to decorate a Mediterranean style house?

The Mediterranean style house needs good natural lighting, which is reinforced with light colours and the presence of mirrors. Additionally, artificial light comes from lanterns or chandeliers. Vintage industrial lighting too goes well with the Mediterranean design aesthetic. Since the idea is to maximise the brightness of the spaces, ceiling lights can be used for general illumination. For the corners and reading areas, floor standing lamps are recommended. Keep in mind that the Mediterranean style is all about warmth, so stay away from the coldness of LED lights.

How can I create the Mediterranean style with a small budget?

The best part of this design style is that it can be easily created even with little money. Here are some ideas: 

- Use a mix of colours to bring a cosy and bright look.

- Simple wooden furniture without too much sophistication is ideal, and these can be upholstered with inexpensive natural-fibre textiles. 

- Curtains of cotton or linen are perfect for the windows.

- Add accessories made of brass, clay and wrought iron. Whether you live in a remote place in Gujarat or a coastal city such as Trivandrum, you can use local materials to build a low-cost Mediterranean style house.

How do I get started with designing and building a Mediterranean-style house?

On homify, you will find professional architects who can advise you on the design and development of your project. Browse through the hundreds of examples on our portal and save the images of the Mediterranean style houses that you like. Then, you can get in touch with one of our experts to start building your house.