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Aspects to consider when moving to a new house?

Moving to a new house is definitely a life-changing decision that presents new opportunities, gives new experiences and of course offers new challenges. Many factors do come into play when you are planning a residential move and you need to carefully think them through before making a final decision. Below are some of the most important things that you need to research and consider before moving to a new place.

Locality: This is the most important aspect that you need to think upon. Neighbourhood and surroundings are very important since you will be spending most time of your day with them. You also need to consider what the house is close to, like the supermarket where you buy day to day items, or how far is it from the bus/train station?   If you are a bachelor you definitely need to consider whether there are eating corners and entertainment centres nearby. If you have a family then you need to check for good school/college, domestic shopping centres, healthcare centres, nearby.

Parking space: This too is an important aspect to consider if you have a car or any other vehicle. You definitely need a parking space.

Utilities: If you are a health-freak, you need to check if your new house has the facilities like gym, pool, playground etc so that you need not waste your time of the day travelling for these facilities.

Rent, buying or building a house?

When moving, the most bothersome issue of all is, of course, the related cost. To have a fair chance of achieving a favourable outcome of your moving plan, you need to create a food financial plan and set up your moving budget. But first, you should make up your mind whether it is worth to own a place or rent one. You need to set a fair budget first and then decide whether you want to rent a house, buy a new one or build one.

If your budget is too low then you need to rent a place. But you will not have all the rights on the house as the owner does. You will have to live on the conditions put forward by your landlord. If you have a medium budget and are not much particular about the house then you could just buy one. This way you can make an investment and will save the rent money. But if you have a great budget, then you could build a house for yourself perfectly as you dreamt of.

The other aspects that you need to consider are the moving expenses and the post-relocation expenses. When moving, you need to consider the expenses for packing materials, the shipment of your household goods and appropriate insurance. The post-relocation expenses may include rent and security deposits, fees and deposits for the utilities, renovation, new furniture, groceries and other everyday essentials.

 Cost for house building in India

The whole process of homebuilding becomes easier if you know what decisions you need to take and when. If you are clear about your own priorities and preferences at each step, you can't go wrong. Typically, the cost of construction for sure depends on what quality of construction you want. The cost of construction of a bungalow/apartment will vary depending on the specifications you choose. You need to consider the cost of architectural design, structural design, building construction, external developments such as the compound wall, gates, etc and also the cost of the furniture. You could find deep details about the cost of house building with the professionals at homify.  

What house size would suit me the best?

Before you even think to start the house hunt, you probably would have an idea of what types of houses might appeal to you the most. But your habits often predict what type of home might be the best match for you.

Condo: If you would not mind having shared walls, a shared parking garage, shared common areas and most importantly if you love people around you, this one would be the best option for you. You may not have complete control over your property and it certainly may not be as good of an investment as a house.

Townhouse: This style is kind of a hybrid between a house and a condo. You may have a little more privacy than that in a condo. The size of the townhouse can vary from the size of a condo or can be a little bigger. It would be a perfect choice if you have a small family. In this way, you have a good neighbourhood but your own privacy as well. The cost may be medium and this would be the best choice if you have young children.

House: This would be the most expensive when compared to the condo and the townhouse in terms of both, total purchase price and ongoing maintenance, but also gives you the most independence and privacy. You will not have any shared walls and you will even have a yard or a garden. A yard is also great for pets, children, barbeques, private pools, hot tubs, and relaxing in the fresh air. Houses are normally bigger than condos and townhouses, so you will probably have more space. Houses typically have the best investment value when compared to another form of homes.

You can get more details about these by talking to the professionals at Homify to get a clear picture of the type of houses and their costs.