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Modern style gym ideas, inspiration & pictures

Just as breathing is to life, exercise is to live healthy. In the 21st century where technology plays an inevitable role in our lives, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that owing to our lifestyle, we humans have become too lethargic and sedentary. We do want a healthy lifestyle but don’t have enough time to source a nearby gym and go for regular workouts. Well, if you are sailing in the same boat, it’s time to avail the facility of a modern gym sitting in the comfort of your home. Today, a home is not “the perfect home” without a small gym or an exercise zone. 

If you are looking for some great ideas and inspiration to develop your own modern gym at home, you have made the right choice. Here, you will get complete information from modern gym ideas for home to installation tips.

Modern home gym ideas & inspiration 

Whether it’s a small exercise corner of your office or a huge basement filled with exercise machines, people are keeping a workout on priority lists these days. Installing a modern home gym is the best way out for every individual who likes to work out regularly. No matter small or big, at homify you will find a plethora of ideas to add a modern gym to your home. From products, ideas, professionals to complete idea books on how to set up a modern gym at home, there are ample things to share and get inspired from here. Depending on the available space and specific needs anyone can set up a modern gym at home and this is the best way to stay healthy and save on both time and money spent on a public gym! 

What makes the perfect modern home gym?

Needless to say, everyone seeks a perfect and easy to maintain modern gym at home, but a very few people actually make that happen. It calls for the right match of equipment, flooring, wall colors and entertainment devices such as a TV or a music system within the available space of the room. Of all these, deciding the perfect equipment for a home gym is the toughest task to be accomplished. Although a large variety of options are available to choose from, it mostly depends on one’s own preferences and the needs of families. A early planning of what all you need in your gym space will simplify the job to a great extent. 

Where can I find modern home gym ideas? 

Practically, for real-time ideas on modern home gyms, the nearest area gym equipment store is a great resource. A store manager can also be consulted on what’s best suitable for you and your family. One can also surf on the web for latest modern gym ideas at home. There are many gym equipment companies that offer ideal home gym ideas through their blogs and social media. 

How do I go about building a modern home gym?

Before you go for building a modern home gym, plan out the basic necessities of the gym for yourself and your family members.  If you want to build a modern home gym for the complete family, prefer a large empty room. Get wooden flooring, mirrored walls, exercise machine and a TV and/or a stereo. There should be some space for yoga, meditation and kickboxing practiced as well. If your kids want some space for dancing, this will also call for sufficient space. This arrangement would fulfill every individual requirement of the family. 

What wall color should I choose for a modern home gym?

Choosing a color that offers you relaxation and energizes you by its soothing effect is important. By painting the walls with the right choice of colors, you can achieve a comforting environment for your home gym. Try to get a coat of electric green or vivid blue that helps to keep the body in motion and makes the space look like a modern gym.  

What flooring should I put into a modern home gym?

Home gym flooring ranges from cork flooring to wood and laminates. Select the floor, according to the type of exercise machines you choose as the floor should bear the load without causing any harm to the room. Not only the load bearing capacity, it should offer you enough comfort to move or lay down easily on it. For modern gyms which consist of a cycling machine and other small equipment, wooden flooring is best recommended. Wooden flooring is soft, looks elegant and is long lasting. On the other hand, cork flooring is best advisable for installing heavy exercise machines owing to its heavy load bearing capacity. And for simple yoga and dance practice you can go for a cheaper version of wood flooring i.e. laminated floors. 

What home gym equipment do I need?

Building a modern home gym is altogether an exciting task. Classic home gym equipment consists of:

Dumbbells lay the foundation in building a modern home gym. They are adaptable to all forms of exercises and should be figured first while building a modern gym at home. 

Pull up bar is not just about doing pull up’s, it is used for various gymnastic exercises too. Ideally, a pull up bar should be wall mounted for easier maneuverability. If you are a novice or a beginner or have not yet started on pull ups it is highly recommended to invest in resistance bands for safety and assistance.

Jumping ropes are a must as part of home gym equipment. Jump ropes are a fantastic cardio exerciser and help in perfect coordination of the body. A durable rope is sufficient for a regular work out.  If speed is your goal, get a lighter rope. As of otherwise a weighted rope for strength is enough to meet daily requirements.

Medicinal ball is an indispensable tool for improving your core strengths. Don’t miss out on the side of caution and get a lighter ball as medicine balls are primarily for speed and power management.

How do I convert a spare room into a home gym?

With so much on the plate already it might sound more like a dream to many. However, converting a spare room into your own personal home gym is attainable. Start with the basic equipment and add on later as you get involved in hardcore gym. 

A gym is an area where you are expending a lot of energy therefore it is necessary to keep the room cool. If the room is airy that will suffice for cooling else installation of air conditioner is better. Install a mirror on the wall of your gym room. Surround yourself with motivational posters to inspire your workout. Keep a built in bar filled with chilled water and healthy drinks. Keep the most used equipment’s within your reach. Spread non-slip matting near the gym machines. A wooden floor or a vinyl floor will require reinforcement to withstand the weight of heavy gym equipment.

What style should I pick for my home gym?

The styling of your gym is important for a productive workout. Based on your needs, space and the number of hours that you are going to spend, you can design your gym based on any of these three styles- Industrial style home gym, Classic style home gym, and Eclectic style home gym. 

Industrial Style Home Gym:

For those who like to work out in a raw and tough ambiance, an industrial style home gym is apt. The walls of the gym can be designed with exposed brick to render a sturdy look and thereby adding to the character of the gym room. A combination of contemporary lamps with enough lighting and wooden flooring will add more spice to the industrial style gym. Some checks patterned wallpapers and mud colored printed walls can further enhance the industrial look of your modern gym. 

Classic Style Home Gym:

It’s not hard to believe today that a home gym can also be the most beautiful and cherished zone of a home. Gym equipment can look classy in  spacious rooms, elegant flooring, light colored shiny walls and apt lighting. These are somewhat inspired from country homes modern gym styling. Huge mirrors and gray and white surfaces further add to the lavish look of a classic modern home gym design.

Eclectic style home gym: 

Wondering if a home gym can ever be eclectic and made to look like a modern exercise studio? Yes, in fact, it can be the place where you can enjoy the most. Although this style can be a little heavy on your pockets, if you use the space wisely and dig out the actual purpose of it, it’s worth the investment made. You can use the most simplistic gym equipment and elegant mats in the most preferred space of your home. The more simplistic the look, the more eclectic the workout space will look.