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Glass-doors design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Why choose a glass door?

The glass doors allow a separation between different rooms, but at the same time, a visual permeability between them, creating a much wider spatial feeling. They also allow the free passage of natural and artificial light between the different spaces of the house. Usually they are doors that have a sliding system, in which one sheet slides over others, thus being able to open and close the rooms easily.

What are the different types of glasses to use for glass doors?

Transparent: this type of glass is perfect to create a totally free visual communication between different rooms or spaces in the house, with a clear and undistorted view and total transparency.

Bevelled: this glass design creates a bevelled grid or grid, with pieces that thanks to the same bevel, create a beautiful and unique light distortion, which gives a unique effect to the image that is passed from one side to another of the glass . This grid can be made of pieces in the form of pictures or diamonds.

Acid: treating a glass with acid gives it a unique texture and color. The texture allows a certain privacy to the glass, making the image from one side to another a silhouette that can only be distinguished by colors.

Textured: the texture that is given to a glass door of this material is achieved by means of sandblasting or "sand blast" that creates a kind of snowfall in the glass sheet, something similar in visual effect with the effect created with acid. These textures can also be made by means of adhesives.

Polarized: A layer of dark film can create the polarized effect, which allows the glass to darken and provide protection against sun exposure and UV rays.

What are some tips to clean a glass door?

We highly recommended cleaning the glass at least once a week, either with a liquid soap or a special product for cleaning glass.The use of paper or newspaper to clean the glass helps to have better results. Remember to dry the surface very well so as not to leave stains of water or product when finished.

When cleaning frames, be careful and gentle and do it with a soft towel, paper and a little liquid soap to achieve a good cleaning. We recommend you first clean the door frames before the glass, as doing so can stain the glass.

Keep well-lubricated fittings. Whether it is a sliding door or folding door, it is advisable to keep the opening system very well lubricated, thus ensuring a better and more practical operation of the door.

What are some security tips for glass doors?

Glass doors look fantastic and elegant inside the house, but they can also represent a danger, especially if it is a door with a totally transparent glass, which makes it dangerous for the children of the home, who may be running inside the house and not notice the glass barrier. For this, there are some methods that can be very effective:

Decals: This is the easiest way to visually present a glass door, by adding a decal or ornament to a fully translucent glass.

Tempered glass: Glass doors should be made of tempered glass, which is much more resistant to blows and breaks. When it comes to break, thanks to the hardening process, it prevents the creation of chips that can be dangerous.

Safety film: Another way to add more security to a glass, is to add a protective film, which prevents the glass from breaking, causing it to just splinter. This is thanks to the tension that creates this film, allowing it to absorb the blows that the glass receives.

How much does a glass door cost?

The cost of the door will depend primarily on its size, after the type of frame to be chosen, whether wood or aluminum, the first being the most expensive of the two. The cost also depends on the type of glass to be applied, whether simple, double, finished and whether the safety film will be added.

Experts on glass doors here in homify

If you plan to buy and install a glass door in your home, we recommend that you approach an expert, who will help you with the process of taking the right measurements of the space where it will be placed, to manufacturing, placement, installation and maintenance.

In homify, we have an extensive catalog of suppliers and glass doors, as well as thousands of residential projects with different door designs to inspire you and give you great ideas for your next project. We invite you to browse our portal and explore each of its sections, through excellent images that we are sure will be of great help in your next project.