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Girls Bedroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How can I design a bedroom for girls?

The girls room should be designed to encourage creativity and joy, to maintain their silences and privacy that our daughters require at certain times.

When decorating a kids room, you must take into account several aspects such as:

- Materials resistant and washable preferences.

- The quality of the furniture, as well as its versatility and flexibility to adapt to the needs.

- Non-slip surfaces.

- Fun Pattern Fabrics

- Generally create a relaxed and colourful atmosphere.

It is important that, when designing a girls bedroom or boys bedroom that you create a place where they can play, create and have fun, but also concentrate to study and relax.

What are some popular ideas for designing and decorating a small bedroom for girls?

Although there is not enough room to put up a bedroom for girls in the house, you can achieve an exclusive space for the little one with simple ideas that will make the area available to make the most of:

Multifunctional furniture - Furnishing the bedroom with multifunctional furniture, such as a desk with drawers for toys, a bunk bed with just one bed up and space to create a mini-sitting room below, or a folding bed, can help make the bedroom enough Great for a small one.

Bright colours - The bright and striking colours, in tones that go with the personality of the small, ensure that the bedroom is perceived much wider and with a much more relaxed and playful atmosphere, where the girl can be identified much easier with her personal space

Varied textures - If we are talking about a girl from 0 to 6 years old, the textures of the walls of the room can serve as a complement to her development and part of the game elements she has. The different stimuli that give the different textures helps to enrich the visual and tactile development of the small one, stimulating to the maximum its imagination.

Mirrors - This is a piece of advice for any small space, creating a visual effect in which the room can be perceived much wider than it is, making the child feel much more comfortable in a spacious bedroom.

Natural lighting - Natural light is important both to create a much warmer and more welcoming atmosphere, to create a space with a greater sense of spatial amplitude, with the extra benefit of having a better visibility both for studying and playing in the bedroom .

What colours can be used in girls' bedroom?

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a bedroom for girls, is that it should be a pink or purple, considered two colors very feminine. But we should not limit ourselves to a stereotype like this when choosing a colour palette for this room, but we must take into consideration the taste and personality of the small.

- Neutral colours such as white or beige, along with pastel shades, can achieve a soft and delicate effect, which can be very pleasant for the small.

- Use classic colours like pink or purple, with some complement in warm gray that can achieve a modern and timeless combination, without losing that feminine touch that is sought when choosing a color in the bedroom of the girl.

- Vivid colours such as yellow, blue, orange or green are also welcome in the girls room. The important thing is that our little one feels good and that it agrees with his style and personality.

- Pastel colours: some materials also provide their own color within the design of these bedrooms, such as wood and concrete, which turn out to be perfectly handy items with soft tones in yellow, light blue, pink, green , etc.. Which in a pastel range, can give a delicate character that goes perfectly with these noble materials.

What are some popular furniture ideas for a girl’s bedroom?

Loft beds: these are very fashionable in India lately and consist of a kind of bunk bed where the bed is placed and sometimes has another side bed, and in the lower part a private space is generated either With an armchair, a desk or both. This type of furniture is very practical, saves space and is quite functional, and in the bedroom for girls would be perfect as they would have their own study, remember that girls are mostly very detailed in the definition of their spaces and activities. These can be purchased at a specialist store or made to order by a professional.

Traditional beds: in this case, you should know that there are plenty of basic designs and headers, try to choose one that suits your tastes: whether it is wood with images of princesses, whether it is brass or blacksmith's that is of simple design To avoid any accident, if they prefer a high padded headboard or organizer to place their lamp, their favorite books to read before bed, their diary and their stuffed animals, their needs and preferences are the main thing.

Dresser and closet: In the bedroom for girls, an area to dress and comb is very important, so you should include a small dresser next to the closet.

Mirror and clothes rack: a large full-length mirror, as well as a clothes rack to hang the bags, backpack and clothes and towels -You can also include a sofa, armchair, ottomanes or puffs for when your friends come to visit.

What are some ideas for decorating a girl child’s bedroom?

Like every nursery, the overall design of the nursery for girls should inspire creativity, relaxation, play and study.

- Colour combination and fun concept: try to use light colors, preferably neutrals like white, beige or pastels, but you can include an intense color in a wall or some constructive element to highlight and play with the planes, avoiding monotony.

- Include a study area: it is important to include a desk for study time, storage areas and a small table with chairs or failing a small room, as this will make them feel independent and responsible for their own space, with freedom To share it with your best friends. The shelves or organizers are basic for them, there you can help them to organize their own library, to present their favorite stuffed animals and to exhibit their artistic works, manual works and consented objects.

- Attention to the walls: The decoration of the walls also plays a very important role in the sensations that you want to provoke in the girls. When they are small, the colors must be very faint; Tapestry with soft patterns, sinuous shapes and light colors are ideal, and it is important to place brown paper or sketch to their height to give them freedom to experiment with crayons. As you grow, you can integrate more colors or change the palette while maintaining a soft background but highlighting certain elements with stronger colors. Do not forget that the time will come when it is they who propose the ideas, they may want to put up posters of their favorite characters, hang their drawings or paint a mural, and it would be excellent if they become the designers of their own space, of course always from your hand.

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