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Tropical style garden design ideas inspiration & pictures

What makes tropical gardens so desirable?

Tropical gardens are popular because of their vibrant colours as well as visual and aesthetic charisma. It’s not surprising that most people are particularly attracted to this style and want to use it when designing their outdoor spaces. In India, whether it’s for a small terrace garden of a penthouse in Bangalore or Pune or in a large patio of a modern house in the outskirts of cities such as Chennai or Hyderabad, a tropical garden is preferred as it is easy to maintain since many of the typical foliage and flowers that are synonymous with such gardens are native to our region.

From where does the inspiration for tropical gardens originate?

Tropical gardens find their aesthetic inspiration in the lush vegetation that is characteristic of Southeast Asia, Northern Australia, the Caribbean, Central America, Equatorial Africa and the Pacific Islands. Primarily, this type of garden features striking plants with very large leaves and stems. Interestingly, although not all the regions of the world have the climatic conditions that are ideal for a tropical garden, many professional landscapers manage to recreate them in different countries!

Although tropical gardens are famous for their plants with elongated leaves, trees and shrubs, which are usually not too tall, are also an essential part of the environment so that the presence of sunlight is not hindered by the vegetation. You should not forget that tropical gardens are one of the most difficult types of gardens to maintain especially if you live in an area with very different climate than the tropics.  The essence of these gardens lies in the presence of ample natural light and water.

What should I consider when designing a tropical garden?

The first thing you should do is to pick the right flowers and plants. This needs careful consideration as it will play a significant role in the maintenance of the garden. You should also understand the topography and climatic conditions of the terrain where you plan to give life and shape to your spectacular tropical garden. And, while the idea is to create a space where you can enjoy and appreciate all the plants that you love, even if it is on your terrace, keep in mind that not all plants can survive or grow properly in your city, town or region! Therefore, our recommendation is that you contact an expert to help you to understand and decide on the right type of ecosystem for your tropical style garden.

What kind of plants are typical to tropical gardens?

As you can imagine, throughout the world, there are hundreds of exotic and tropical plants, so you can choose from a very long list of options. However, the most typical ones you will find in almost any tropical garden are bamboo, palm trees, philodendron, heliconia, hibiscus and ferns.

In other words, it’s best to select plants with large and striking leaves that act as a focal point of the visual composition of your garden. Remember that in the tropical style, the rules are contrary to those in minimalist design. So, the larger and more ornate the plants, the more striking your garden will be.

What other ideas can I use to make my tropical garden more beautiful?

You could segment your tropical gardens according to the sizes or shapes of the leaves of the plants. In addition, it is ideal to illuminate the space with outdoor lights to create focal points or places of visual interest. If you use LED lights, it will cost in between INR 3,000 to INR 10,000 to illuminate the garden, depending on the size of the area and the type of lights used. A well-lit garden will not only look more beautiful, but also be much safer!

Among the other elements that you can use in the garden to add beauty to the space are: 

Water sources: Since tropical gardens should have beautiful natural elements, water sources are always a welcome addition to the visual composition of the space.  A fountain, a cascade, a pond or even a well will be a perfect element to include in your garden! You can choose from a variety of options such as zen-inspired fountains with beautiful natural stones or a more rustic look with a well or a pond. In case you build a well or pond in the middle of your tropical garden, we recommend that you create a border with stones of varied colours and sizes to enhance the look of the space.

Hanging plants: A creative way to introduce plants in the garden is by hanging them. This is also the best solution for small tropical gardens as the vegetation can be placed vertically in wall planters or a green wall. You can hang a couple of pots in courtyards, balconies or terraces to create layers that add a magical touch to the garden, whether you use philodendron or orchids. The pots can be hung on macramé holders to add a rustic touch.

Canoes and wooden boats: For a sensational feature, you could place some of your pots in a rustic canoe or a wooden boat. Can you imagine how beautiful it will look?! If you do not like the idea of plants inside the boat, you could consider using it as a seat where you can sit and enjoy the lush natural landscape around you.

For more ideas and inspiration, you can browse through the garden photographs on homify. Irrespective of the size of your budget, you will be able to find plenty of designs that you can use to create the dream garden for your home.