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Country style garden ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect country garden?

A perfect country garden is a colourful place full of warmth and freshness. The country garden is an open green lawn enclosed in a white wooden fence, engulfed by gracious green trees and colourful shrubs. A country garden is defined with old fashioned furniture and a corner arbor for extended tenderness and romance. With low key furniture and the use of weathered gardening accessories, you are surely taken back in time. Introduce some vintage tools like steel watering cans, rust laden pitchfork and a slanted shovel for that ideal country garden appearance.

Where can I find country garden design ideas?

Needless to say, you must have consulted various magazines, books, gardening experts and landscapers for designing your country garden. Your exhaustive search for country garden styles will never end, another avenue which you can explore is homify, this website brings you diverse and a varied collection of country garden ideas, accessories and furniture to choose from. You can get inspired through the pictures on the website and save your shortlisted favourites in an ideabook with notes for future use. You can later choose your favourite country garden ideas from the shortlisted ones, you also have the possibility to engage with an expert through the homify platform. This is surely a more informed way of getting ideas for your country garden.

How do I create a functional country garden?

There are a plenty of thoughts to consider before planning a country garden. First, take time to think about what your expectations from a country garden are. Are you planning a country garden for socialising purposes or are you planning it for spending some quality ‘family time’? The other question to ponder is, do you want a low maintenance country garden with just a few flower pots or a widely sprawled garden with planters and flower beds? All these questions should be answered before planning the garden and making it functional. After you have decided the plants and purpose, you are left with a few other considerations, the first being the fence. Incorporate the classic and traditional white-picket fence for that perfect country look. Country gardens are defined by beautiful flowers peeking over the fence and creating a perfect setting. Make use of wooden planters for imbibing a pure organic feel. Wooden planters can be used the way they are or can be painted in bright colours for added charm. Also, creating small pathways and rows in between the garden area will help you in easy pruning and spending quality time for yourself. Garden furniture needs to be placed at the most convenient and accessible locations that do not hinder plant growth. After considering all these aspects duly, your country garden will become fully functional, beautiful and ready to use.

Where can I find small garden ideas?

Currently, a small garden is in vogue as it is best suited for city houses and urban lifestyle. Small gardens can be made on a terrace or besides a driveway or even in a corner of your backyard. A small country garden is based on the concept of making use of the space you have by converting it into a garden. homify brings you a wide variety of small garden ideas to draw inspiration from. Browse through the category of small garden ideas to find something suitable to match your taste on homify.

What about a country patio, terrace and garden decking ideas?

The patio and terrace design should complement your country garden design in maximum ways possible as most of the gardens emerge from patios or terrace areas. A country patio or terrace will ideally have a weathered table and chairs set. It will be surrounded all over by the unkempt climbers and colourful flowers. The flooring of a country style patio or terrace will be either done in wood or stone that adds a new dimension to the area. The patio will also be accompanied by an age-old barbecue grill that is much larger in size than the new age compact models. You can choose from a wide range of materials depending on your taste, creativity and demographics of the place.

What country garden furniture can I use?

You can choose from a wide variety of furniture to get a perfect country garden feel. Country garden furniture usually comprises of classic wooden tables and chairs. You can layer these up with your choice of cushions and linen to make the place look more warm and inviting. The chairs can be painted in bright orange or blue hues for a perfectly bright contrast. A rustic and rugged wooden swing is also an essential part of the country garden furniture. The use of old-fashioned cane chairs or metal patio furniture also complements well with the country garden.

What is the right garden decor for me?

Country garden décor is an individual’s choice. The choice of country garden décor depends majorly on your taste, budget and weather conditions in your neighbourhood. It also depends on your lifestyle which includes your working hours and days outside the house. homify presents to you some talented garden experts and professionals who study your area demographics and recommend ideas ranging from a terrace country garden to a rock garden. They will also be able to help you with space constraints and budget estimation for your choice of a country garden.

How do I know which plants are right for my garden?

This is a very important aspect which should be decided even before finalising the design of your country garden. For knowing the best suited plants for your country garden, you need to have a detailed knowledge about the quality of soil in your area. Enough research should be done over the internet or with a physical plant supplier to know how different plants react to the soil. You also need to consider the weather conditions while designing your country garden. You should know if your place has four seasons, extensive rainfall or chilly winter months for the major part of the year. This will guide you to decide whether you should have an open, partly closed or closed country garden.If your work keeps you busy and seated for longer duration, you should go for low-maintenance and economical plants that can sustain even in adverse conditions. All these points need to be considered when deciding a design for your garden and also while choosing the plants.

How can I put together other popular garden designs?

How to: Modern style gardens

modern garden is made stylish with decorative accessories covering almost the entire lawn or patio area. Intricate paving designs along with the inclusion of trendy fountains and bird cages make this garden design an absolute treat to experience. Modern gardens have a symmetrical geometry with focus on each and every element of the garden. Trendy designs of planters and bright terracotta pots fill up the area with colour and brightness.

How to: Colonial style gardens

colonial style garden has been in vogue for a long time. Decorative shaped hedges and shrubs grown in a line are the aesthetics associated with a colonial style home garden. The colonial period did not use any pots or vases for decoration. Instead, this garden design consisted of rectangular or square flower beds laid all across the garden with sleek rows or pathways provided throughout for easy movement. The colonial gardens mostly support perennial plants as they are constantly exposed to sunlight and rain. Small hedges or fences are enough for protecting a colonial garden.