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Garden Pool design ideas, inspiration & pictures

There is more to a garden pool than just being a regular pool placed in a garden. Garden pools are like no other pools. They require a specific excavation and maintenance to properly make use of the walls and the general structure of the construction.

Garden pools are one of the most sought after pools in India, because, apart from the fact that Indians love us some gardens, we also enjoy a little dip in the water when the temperature rises. Combining the two, garden pools are born. And, are they glorious! Some of India’s most luxurious apartments in Whitefield, Bangalore come with a private garden pool.

This type of pool can take on any style, size, or form, but the most common would have to be small, plunge pool-sized ones that are cheaper and easier to build, especially in the country, where pools were once thought of as a luxury reserved to only the privileged. Today, a garden pool is an oasis of calm in busy cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur and Agra. If you are interested in having one for your home, here is everything you need to know, from its planning to construction.

What type of materials can be used to build garden pools?

Concrete pool: They are the most expensive but at the same time the most solid. These can have certain finishes and unique shapes that no other garden pools can get, such as curves at one of the edges.

Fiberglass pool: 100% made in a factory, has a resin and fiberglass base. It comes fully ready in one piece, ready to be installed on the floor. It is economical and the fastest construction method out there.

Shipping container pool: A container pool is a pool recycled from a large container. You can plant them in the ground or use them as above-ground alternative. They are less expensive than fiberglass and concrete and a green choice for environment.

Vinyl pool liner: They are also manufactured, but the difference is that they come with steel, concrete or resin panels. Everything is secured by a liner. These finishes facilitate their construction and reduce their cost. They are very cheap. They are industrial garden pools that come with a kit ready to install.

What are the pros and cons of different type of pools?

Above-ground garden pools: They tend to be portable and easy to carry. They can be inflatable or built in PVC. These are the most economical in the market. Perfect when the budget is low and the garden is small.

In-ground garden pools: These are more common, durable and permanent. It requires the intervention of heavy machinery and the intervention of a construction company, architects and workers. They cost more money but last for many years and can have different finishes.

What do you have to keep in mind for a garden pool?

Space and the land is very important, because it determines if your garden is large enough to carry out the necessary excavations. Contrary to what happens with a common garden pool, this requires you to think not only in the excavation area, but also at the edge of the pool if you are going for a luxury infinity look.

If you have a very small garden, maybe a jacuzzi or spa with counter current jets would be more suitable. Check out homify’s experts in designing pools and spas to get the best professional advice.

Keep in mind that part of the land must be dedicated to recirculation and water filter systems. These constructions by law must have a minimum space for two people in each 2m² of water surface and a strip of at least 1.5 meters wide around the structure.

The land on which it is built must be firm and solid, no rocky or swampy areas, as construction may not be effective.

You must study the space and calculate 1.20 meters of depth.

Avoid building it next to trees, as the roots can intervene in the future when they grow.

How much does building a swimming pool in India cost?

As mentioned, there are mainly two types of swimming pools—the above and the in-ground varieties. Building a swimming pool in India costs around Rs.1.75 lakhs to 3 lakhs approximately depending on what material you use and also the size of your pool. Generally, it is advisable to pay a professional to tackle the project while some manufacturers insist that an experienced homeowner could feasibly build the pool on their own.

Additionally, the DIY pools will usually come with a two or three-year warranty which translates to a huge amount of financial commitment for a very short-term feature. In addition to that, the pool Accessories like the pumps, ladders, and filters and cleaning materials like brushes, vacuum assemblies, covers, and chemicals will add on to the cost. Many will also need thermometers and even heaters. These costs start at roughly Rs.25000/-, and can easily reach well into the thousands.