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Garden design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect garden? 

In short, the perfect garden is made with good design, blending the right use of garden decor with stunning flowers, plants, and trees, and a beautiful overall layout. homify has so many wonderful garden design ideas to choose from that creating the perfect garden will be extremely easy. 

Where can I find ideas for garden design? 

Here at homify, of course! The team at homify are experts in all aspects of garden design, from suggesting the ideal decor for a particular garden to choosing just the right plants to suit the function and form of a garden. In addition, homify has put together some wonderful themed garden ideas (below) which provide a template for a chic and inspiring outdoor space. 

What exactly can I do to my garden? 

A garden can be a peaceful place to relax, a practical place to grow vegetables, a chic place for entertaining or an outdoor office. In fact, it can be all of these things and more. Even with small gardens, the only limit is the imagination when it comes to choosing what to do with the garden. 

How do I create a functional garden space? 

It depends on what the desired function is. homify’s garden decking ideas are ideal for converting part of a garden into a space for sitting and entertaining, for instance, whilst garden storage options can be used to make the garden a practical place to keep both garden equipment and office equipment safe. A garden shed can be converted into a play area for kids complete with sofas and books or video games. homify’s garden ideas, are also perfect for turning any outdoor space into a haven for wildlife. 

What about garden fence ideas? 

Garden fencing ideas are great for partitioning off the garden, but they are actually so much more than that. The colours that are chosen for a fence are important; use white or terracotta hues for a Mediterranean feel, for example. Garden fencing provides the perfect backdrop to a colourful flower garden, as well as providing shade for a seating area on a patio. Planning fencing well is essential to ensuring a great overall garden design. 

How do I effectively plan a garden? 

Thinking about what the garden is going to be used for (A garden office? Entertaining? Teaching the kids about growing vegetables?) is crucial when thinking about what types of décor, decking and plants are going included. Think about where the sun falls at different times of the day and use that to help you to decide where to place deck chairs and other types of furniture. 

What are some ways I can spruce up my garden décor?

Experiment with different colours, from warm tones to clean whites, to see which best suits your mood. Opt for a matching set of chairs and tables on a patio, or just choose some colourful deck chairs in the sun. Attractive plant pots, water features, and statues are also perfect for making a garden as beautiful as can be. In short, approaching garden décor in the way that you approach the décor in your home when redecorating will give you inspiration and motivation. 

What about a patio, terrace and garden decking ideas? 

Patios, terraces, and garden decking are perfect for entertaining on, or just for sitting out with a good book. There are plenty of options available here at homify. A classic patio made of white slabs is a wonderful place to display plant pots filled with trailing ivy and pretty flowers, for instance, whilst wooden decking provides a light and easy to maintain space for enjoying a drink outside with friends. 

What garden furniture can I use?

homify has a brilliant range of furniture to choose from. Deck chairs are great for the sun, and can be folded away into a shed when not in use. Large benches with weatherproof cushions, hammocks, and swing benches are great for relaxing in too. homify has a wonderful range of elegant patio furniture ideas, moreover, which is perfect for classy entertaining. 

How do I know which plants are right for my garden? 

Learn about the climate, soil and drainage in the garden, as this helps you to make informed decisions about which plants, trees, and shrubs will grow best there. Also think about how much maintenance different types of plants need: a rock garden filled with cacti is a very low maintenance option, whilst a greenhouse full of hothouse flowers will require daily love and care. 

What are some other ideas that I can get garden inspiration from? 

Check out the garden photos at homify for everything from garden decking ideas to garden inspiration for the modern garden. Organising your outdoor space according to a theme is also a great way to get inspiration and ideas, as once you have your theme fixed you can really go to town on the interpretation of it. 

How can I put together some of the most popular garden designs?

Nature gardens 

You will be amazed the amount of biodiversity that can be encouraged in even a small urban garden with some good planning. If you have children, then a nature garden is a great way of teaching them about the environment and also for teaching them practical skills like growing vegetables and tending to flowers. Try marking out an area for a vegetable patch, whilst also leaving a wild area filled with wild flowers to encourage bees and other insects. Learn about the habitats of different wildlife that you want to encourage in your nature garden (such as a pond for frogs and newts) and plan the outdoor space accordingly. 

Modern gardens 

Jazz up your garden with a modern feel. One way of making an outdoor space chic and contemporary is to opt for elegant modern garden furniture. Or, try turning the shed into a garden office, equipped with a computer, fish tank filled with neon fish and a games console. Modern gardens are associated with the qualities of simplicity, order, and neatness, eschewing the mess and mud of a rough and rustic style outdoor space. That is not to say you cannot grown things in a modern garden; try experimenting with newly developed plant hybrids or flowers in extravagant hues, or trying out a modern gardening technique such as hydroponic gardening. 

Mediterranean style gardens

Bring some sun splashed vigour to your garden with a Mediterranean design. Opt for classic Mediterranean hues such as black, terracotta, bleached white, and biscuit when it comes to selecting garden furniture, garden fence ideas, and pots and planters for the garden. Trailing ivy, Greek style urns filled with plants, classical garden statues, and of course a patio where you can serve up Mediterranean feasts are all great ideas for creating a Mediterranean garden. Great for locations that catch a lot of sun, but beautiful anywhere. 

Japanese gardens 

Japanese garden would not be complete without an abundance of cherry blossom, the tree most often associated with this country. Cherry trees provide shade, a beautiful fragrance, and delicious fruit as well, and they will also encourage birds and bees to visit your garden. Complete the Japanese look by adding some Japanese statues to your outdoor space, or even transforming your garden shed into a pagoda. Why not choose a naturally growing bamboo screen instead of traditional garden fencing, and top the whole thing off with some outdoor furniture made by Japanese designers. Modern Japanese artists have created some amazing pictures that you could hang in your shed or outdoor office, as well as elegant vases which are perfect for displaying outdoor flowers. 

Zen gardens 

Chill out and relax with a garden that is designed alongside the principles of Zen. This is one of the best small garden ideas, as all that you need for a Zen garden is a small patch of land which you can order using the principles of Zen (though a Zen garden can be absolutely huge as well). A Zen garden will help you to channel your energies to relax, celebrate love, find prosperity and much more using elements such as running water and the points of the compass. This type of outdoor space is of course perfect for meditating in, so make sure to ensure that there is a level patch of lawn or some decking where you can engage in this practice (perhaps beneath the shade of a tree). 

Rock gardens 

If you are looking for a garden that is super easy to maintain, then a rock garden is for you. On the other hand, though, you can really get creative and imaginative with your rock garden, sourcing specific types of rock and pairing them up with surprising combinations of plants, shrubs and flowers. Cacti, succulents, and other desert plants all fit very well in this type of outdoor space, as they can grow and flower and flourish on rocky terrain. In fact, some rock gardens do not need to be watered at all so you can just get on with your life and enjoy the view outdoors whenever you have time. One good addition to this type of outdoor design is some running water, perhaps from a central water feature, as it helps to bring out the colour of the rocks and also provides a beautiful contrast to the dry surrounding environment. A collection of rocks and plants can form a small, attractive corner of a lawn, or it can be the main focus of your outdoor space.