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Garden design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. Need help with your garden?
    Need help with your garden?
  2. Need help with your garden?
    Need help with your garden?
  3. Need help with your garden?
    Need help with your garden?
  4. Need help with your garden?
    Need help with your garden?

Where can I find small garden ideas?

Look no further, you have arrived at the right place. At Homify, we have all the small garden ideas you need. In here, you can find garden design tips to make the most of your small spaces. You could cultivate it yourself, but if you are not creative enough, no worries, we have experts to do this job for you. You may not be blessed with a large space, but with our ideas, for sure, you could design a garden in your small space where one can spend the best time of the day.

What kind of garden fencing exists?

We come across a lot of gardens, may it be small house gardens, street gardens, school gardens and so on. All these gardens have one thing in common i.e fencing which is much important for privacy and security reasons, especially for home garden plans. You can plan your garden with the fencing of your choice. May it be wood, wrought iron or chain link, will definitely affect the sense of your home. There are hundreds of types of fences made up of very different materials that serve specific purposes.

Aluminum Fencing: One of the most basic types of fencing is aluminium which is easy to maintain, strong and works great for enclosing a garden area. Aluminium fencing comes in different heights and style and is more recommended in case you have pets since it is strong enough that pets won’t chew it.

Bamboo Fencing: The best thing about choosing bamboo fencing is that it is environmentally friendly and all the green lovers will be pleased to know this. It is aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, durable and made from the strongest wood on earth. There are three types of bamboo fencing: Live bamboo rolled bamboo and bamboo cane. Bamboo fencing mostly comes in rolled panels where each bamboo pole is tied tight to the next one, creating a solid way of privacy for sure.

Chainlink Fence: These are most commonly used but does not add much privacy to your garden plans but definitely performs other basic functions of a fencing quite well. They are less expensive, durable and very easy to maintain. You can always decorate it by adding a good amount of shrubbery, flowers and even privacy slats on the outside of the chain link fence.    

Wood Fencing: These type of fencing define the character of our homes. It is inexpensive, lightweight and can easily be shaped to give properties character and individuality. It gives the homeowners a warm and welcoming feeling and will last longer. With all the beautiful garden designs and ideas at Homify, you will definitely be inspired to design a garden of your own.  

What styles can suit my front garden design?

There are many types of garden, such as flower-garden, fruit garden, vegetable garden, botanical garden and the garden of medicinal herbs like tulsi which is found in almost every Indian home. Almost all the Indians have vegetable gardens in their backyards which are known as kitchen gardens where we grow different vegetables. It depends on your taste so as to choose a garden type suited for you. You could have a rose garden if you like your front garden to look beautiful and dramatic. If you are more of a health-concerned person, you could definitely choose your front garden to be a hub for medical herbs. If you are a busy person, you could just convert your front yard to be a lawn so that it is easy to maintain.   People work in their gardens and thereby do physical exercise. So, their health remains well. They do not need to purchase greens and vegetables from the market. So, their money is saved. They also find pleasure in beholding their own creation.

How can I keep my plants and flowers for a longer time in my garden?

First of all, you need to protect the home garden from animals and pests. Every garden has a fence around it to protect it from the animals who destroy the garden and burglars who could rob your valuables.

Water regularly: There are many other aspects which can help you keep your plants and flowers for a longer time in the garden like timely cutting of plants and flowers, using preservatives or pesticides, watering them regularly.  

When on a vacation: You may go on a vacation leaving your home garden alone. Have you given a thought that the plants and flowers could die without water? therefore try to plant drought tolerant plants so that it needs only 1 watering per week. This saves water and time both and will definitely not stop you from going on a vacation.  

Install Drip Irrigation: This may sound like a difficult task, but it definitely is not. The process is pretty simple and you could purchase an inexpensive kit and it is better done during the start of the growing season. With this, you could install a timer on your spigot and you will never think about when to water your garden. You could install a timer on your sprinkler too.