Garden design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. Need help with your garden?
    Need help with your garden?
  2. Need help with your garden?
    Need help with your garden?
  3. Need help with your garden?
    Need help with your garden?
  4. Need help with your garden?
    Need help with your garden?

Gardening is an activity of growing and cultivating plants. In gardens, people grow ornamental plants for flowers or foliage; plants such as root or leafy vegetables and fruits are cultivated for consumption and medicinal purposes. Gardening can be done in different scales like a huge botanical garden, an orchard, a boulevard of different herbs and shrubs, small gardens at home or container plants grown inside the house.

Where can I find ideas for garden design?

If you need some inspiration for designing your garden, big or small, professionals at homify can help you. Our website provides you pictures of landscape and gardens which are easy to recreate, and helps you to set up the garden of your dreams. Depending on the amount of space you have, you can opt for indoor or outdoor garden ideas. As indoor plants improve mood, health and productivity, using the unused corners of your homes allows positive energy to flow freely around a room. Also the house entrance is the first thing one notices while visiting people, so decorating the entrance with flowers and plants can enhance the beauty of the entryway.

How can I decorate my small garden?

The first step to create the perfect small garden is to plan correctly. This means that things like availability of sunlight, watering possibilities need to be taken into account. The area needs to be correctly measured before starting the layout and decor plan. Some ideas include using potted plants, mixing and matching different herbs, using climbers on walls, attaching clay pots to pallet etc. Ideas like filling up a window box, a tub or a top metal tray can also come handy. Dressing up an old unused chair or an old dresser can add glory to your small garden.

How can I use indoor plants at home?

Indoor plants can brighten up your home and introduce some much needed freshness. Once the right plant is chosen, it also contributes to the overall aesthetics of the house. When there is enough space, a plant zone can be created in the house with tiny plants or bigger varieties. This green zone adds to the peace and quiet, relaxes the mind and brings down stress and anxiety. If a room has huge windows and is spacious enough with furniture, big sized plants can be placed at the corners to ensure enough sunlight and free movement. In case of availability of space in bathrooms, taller and more elaborate plants can be easily used otherwise the bathroom windows can be used easily to place Bonsai or other smaller shrubs. Plants, placed on the window or wall counter can immediately lift up the mood of the kitchen.

What kind of fencing is best for my garden?

Aluminium Fencing: Easy to maintain, strong and durable, aluminium fencing comes in different heights and style and is recommended in case you have pets since it is strong enough that pets can’t chew it.

Bamboo Fencing: Bamboo fencing is environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and durable. There are three types of bamboo fencing: Live bamboo, rolled bamboo and bamboo cane. Bamboo fencing mostly comes in rolled panels where each bamboo pole is tied tight to the next one, ensuring the privacy that one needs.

Chain Link Fence: Chain Link fences are very commonly used but does not add much privacy to your garden .They are less expensive, durable and very easy to maintain. You can always decorate a chain link fence by adding a good amount of shrubbery, flowers and even privacy slats on the outside of the chain link fence.

Wood Fencing: Wood Fencing is inexpensive, lightweight and can easily be shaped to give properties, character and individuality. It gives the homeowners a warm and welcoming feeling and will last longer. With all the beautiful garden designs and ideas at homify, you will definitely be inspired to design a garden of your own.

What style is best for my front garden?

Gardens can be of different types, such as flower-garden, fruit garden, vegetable garden, botanical garden etc. Herbs like tulsi are found in almost every Indian home. Also a vegetable garden in the backyard is common in India. But you can go ahead and choose the garden of your choice. A rose garden can make your front area look beautiful and dramatic, but if you are a busy person, you could just convert your front yard to be a lawn so that it is easy to maintain. Gardening is also a hobby for some people so you can make your own choice.

Can I grow a garden that is easy to maintain?

A well-planned garden needs less attention whether you go on vacation, or water the plants at irregular intervals. If you take the weather, light, and soil into consideration, your plants will grow and bloom for years. If the cultivation is done according to the plants suited for the region, it will live long. Coconut trees will survive better in coastal areas, whereas fig trees in cold areas. Another option is clustering, which simplifies watering the plants and allows plants to shade each other. Perennial beds and separate vegetable gardens makes maintenance easier. Using pesticides and compost helps in maintaining a beautiful and healthy garden.