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Modern style garage/shed ideas inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect modern garage?

The modern garage ideas teach you how to properly arrange, store and display your garage in a aesthetic and pleasing way. In a perfect modern garage your stuff is de-cluttered and well organized. People who do not need additional storage space can convert their garage to an office or an additional living area. Neatness in a modern garage can be achieved by making built-ins like shelves, drawers, cabinets and labels.

Modern garage storage ideas and inspiration

Inspiration is into anything and everything. Most of the times we get inspired from the simpler things in life. Similarly, a modern garage can be constructed using simple storage and organization tools and ideas. At homify we provide you with the most innovative and easy ideas to set up a modern garage. There are many modern garage systems in the market where you can choose ultra modern garage shelving. You can use such shelving to make a concept-based storage that would instantly make your garage look spurt-organized and at the same time swanky and modern.

Modern garage shelving comes mainly in three types:

Metal Shelves: These shelves are the strongest shelves around and are mainly used to keep utilities like heavy tools and equipment, cleaning liquids and other commercial hardware items. Go for these shelves if you plan on using your modern garage to store such heavy items.

Wooden Shelves: These could either be freestanding on wall-mounted. These might have built-in storage cabinets which is a sensible space saving idea. Wooden shelves have always been an elegant way of storing stuff. But keeping workshop tools in wooden shelves is something one needs to avoid.

Plastic Shelves: These are light and convenient and are ideal for light items to store. If you are looking for a modern garage with loads of free space or you want to make the most use of a confined garage space, then having these wall-mounted plastic shelves is a great idea to go for.

How can I set up my garage in a modern style?

All you need to have a modern garage is an out-of-the box idea to help you revamp your existing garage. An idea like having a snooker table in your garage, or maybe having a beer microbrewery in your garage itself would definitely come out as unique. If you fancy learning musical instruments, why not have a drum set in your garage? This is not just it; a modern garage could come up with an idea as simple as keeping it just as a garage, but using present day garage storage systems to have a super-organized storage for all your tools and equipment.

What does a modern garage cost?

Well it is impossible to give this answer in the form of a number. It depends on aspects such as what materials you choose to use while making your modern garage, what all facilities you end up planning to have inside your garage, what space do you plan to enclose in your garage and many such factors might come into play while deciding the cost of a modern garage. A garage conversion cost totally depends on your taste and individuality. Always remember “Less is more” works the best in this situation. You can make an exceptionally beautiful garage in small spaces too. There is absolutely no need of ultra fancy building materials.

What do I need to consider when building a modern garage?

The first thing you need to consider is how much space do you have to build a modern garage. This depends on what vehicle you have and its size. It will also depend on what all you plan on using the garage for. The second thing to consider is the budget you plan on sticking to while making your modern garage. A Modern garage door could be as simple as a stainless steel door or it could be an ultra sophisticated door with different elements and materials put together in a designer fashion. It could also be a simple timber door where you can buy cheap logs of wood from the store and build a door in an innovative rustic style.

Once these two aspects are covered, you need to think about what all items would you be interested in placing or storing in your garage. Will it be just for your vehicle and other auto accessories, or you might want to store your everyday hardware tools as well. What about your sports goods, if in case a sport is one of your weekend hobbies. With these things thought of, you would be in a comfortable position to know and understand what kind of a modern garage should you be looking out for.

One other thing you need to consider is the weather condition around your place. This is not a very significant factor, but surely needs consideration as it affects storage. In case you are living in an area covered with snow most of the times, you need to have a shovel and snow scraper handy in your garage.

Tips for optimizing garage storage

Well a modern garage could be completely simplistic in nature, wherein it just allows you to park your vehicle and maybe a few of the cleaning accessories to go along with it. On the other hand, you might plan to have a modern garage that has an intelligent space management to help you store not just automobile parts/accessories but also other hardware objects. You could have the storage shelves built in the garage on the same lines as seen in a modern modular kitchen. Moreover, many modern garage systems have customizable storage options to place stuff like skis, or a canoe. It all comes down to your requirement and desires when building your own Modern Garage. But all of the planning should follow the identification of stuff, which you would want to keep and discarding the stuff you would want to let go.

What to watch out for when converting a garage

The first thing to watch out while converting a garage to a modern garage is your budget. Buy only pocket friendly stuff. You cannot afford to dig a hole in your pocket just for revamping garage. The second thing to consider is the garage flooring. The modern garage flooring needs to be strong and sturdy. You should keep in mind that this is the place for placing all your vehicles; therefore it should be anti skid and leveled. The third point of consideration is garage doors. The kind of mechanism used for opening and closing modern garage doors should be convenient and hassle free. Also, if you are building a wooden garage don’t forget to get the wood laminated to avoid infestation and mold formation during rain. Always look out for the proper ventilation system, as you need to keep your modern carport area cool for parking your vehicle.

Modern garage conversion ideas

First look for some bright, peppy colors for your garage. Something that goes well with your overall home decor. Secondly, use the same tone as your house as in your garage structure should be in line with your house. If you have large French windows in your house, try to make the same design in the garage as well. This will make it look like a single entity. Thirdly, you can incorporate many DIY ideas for making and building up storage cabinets, shelves and drawers. Take help of your whole family during garage conversion. Ask your kids to color different drawers in some vibrant colors for easy classification. Ask your husband to place huge stuff in one corner. Place all the small, discreet stuff in boxes and label them for ease in future. And the most important idea to maintain a prim and proper modern garage is to ‘keep it clean’. Differentiate the stuff in three categories; stuff you surely need, stuff you might need and totally useless stuff. This would make the overall process extremely easy.

More styles for a garage

Industrial garage

This is an innovative way to convert your basic car storage garage into an office. Having exposed brick surfaces, wooden pallets for working and exposed metal surfaces adds charm and brings out the industrial style at best. It is perfect for people who like to work from home. It is also an ideal spot for people interested in startups. A group of 7-10 people can easily fit in this space for efficient working style.

Scandinavian garage

Scandinavian garage means nothing other than a wooden garage/timber garages. It is usually designed with a double roof design or a single roof design. A wooden garage is anyways better than concrete garages. They have both side and front entrance as design options.

Minimalist Garage

Minimalist style garage basically means de-cluttering. It’s a type of cleaning drive that helps you discard the unused stuff. Things like empty boxes, aluminum cans, automobile fluids should be removed for a cleaner place. Stack the items you want to keep one over the other so that your garage looks well organized and well maintained. Label up your storage cartons and drawers as it will make it easier to find stuff in future.