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Garage/Shed design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What’s the difference between a carport and a garage?

A carport is a semi covered structure that is designed to park vehicles and to provide limited protection to them. They are mostly open from two sides and are either usually flat roofed or modular in India. A carport is a cost effective way to provide protection to one’s car from the elements such as rain, wind and scorching heat from the sun. Carports offer less protection than garages, but allow for more ventilation. They’re also much cheaper and easier to build and construct compared to a garage.The structure can either be freestanding or attached to a wall. If you've been parking your vehicles outside, investing in a protective structure to house them in can increase the life of your vehicles and even increase the value of the home if you build your project to code.

What are some convenient carport ideas for the front of the house?

Unless you have quite a big front yard, a carport at the front of the house may not be the best idea. However if the side of your house is already occupied, there are also compact foldable carports (which do not take up much space) that you could use which can be put away when not in use, freeing up space in front yard when the car is not parked there.

If you have a big front yard, a carport at the front of the house can be great as it adds more privacy to the house by covering up the front of the house more and it also serves as a shelter from the rain and sun.

Can I have a carport on the side of my house?

Modular carports or flat roofed carports are great for the side of the house. You also get to hide your vehicle and protect it from thieving eyes, making it more secure and safe. If you have a small front yard, we strongly recommend positioning the carport at the side of the house.

Carports can look like garden gazebos if you take the time to grow plants around it and create a little garden surrounding it. You can match the exterior design of your house and roof or create something unique if it’s a standalone type of carport. Keep in mind that the standalone carport should be built by the stronger material, both for the foundation and for the roof.

What are some inexpensive ways to install a carport?

When you want an inexpensive, quick and easy shelter for your vehicles, prefab carports or prefabricated garages are a great choice. Modular carports or prefab carports cost an average of Rs350 per square feet. Prefab carports kits are a smart way to gain sheltered space and avoid the time and financial hassle of building a traditional construction garage. Homeowners can appreciate easy installation and flexible storage options gained with the many prefab carports available from homify. You can also contact one of our many general contractors for help.

Prefab carports are near instant storage options for vehicles. Prefab options include metal canopies for carports. UV-resistant, waterproof polyethylene canopies are a cost-saving alternative. With either canopy, prefab carports provide reliable shelter in convenient timeframes. Installation is quick and simple enough for people taking a DIY approach. No hassle anchoring systems fasten durable prefab carports securely for stable shelter over years of use. Rugged construction prefab carports are available with valence protection or enclosed options with side walls in place.

Are solar carports popular in India?

Solar carports have become a bit of a buzzword in the eco-conscious crowd of India. No surprise really, especially since India’s largest solar carport was just completed last month at the Cochin International Airport in Kerala. Maruti also built a huge solar carport in Gurgaon a few years ago.

Many homeowners, despite wanting to put up solar panels, are often constrained by space availability over the rooftop or the rooftop being used for some other purpose. In such a scenario, solar car parking roofs have come to their rescue. The added advantage of solar carports is that not only are you providing protection to the cars below but also producing clean and free solar electricity. This electricity can be used for the building or even as a charging port for electric cars which are getting popular these days. In a country like India which has ample amount of sunshine throughout the year, solar car parks are an excellent idea.

In order to install a solar carport, a good amount of structural designing will have to be done which will be seen as excess material in the form of steel, which in turn results in extra costs. However, as the industry matures and system costs reduce, the number of suitors for such innovative designs are increasing.