Modern style dressing room ideas, inspiration & pictures

Home is an expression of the idealogy, taste and outlook of its owners. It is a place where one gets the flexibility to think, act and express. There are lots of places and spaces  in the house for which even the slightest attention works wonders.

Developing a home in its entirety requires that various units like the rooms, kitchen, lounge area, lawns, etc. should be in coherence with each other. Generally people prefer to take care of the primary rooms like bedroom, drawing room and kitchen and ignore places of aesthetic sense like dressing room and bathroom, balcony and entrance. Working closely to develop the beauty of a dressing room requires careful thoughts and minimal investment.

Here are some bright ideas to gear up your dressing room to full visual treat and beautify. These ideas will enrich the whole experience of dressing for daily and special occasions in the dressing room.

What makes a modern dressing room?

A modern dressing room is a place of creation and expression of your imagination and dreams. A modern dressing room can be anywhere between a lavish stylish, elaborate expression of dressing table and dressing closets to that of minimal inbuilt furniture supplemented by accessories neatly placed in a chest of drawer. A modern dressing room symbolizes elegant placement of accessories supplemented by stylish interiors. One needs to experiment with the closets, walls, and cabinets. Efforts should be made to give a chic and modern look to the dressing room. A small research can lead you to places and ideas for giving a chic look to your dressing room. Another simple tip is to use wallpapers of appropriate color and design in the corners or a single wall. The use of wallpapers enhances the gorgeousness of the dressing room.

Where can I find modern dressing room ideas and inspiration?

Homify is a great online platform wherein one can find brilliant ideas about designing a modern dressing room, renovating the existing dressing room, redoing the décor and interiors and much more. Homify also provides you the opportunity to gain knowledge about styles and intricacies of architecture and interiors.

How can I decorate my dressing room modern style

Designing a modern dressing room requires lots of imagination, little hard work and extensive research. Some of the tips to design a dressing room in modern styles are: Firstly, decide the budget one has. It should be decided after doing a basic research about design and cost. This will save you from recalculating the budget. Secondly, one needs to look at the space available and options available for that space. Elaborate space will give one an opportunity to place sufficient furniture and closets. At the same time less space will make you crux your imagination for innovations on space saving ideas.Lights and right illumination are something that one needs to look upon. Place lights in contemporary designs in closets and at an appropriate place on roof top.Attractive wallpapers can add vigor and class to the dressing room. They will make dressing room look stunningly gorgeous in a comparatively cheaper budget. Don't forget to add minuscule accessories like a vase, painting or artefact. This will provide the much needed contemporary look. Select full length mirror for one wall and if possible put a mirror on the sidewall too. This will ensure space illusion and will help you in getting the right view of your own self.

What wall colour should I choose for a modern dressing room?

Colors have a direct impact on the mood of the person. They can calm you down or invigorate you. Selecting colors for the dressing room is actually a tricky and thoughtful process for the simple reason that it is the place where you need to dress up. Colours should preferably be neutral and they should blend with your skin tone. This will allow you to give actual picture of yours in the mirror. Bright colours will compete with your look and will thus not project you in the right manner while dressing. If you prefer a bold look for your dressing room, try selecting wallpaper with dark colours and bold designs. This wall paper can be placed on a single wall. This will ensure that the dressing room is lively and bright. Colours of light should be neutral and pastels. This will ensure that you get the right picture of how you are looking in the mirror. This will also reflect your makeup in an actual tone. Thus, you can chose from a wide range of colours. Any colour from shades of red, pink orange, blue, brown etc. can be chosen. Remember to arrange them in right combinations and contrast. Vivid peacock blue is said to be the most flattering colour so this colour can be tried for once in the dressing room. Whichever colour you chose selection of paints and wall paper should be of good quality. It may be costly but it will last longer and will provide a right finish to the dressing room.

What type of flooring should I put in a modern dressing room?

Flooring in dressing room is important because at times one enters this room after taking a bath. In such a situation, the floor of the dressing room should not be slippery. Care should be taken to keep it dry. So floor should be such that it gets dried up easily. Floor can be carpeted or one can place a rubber mat at the entrance for drying the feet. It is good to opt for soft wood floor because it will ensure comfort to your feet while getting ready. Colours of flooring should be chosen with care. They should supplement the wall colours too. Today, there are lots of options to choose from. Some of the popular options are vinyl flooring, wood flooring, laminate flooring, tiles, terrazzo, carpet etc.

Are there any specific tips for decorating my dressing room? 

The dressing room is a place that is very personal and private. Each one standing there is an entity and a most beautiful human being. So, this is the place where one is closest to own self. While decorating this highly personal and private space, use colours that appeal to your eyes and accessories that are useful and minimal. Height of furniture should be appropriate and should suit your needs. Closets should be moulded according to personal needs. Lights are important too. Overhead lights should be supplemented by supporting side and frontal lights. This will avoid the casting of shadows on the face and will eliminate facial shadowing. Frontal lights help in giving a bright look to the skin. Accessories should take care of the storage space. They should double up as artifacts. Lastly, planning beforehand and collecting all the material before start ensures that a homogenous look is developed. This will also enhance the splendour of the dressing room.

How do I use accessories to make my dressing room modern?

Accessories form an integral part of any decor. The dressing room accessories could be many because there are a lot of things that might require attention. Select accessories for placing cosmetics very carefully. Bangle stand, lipstick case, toiletries, vanity box perfumes, etc. can be placed aesthetically to enhance the beauty of the room. Lastly, decorative pieces like lamps, vase and paintings can be selected for accessories. These accessories are used for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the dressing room.

What happens if I have a small dressing room?

Having a small dressing room is not much of a problem now .Select furniture that can be fitted in the wall. Low height stools can be used for sitting. Use overhead and frontal lights fitted on the wall. Inbuilt wall cabinets of vertical height having a big mirror on one door are a big space saver. Closet can house the storage space for cosmetics and toiletries.

Which dressing room design is right for me?

The dressing room can be designed variously like Industrial style dressing rooms, Rustic dressing rooms, Scandinavian dressing rooms and so on. Any design that fits in your pocket is good for you as far as it appeals to your aesthetic senses. So while selecting an appropriate design for your dressing room take a holistic perspective. Contemporary designs with a slight touch of traditional style in the form of mirror or an accessory can help you give a desired look. Space should be given due consideration while selecting any design.

What are the other different styles of dressing rooms?

Industrial style dressing room:

The industrial style needs a thoughtful placement of mirror and light. Care should be taken to use colors that blend with the wall colors. Use a bright coloured flower vase as a focal point.

Rustic dressing room:

Use a mirror with antique looks. The rustic style can be supported by rustic brass frames or a wooden frame. A painting depicting episode from history or literature can do wonders.

Scandinavian dressing room:

The scandinavian  style needs elegance amalgamated in romance. Use straight cut mirrors with white over head light. Use inbuilt cupboards with patterned doors. Tainted glass can be used to separate bathroom from the dressing room.

So what are you waiting for? You can start with all research to zero upon the budget, style and ideas. The next step would be to get going. Few days of hard work will pay in the form of splendid dressing room.