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Double garage design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The average size of a double garage is 18x8 feet. There are basically two choices when it comes to designing a double garage. You can choose between a double garage with one door and a double garage with two doors. Aesthetically, two single doors may be preferable but on balance we would recommend going for a double door. It’s less expensive, particularly if you want your garage doors motorized and with no central pillar in the garage entrance - it’s one less piece of masonry that might jump out and scrape the car.

No matter what door configuration you choose the following recommended minimum double garage sizes apply.

- Width - 22ft / 6.7m minimum

- Length - 20ft / 6m minimum

- Door width - 9ft / 2.7m minimum (single garage door width)

- Door width - 16ft / 4.8m minimum (double garage door width)

What are the common building materials for a double garage?

Wood Doors. Wood garage doors are built with layers, or plies, to prevent warping. Woods include cedar, redwood, fir and meranti (luan). Wood doors may be factory-stained or painted, or finished on-site.

Steel Doors. The best steel garage doors are made of two layers of galvanized steel, the surface of which is either primed and painted with a tough topcoat finish or clad with a composite material. Steel doors can be painted to match your home and are available with or without insulation. The downside of steel doors is that they can be dented and are subject to corrosion, especially in coastal areas.

Aluminum Frame Doors. Garage doors fitted with aluminum panels eliminate the problem of rust but are easier to dent. They are available in contemporary brushed finishes, as well as in many colors. (Translucent glass panels may be used in place of aluminum panels; these admit daylight without compromising privacy or security.)

Fiberglass Doors. Garage doors made from fiberglass are less subject to denting or cracking. They do not rust but can break upon impact. Two layers of fiberglass are typically bonded to a steel frame and filled with polyurethane insulation. Steel end caps help improve rigidity.

Vinyl Doors. Vinyl garage doors are promoted as being ‘kid-proof’, because they are difficult to dent or break. Typically built upon steel frames, these too are filled with polyurethane insulation. Vinyl doors look similar to fiberglass doors but are available in fewer colors. They are very durable and require little maintenance aside from an occasional hosing.

How much would it cost to build a double garage in India?

The answer depends on many factors. Because there is an incredibly broad range of styles and qualities of garage doors, prices are all over the place…from about 20,000 INR for a low-end wood composite door that you must install yourself to 500,000 INR or more for a fully loaded high-end door with installation.

If you’ll want an automatic door opener, add 12,000 INR to 19,000 INR. These figures don’t include tax or the cost of oversight by a general contractor if the job is being done as part of a bigger building project. The only way to really pin down a price is to figure out what you want and get bids—it’s wise to get at least three.

What are the different door types for double garages?

In order to figure out how to correctly install the garage door that is ideal for your home, it is important to know the dimensions of the various sizes that are available. Below are the specifications of standard residential garage door sizes, specifically single garage door sizes and double garage door sizes.

Single Garage Door Sizes: Standard single garage doors have measurements of 10 x 7 feet, 9 x 7 feet and 8 x 7 feet all around. These sizes are ideal for standard homes that require accommodation for a van, sports utility vehicle (SUV), a small truck or a car. Households with a large vehicle or multiple vehicles to park inside should think about getting another size garage door.

RVs and large trucks are not the kinds of vehicles that can fit easily through a single garage door. If you need storage for a lot of items apart from your vehicles, then a bigger size door just might be the right choice for your home. If you are constructing a new home, make sure that the garage is a size that will meet you current needs. It is also important to ensure that the garage will have the capacity to meet future needs if a larger vehicle or other vehicles are added to the household fleet or if more storage space is needed in the future.

Double Garage Door Sizes: the standard doors have measurements of 16 x 7 feet, 14 x 7 feet and 12 x 7 feet. These garage doors are designed for garages that accommodate bigger vehicles and they are also ideal for households with multiple vehicles.

These lengths are offered by manufacturers for both double and single garage doors. This should be kept in mind when you are shopping around for garage doors. You should also consider the length of the vehicle you currently own or planning to buy before deciding on the one that is best suited for you. This will ensure that you will have enough space to satisfy your needs.

There are several different garage door designs to choose from, and each has their own benefits and weaknesses:

Retractable Garage Doors: single panel garage doors. An advantage of a retractable garage door is that it is designed specifically for electrical operation. Retractable garage doors will require more space inside your garage than other options.

Roll-up Garage Doors: designed as a compact solution and are typically built with corrugated steel panels. This allows the entire garage door to smoothly roll up into a box directly atop the opening in the garage. Roll up doors are often more expensive than other garage door types but are one of the most space efficient types. Roller Garage Doors are also very durable, secure, and usually require little maintenance once installed.

Sectional garage doors: the most popular design of garage door on the Indian market. Sectional doors are typically built with automatic garage door openers for quiet and smooth operation.These doors are usually made up of 3-8 large panels that retract up overhead to the ceiling of the garage. This can limit the storage space on the ceiling of smaller garages. Due to the popularity of sectional garage doors, there are many options when it comes to appearance. There is a large selection of sectional door designs and finishes available to match your home.

Hinged garage doors: use steel hinges to open outward unlike any other garage door design. This allows for maximum height in your garage enabling more ceiling storage space and drive-thru room for larger vehicles.However, they usually require manual operation and are not used for driving in and out of. Side-hinged doors are typically installed by those that are using their garage as a workshop or for long-term vehicle storage. Since side-hinged doors install in pairs, it is great for controlling how much fresh air or breeze you want while working on projects in the garage.