Modern style dining room ideas inspiration & pictures

  1. the dining room:  Dining room by ZERO9
  2. Interior Project:  Dining room by Inventivearchitects
  3. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  4. Residence Design, Rosewood City:  Dining room by H5 Interior Design
  5. Interiors in Sharanam:  Dining room by hearth n home
  6. PEARL CREEK:  Dining room by ACOR WORLD
  7. Crockery Unit along with Pooja room - Origami Spaces(  Dining room by Origami Space Design
  8. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  9. Dining and Living Room:  Dining room by malvigajjar
  10. La tierra,Pune:  Dining room by H interior Design
  11. Villa at Jay Pee Greens Greater Noida :  Dining room by Design Essentials
  12. Project at Elita Promenade:  Dining room by ACE INTERIORS
  13. Shivaji Park:  Dining room by TRINITY DESIGN STUDIO
  14. Elegant 3BHK Interior Design at Prestige Bella Vista:  Dining room by Interios by MK Design
  15. house interiors:  Dining room by Vinyaasa Architecture & Design
  16. Hand wash area and crockery unit:  Dining room by NVT Quality Build solution
  17. Dining area :  Dining room by NVT Quality Build solution
  18. Dining area :  Dining room by NVT Quality Build solution
  19. SADHWANI BUNGALOW:  Dining room by Square 9 Designs
  20. DINING:  Dining room by A Design Studio
  21. Dinning area:  Dining room by NVT Quality Build solution
  22. :  Dining room by ARK Architects & Interior Designers
  23. Dining area fixed and loose furnitures:  Dining room by NVT Quality Build solution
  24. 4 BHK Apartment of Mr Sachin Tulsyan Kolkata:  Dining room by Cee Bee Design Studio
  25. :  Dining room by Modulart
  26. Villa Interior Design:  Dining room by Interios by MK Design
  27. Apartment Interior at Sobha City:  Dining room by MAAD Concepts
  28. Mr. Shekhar Bedare's Residence:  Dining room by GREEN HAT STUDIO PVT LTD
  29. dining room:  Dining room by Hasta architects
  30. Dining Area:  Dining room by Decode Architecture
  31. Dining & Pooja room - Residence at The Belaire, Golf Course Road:  Dining room by The Workroom
  32. CHAITANYA LA GROVE VILLA, BANGALORE ( :  Dining room by De Panache  - Interior Architects
  33. pooja room:  Dining room by Ansari Architects

What makes the perfect modern dining room?

It is said that a family that prays and eats together always stays together. Keeping the eating part in mind, the perfect modern dining room would be a place where the entire family can sit together comfortably and enjoy a good meal. From breakfast to dinner, any meal that is served in the dining room should be consumed in the most comfortable manner, the dining table and chairs should be modern and the entire ambience of the room should be cheerful and joyful. All this put together would make the modern dining room.

Where can I find modern dining room ideas & inspiration?

The modern dining room décor ideas are very easy to find. You will find some very innovative ideas on the internet and home décor magazines easily. You can also consult friends and family and according to one’s own taste the décor can be easily modified. Inspiration for the ideal design for your modern dining room are abundant and can even be found in hotels and restaurants. Taking the advice from an interior expert is also suggested or browsing websites such as are other options to find some really innovative ideas and inspirations for the modern dining room. 

How do I design my dining room in modern style?

The best thing about using the modern style décor theme for your dining room is that you get to play with different colors and patterns. Every part of the room including the doors, windows, furniture and decoration items play an important role so you need to make sure that all these elements come together in perfect harmony. Also, the modern styling theme is about minimalism so you might want to consider not filling the room with unwanted things. The use of pastel shades enhances the look of the room completely. The upholstery, furniture, décor, cutlery, art pieces, lights and the good food are all that add charm to the modern dining room. You can build cabinets in which chinaware and glassware can be displayed along with a few decorative items. Lamps, whether floor lamps or overhead lamps add a very good feel to the room. If you are running short of ideas, then check designs for your particular room size, see what will brighten up your room, use the internet and take ideas from the experts to design your dining room. You can keep the shades of the furniture vibrant, yet chic, buy the latest design of the cutlery and glassware, use the lights efficiently and the latest designs of lamp shades. 

What to watch out for when designing a modern dining room

While designing the modern dining room a good place to start would be to evaluate how many people can be expected to make use of this room and what the size of the room is. If the room is large, but the number of people using it is small then you can add many other fixtures to the room besides the dining table. If the number of people is more, but the size of the room is small, then the first priority should be buying and placing the dining table and then thinking how the remaining space can be decorated. Wall cabinets offer a lot of space for storage and for decoration, but one needs to see what type of cabinets would go with the overall theme. If the size of the room is small then one can even ignore cabinets and only concentrate on the basic furniture needed.

What wall color should I choose for a modern dining room?

For a modern dining room there is no particular shade of color that would give the best look or create the right ambience. This is one area where people can play with wall designs and colors. The only prerequisite to be kept in mind is that the furniture and the wall décor should be in sync. If one goes with light colors on the walls by painting the walls or using a light colored wallpaper, then going with a light colored wood furniture or even glass topped table with matching chairs is a good idea. The use of wallpapers is very common in modern dining rooms and the look is completed by using framed pictures, paintings of even wall decals in the room.

What flooring should I put in a modern dining room?

One can pick from the large choice of flooring available. You can have tiled floors to suit the room and the walls. Wooden flooring also looks absolutely stunning along with the wooden furniture or even glass furniture. Normal marble flooring or any other form of stone also looks good depending upon the walls of the room and the rest of the house. Slippery surfaces on the floor should be specifically avoided in the dining area. Basically, one can use any type of flooring in the modern dining room. One should only focus on using materials that are easy to clean and skid free since this area is prone to getting dirty because food gets dropped or liquid things get spilled on the floor frequently.

Tips for decorating a modern dining room

Using the modern dining room ideas for the decoration helps to enhance the look of the room. Keeping in mind that the lights of the room matter a lot, one should make sure of the lights in the room. The room should be equipped with the dining necessities and accessories. The eating area should be clean and look tidy with the beautiful furniture and fittings. If possible, make sure of a little open area or a window in the room that makes the area feel fresh and allows the smell of the food to flow out in the open. With open kitchens it becomes even more convenient to decorate the dining area as the kitchen includes the dining room. The easy access to the kitchen and serving makes the open kitchen a very efficient idea.

What to watch out for when buying modern dining room furniture

While buying the modern dining furniture one should make sure they are simple, elegant and in sync with the overall theme that has been decided. It would be wise to invest in furniture that is easy to clean and not likely to get worn away if food or liquids are dropped on it. Also, many people prefer to buy decorative items that are linked to food or eating like pictures of vegetables or wine glasses and even wine bottles. Dining room furniture includes not just the dining table and chairs, but also wall cabinets, wine holders, side tables and side cabinets etc. It is easy to get carried away when buying dining room furniture but one needs to be careful that they have space to accommodate all the things they buy. 

Decorating ideas for small dining rooms

You can find the small dining room ideas for décor easily at homify. Space often is a problem in the house. Using the excess kitchen space in the dining area is one of the best and most known idea. It makes serving easy from the kitchen. Also, it allows you to have quick access to the kitchen while having meals. Keep the décor minimal, wall color, light and floor white, so as to make the room look spacious and large. 

Which dining room design is right for me?

The modern dining  room theme or style is ideal for any person, regardless of the space available and the size of the dining room at home. 

Industrial style dining room ideas

The industrial style theme is more about the use of dark tones and colors. Typically this setting has dark colors on the walls and furniture in contrasting colors. The use of large metal lamps is also very common in this theme which is generally hung right over the center of the table. One can even pull off mixing and matching chairs around the dining table with  this theme of décor.

Rustic style dining room ideas

The rustic style will give a spectacular look to the dining area because this style is more about simple designs and spacious interiors. The delicate cutlery, traditional bone china dining set, and flower vases on the table to enhance the look.  In regards to lighting rustic chandeliers in the room and candle stands in the corners give a magnificent look.

Classic style dining room ideas

The classic style as the name suggests stays classy in itself. This theme is about the grandeur and opulence and this is what one gets to see in this style of décor. This style is most suitable for dining rooms that are larger in size. Elaborate wooden dining furniture with rugs on the floor and crystal ware and cutlery would be the first things that people would notice in this theme. Wooden furniture is considered a trademark, however, if one’s particular tastes make other types of dining tables a preference then those can be used as well.   Food is one of the basic requirements of life and sharing it with the people we love enhances this daily requirement. Having a perfect setting to eat makes food all the more delicious and when shared with the people we love, the happiness we get has no bounds to it.