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Country style dining room ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect country style dining room?

A perfect country style home is made with tender love and care. This place is built to make unforgettable memories. The charming warmth and cosiness of this space should instantly make you feel at home. However, the definition of a perfect country style dining room varies from person to person. A country style dining room can be built with variations of designs and patterns depending on your choice and budget. The biggest constraint in designing a country style dining room or any dining room for that matter is ‘space’. If you are lucky to have a big space available, you can go for a conventional country style dining room, if not, don’t panic as homify brings you a vast list of small country style dining rooms that can be built with the same emotions and utility in a smaller area.

Where can I find country style dining room ideas and inspiration?

Ideas and Inspirations can be drawn from anything we encounter in our day to day lifes. Conversations, books, media and exhibits are some of the very popular sources of ideas. We, at homify bring you the collective information of all these sources summarised one one website. While browsing through the vast database on homify, you can experience the unmatched ease and comfort provided by the website that unites the information from all around the world and brings it to you.

How do I design my dining room in country style?

A country style dining room can be designed in various ways, according to your taste and pocket. However, there are certain basic questions you need to answer before designing a country style dining room. The first and foremost is the space. You need to have a clear idea of how much space can be spared for a country style dining room as other aspects like furniture, lighting, wall colours and flooring all depend on the space. The space constraint also varies if you are remodelling an existing design or designing a new country style dining room from scratch. With homify, you can be relieved from all the tensions as our website and it's experts will help you design a perfect country style living room as per your needs and requirements.

What to watch out for when designing in country style

True to its name, country style living means the incorporation of basic and organic designs instead of modern or contemporary designs. The first thing to watch out for when designing a country style dining room is a rustic dining table that holds the focal point of any dining room. homify brings you varieties of country style dining room tables that are suitable for both larger and smaller spaces. The sturdy, rock solid wooden tables are considered ideal for a country style dining furniture. The second aspect to consider is the lighting that focuses on the country style dining room décor. A country style dining room is a place of warmth and cosiness so even the lighting should be kept subtle and warm with the maximum inflow of natural light through the glass windows. This room should be an individual, personalized space; therefore the inclusion of flower vases, planters, wall hangings and family portraits will add a personal touch to the room. Another thing to watch out for is a huge fireplace that used to be the signature feature of a country style dining room. Try making a rustic fireplace with no additional embellishments for the perfect dinner in a cosy winter night.

Tips for furnishing a country style dining room

Furnishings and decorations are the make or break feature of any room. Apart from the durable dining table, the room should also have beautiful ornaments that imbue the place with earthiness. Smart additions of porcelain crockery rather than expensive china ware can cause a whole lot of difference. Similarly, addition of metallic lamps suspended from the ceiling with a rustic wire creates another such impact. You can also work with wooden artwork and handcrafted flower vases that add a character to the room. Work out the family portraits section and try including pictures of graduation days and vacations for an interesting trip down the memory lane. Decorating your country style dining room with plush carpets and rickety metallic candle stands produces a highly remarkable stance.

Which wall colour should I choose?

Eating has always been associated with calmness and peace. Therefore, use of lighter shades should be incorporated which can be brightened with the use of natural contrasts like wood or flowers or colourful table linen. Most of the country style dining room design ideas involve the use of whitewashed walls, which are further accentuated by the addition of strong wooden beams. However, homify brings you other interesting ideas as well that help you style your country style dining room. Making use of wood finished tiles on the walls and ceiling creates a fine cabin like effect. Another unique way of styling a country style dining room is the use of lime washed walls which are still prevalent in certain areas of Europe and Middle East. Pair these with richly coloured wood for a bright contrast to create a perfect country style dining room. Inclusions of plain brick or lightly toned brick and stone walls also make an ideal country style dining room. Try not to go with brighter shades as they might be too overwhelming.

What flooring should I put in?

Flooring is another essential part of country style dining room design ideas. Wooden tiles are the most recommended country style dining room flooring as it perfectly complements the walls and the ceiling. Also, if you are going with stone walls or brick walls, you might as well try marble or stone finished tiles. The addition of a brown/orange coloured rug or carpet further enhances the overall look of the place and makes it look warm and tender.

What to watch out for when buying dining room furniture

The country style dining room furniture forms an integral part of the overall home décor. Therefore, wise considerations should be given to the shape and colour of the dining table and chairs. The dining table needs to be standing tall amongst the other elements of the room. It should be a rugged, sturdy wooden table that needs to be elegant and impressive at the same time. The chairs should be extremely comfortable and preferably made out of similar toned wood as the dining table. A country style dining room design ideas involve the use of simple metallic lamps that are either placed on the sides or hung over the dining table. The conventional round or chandelier like design will add volumes to the décor.

Decorating ideas for small dining rooms

Small does not always mean less. Homify provides you with a plethora of small dining room design ideas that are extremely easy to incorporate and will suit your budget as well. For a smaller area, focus on light pastel shades like white or shades of white. For the flooring, go with elongated rectangular wooden tiles that make the place look spacious. Also, a minimalistic approach in terms of only the essential furniture can do wonders to this area. Make maximum use of even the minutest spaces to add personal touches like wall hangings and suspended lamps. For a roomier look, have a cathedral ceiling with wooden pergolas projecting outwards, creating a perfect country style dining room décor. For maximizing the seating area, you could build platforms resembling rustic benches along the walls, which create enough space for the dining table in the centre. Also, the use of fold-down tables or winged tables is another amazing space saving technique.

Which dining room design is right for me?

Modern style dining room ideas

modern style dining room incorporates everything chic and trendy. From a classy dining table to stylish and intricate lighting, this place makes the maximum use of new age technology to develop an elegant dining room. Bright wall colours, contemporary layouts and stylish furniture make this an impressive part of your residence.

Colonial style dining room ideas

It goes without saying; a colonial style dining room derives inspiration from the colonial times. These dining rooms come with curved roof designs and high ceilings. Heavily draped thick curtains cover the glass windows that allow the maximum focus of natural light which brightens up the entire place with freshness and vibrancy. Smart metallic lamps are beautifully suspended in the centre with dining tables mainly designed out of rustic wood and made into beautiful curvaceous royal patterns.

Eclectic style dining room ideas

Eclecticstyle dining room uses creativity from conventional designs to build a unique dining room which is truly one of its kind. The eclectic style dining rooms are a seamless blend of contemporary designs with modern furnishings. Such a room utilizes bright colourful walls with rustic wooden flooring and ceiling. It also displays an elegant fusion of rustic elements into modern layouts. The use of effective and strategic colourful lighting helps to focus on important features in stylish ways.