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Corridor/Hallway Design Ideas Inspiration & Pictures

What can I do with the space on the corridor?

A corridor or hallway is not only a way to get to the living room or bedrooms, but also another important area in a home. Therefore the hallway deserves all the attention that the other rooms in the home get. In Indian homes, it is a great place to put up artwork on the walls or display shelves with decorations, lighting them up for extra effect and also bringing life and light to a dark corridor. The space in the hallway can also be used for storage or other purposes such as a Pooja room. You could even create a mini indoor garden on your corridor. We have loads of other ideas for your here at homify. To get a better idea of what you can do with your corridor space, you can consult with one of our many professionals at homify such as interior architects and interior designers. The professionals will be able to guide you through the process, and you can save time and money in the long term and even implement Vastu Shastra ideas considered lucky for Indian houses.

Where can I find interior design ideas for hallways?

Decorating a hallway is not easy and can require even more thought than the design of other rooms in the home. Finding the balance between aesthetics and functionality can be difficult. One also runs the risk of overcrowding the place, leaving insufficient space for foot traffic. The corridor is a busy area of the home where everyone walks through or when the need arises, runs through so consider that there are no obstructions and there is enough walking space. Since corridors are naturally narrow, keep in mind that filling them up with too many shelves or decorations can make them feel too crowded and claustrophobic. 

If the hallway is at the entrance of the home, think in terms of the space being practical and functional for you. What is the first thing you usually do when you get home? 

Hallways are where are  we usually leave our keys, bags, shoes, jackets and umbrellas. Often times hallways lack the little things like wall hooks, keychain holders and shoe shelves which can be really practical and also prevent the hallway from being cluttered and messy, so consider choosing these carefully with the overall look and feel of your entire home in mind. 

If your hallway is by a staircase, consider a beautiful patterned carpet runner. Coloured stripes always look smart but for a more outstanding welcome, go for something distinctive; bold shapes in rich shades add warmth to a plain corridor. 

When it comes to the decoration, keep it simple. Sometimes a rug, potted plant, painting or piece of furniture is all that’s needed for a simple statement. Unique hallway lighting is the perfect finishing touch, and stylish lamps help decorate the space. Since natural light sources generally come from each end of a hallway, it can easily feel dark, and good lighting can make all the difference.If you do not know where to start, it is a smart idea to turn to an interior architect, interior designer or painter for help.

How can I make the most out of hallway storage space?

As many people do not have large halls, it is definitely worth investigating and investing in a good storage space. From cupboards to shelves, there are many different options that can greatly contribute to space efficiency in your home. 

Many new houses already have hallways with built-in storage closets, which you can organise to fit storage needs that range from linens to your kids’ toys or arts and crafts supplies. Using functional furnishings, shoe storage and and capitalising on cupboards is a must. The way you enter and exit your hallway on busy mornings will be transformed with wall hooks, shelving and cabinets even if it is such a small space. 

Incorporating storage into the staircase or above doorways can include a bottom step/storage drawer or those with open treads designed to hold whatever you need to store out of sight. 

You want to make the most of your hallway storage space while still keeping it as inviting as possible. If your hallway is wide enough, you can add a small pooja room or wall-mounted shelves and turn it into a home library. A small console or a slim chest in close proximity to your front door is really helpful. A bench or some seating works well too.

What is the best way to make a corridor feel more welcoming?

A welcoming entrance could make all the difference to the overall feeling of your house. Therefore corridor deserves just as much attention as any other room in the house as it is the first room you walk into when you arrive after a long day, it is essential to make sure it is as welcoming and inviting as possible. We are affected by our environment thus a well designed corridor affects your mood instantly as you arrive home from a long day. 

If you have a big enough space, a bench or small armchair can make the hallway look more cozy and is also really practical and comfy for removing shoes. For entrance hallways, most Indian families like adding religious symbols and pictures, mango leaves and photos of elders of the family.  Mirrors are also a great way to add a sense of space, while reflecting what natural light there is. A good feature or focal point to add to an entrance hallway or corridor can be a little console table and a lamp, especially as it’s a good place for flowers or scented candles which are both extremely welcoming. With regards to colour and pattern, since it is one of the busiest areas of the home, white may be the most unforgiving colour here, even though you may be tempted to brighten up the space with light colours if it’s small. This is because it’s an area of the home most subject to wear and tear, so opt for a warmer shade (even if it’s still light). 

Clutter such as shoes, coats and keys makes the hallway and corridor look smaller. Storage mounted on the walls will instantly create the illusion of space. Key racks and coat hangers work well here and you can find some all-in one versions with mirrors. 

Last but not least, lighting for your hallway and corridor can be very beneficial and help to create a nice evenly balanced flow of light throughout the home. If you have high ceilings, opt for a large, hanging, statement light to act as a centrepiece, but if the ceiling is low, try wall lights in order to avoid making the hall look smaller.