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Modern style conservatory ideas inspiration & pictures

Modern conservatory

A home is a place of solace, one where you find peace. Everyone desires to create a home where they can relax and rejuvenate every day. A home is also made with love and care which is visible in every corner of the house. A house that stands for so much, needs to be carefully designed and decorated and a great way to start with that is, to add a modern conservatory. These are perfect solutions for people who need a little extra space for themselves to create a den or a sit out or even a studio. These are easy to construct and if the architecture and design of the house are kept in mind, they can be a great asset. Modern conservatories are also seen as garden rooms because often they lead from the house into the open gardens. However, they can also be put to use for a variety of other purposes.

What makes the perfect modern conservatory?

The ideal conservatory is one that is added as an extension of an existing house structure. It is made of glass with either a steel structure or a wooden structure. A modern conservatory can dominate over a portion of the garden, but the huge glass windows give it a grand view that makes it worth creating. The modern conservatory can also have a glass roof in either a dome shape or a slope design. Having a closed modern conservatory is not necessary and one can also have it in the form of a modern porch.

Of course, one thing that would make the modern conservatory worth having is that every member of the house should be able to enjoy it. Whether it is created as a sun room or as a game room, the members of the house would love to spend time together in this room.

Modern Conservatory ideas and inspirations

There are several ways by which a modern conservatory can be added to an existing house. One of the most common ways by which people add a modern conservatory to their homes is by making it into a sun room. A passage can be created from the living room. The door that originally would have opened directly into the garden now opens up into the modern conservatory which in turn leads into the garden. One can also have a small conservatory which is big enough to have a comfortable couch and a coffee table. Again, it would depend on the taste and need of the owner of the house.

A modern conservatory does not necessarily have to be a sun room or a room in which you can have a sit out. It can also be created to host formal dinners and include a dining space.In this manner, there are many different kinds of ideas and designs that can be used to create a modern conservatory in the house. One can get a lot of inspiration from cottage designs and there are a lot of options for furnishing the modern conservatory. It can be done up in pastel grays with plush couches or it can be done up with bold colours and armchairs as well as side tables. The doors of the conservatory can also be designed in different ways to have a fresh look. They can be sliding doors or they can be folding doors that span the length of the room. If one wants to keep it simple then they can employ a single shutter door with a bolt or a French window to add a classic touch. Instead of having a full glass pane for walls one can also have small windows in the corners that open up to the garden. A modern conservatory can serve a lot of purposes for a family and it can well become a place where people gather on a bright sunny day to share a few beautiful moments. There are several more styles for a conservatory that can be explored.

How do I design my modern conservatory in the modern style?

One of the features of the modern style is minimalist decor. This design style emphasises on leaving a lot of open space and not cluttering up the room with artifacts and nick knacks. If one desires to use this kind of a theme, then the best way to design the room would be to place the furniture in groups, add a center table and side tables and complete it with rugs and lamps. There are many good ideas for designing a modern conservatory in a house. Please do keep in mind that the modern conservatory design does not always have to be complicated.

What does a modern conservatory cost?

In layman terms the cost of your modern conservatory would depend on how big and grand you keep the structure. It would vary depending upon the kind of material you are using, the size of the modern conservatory and the kind of interior you choose. The conservatory cost of an average can be anything between 3000 pounds to 25000 pounds. The cost of your modern conservatory will completely depend on your choices. Most people prefer the classic style modern conservatory that it’s made out of wood and glass panes, which is the cheapest and easiest to make. The modern conservatory style can also be made from brick and glass panes which is in comparison a little more costly.

There are also various other designs for a cheap conservatory that would not prove too heavy on the pocket. These are mostly in the form of DIY conservatory that would not require you to hire extra hands or labourers to do the work.

What do I need to consider when building a modern conservatory?

One of the first things to be considered is the space available in the house. There is no doubt about the fact that a modern conservatory would crouch upon the open garden space of the house. If the owners believe that the garden space can be let go, then it would be easy to construct a modern conservatory. The second important thing to consider is the budget. This would determine what kind of material you are able to use to construct the modern conservatory. Apart from these two primary factors, other things to be considered can be upkeep of the modern conservatory and the interiors that one wishes to keep.

Tips for furnishing small modern conservatories

Keeping the furniture to a bare minimum is a great way to start with the interior décor of the modern conservatory. To make it look comfortable and appealing, rugs can be added and lamps can also be added along with the choice of furniture. Mostly people prefer to furnish the modern conservatory with couches or armchairs because it is primarily a place for sitting out. In some cases, wicker furniture can also be tried.

Decorating ideas for small conservatories

There are several modern conservatory ideas that one can use and get inspiration from for their homes. Some of the simplest ways to decorate the modern conservatory is to make use of indoor plants. It would give the modern conservatory a very natural look and would also bring it closer to nature. Hanging paintings or framed pictures is not an option here because of the walls would be made of glass. Hanging small potted plants again is a good option. Forming clusters of terracotta pots or using terracotta statues on the floor along with long stemmed vases is another way by which the modern conservatory can be decorated with a natural touch. Here are some common approaches to designing the modern conservatory.

Styles of Conservatories:

Industrial style approach:

A popular approach is the industrial style approach for one and all. The industrial style uses of a lot of dark hues and leather furniture.

Rustic style:

Another approach can be the rustic style conservatory where the furniture would be made from wood in lighter shades. The lighting in this kind of design is natural light and in case one wants to use the modern conservatory at night, lamps can be added throughout the room. This is a very simple design and can be incorporated anywhere with a lot of ease. The highlight of this kind of a setting would be the space available in the room and the minimalist approach. People who are comfortable with a room being uncluttered or filled with furniture and artifacts would love to have this kind of a modern conservatory.

Country style: 

However the most common style is the country style approach. This design adds a very classic touch to the room while keeping it airy and adding a cheerful atmosphere. Instead of having complete glass walls, windows are added to the wooden structure. To keep the setting natural, potted plants can be added to the room in the corners and in the center of the room. Owning a modern conservatory would indeed be like owning a piece of nature all for one’s self. If one can make space for this, then adding a modern conservatory to the house is a very good idea.