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Conservatory design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect conservatory?

A conservatory should help optimise your current living space, while bringing the outdoors in. Even when compromised on space, winning conservatory design can transform limited room into beautiful extensions. Any good conservatory needs to feel like a natural extension of your living space, and a fully utilised and functional area that be incorporated into your day to day lifestyle. A conservatory can make an ideal extension and serve as a dining room or second living room for space-strapped family homes. A bespoke conservatory can also serve as the ideal music, art or hobby room for those looking to extend their crafts into new areas of the home.

Conservatory ideas and inspiration

The homify Ideabook helps get the creative juices flowing with access to over 500,000 design ideas. From traditional conservatory styles to more contemporary spaces that blend indoor and outdoor effortlessly, it’s simple and straightforward to keep track of favourite collections and ideas for home conservatory projects. Perfect for those struggling to nail down a design idea, the homify network offers plenty of ideas to get any conservatory project started, with easy note taking and bookmarking to keep organised.

How do I design my conservatory?

Here at homify, there’s a network of thousands of experienced conservatory designers and installations experts to help turn design dreams into stunning reality. It’s easier than ever to connect with the right professional for the right job. A qualified and experienced designer will help steer a project the right way, bringing into account issues and occurrences the customer might not have foreseen. Any good designer will monitor construction of your project from start to finish, liaising with your dedicated site or project manager for a dream result. Here at homify, it’s easier than ever to connect with the right professional to tackle any job.

What does a conservatory cost?

Project budgets for conservatory construction can vary wildly. For small porches and conservatories, costs can be kept small with less foundation work and expensive materials. For more expansive projects requiring planning permission, extended digging and more permanent structures put in place; expect higher costs all round. It’s important never to take any short cuts when commencing a project like a conservatory build, so make sure any alterations and substitutions don’t compromise the integrity of your design, or quality of your build. Wiring, plumbing and advanced maintenance work on conservatory builds should always be undertaken by a professional to ensure safe and working results, and long-term endurance and value. At homify, there are thousands of expert professionals available to help all projects of any budget. Find the right expert to help you realise your project on time, and on brief.

What do I need to consider when building a conservatory?

Smaller conservatories and porches can usually be built without little hassle, although larger projects may require planning permission. Any sizable, permanent structure may be require extensive planning and increasing costs, so an efficient project manager who can oversee expenditure and output is essential to ensure budgets are fully utlised and projects are realised on time. Unforeseen circumstances can arise, so design alterations may need to be made, regardless of budget flexibility. Essential services and amenities like water and power need to be provided, so ensuring these are laid down with expert precision ensures a stress-free build, and reduces cost and repairs down the line. A conservatory is a permanent structure and addition to your home, so make sure it’s an easy complement to your existing building, and an asset that you can market in the future, as well as enjoy in the present. Never skimp during the planning, and always ensure in premium from the very beginning for an enduring stamp of quality that’ll save you thousands in the long run.

Tips for furnishing small conservatories

It’s easy to turn a conservatory into a dump for second-rate furniture and furnishings, but these spaces should be utilised to the fullest. A small conservatory should be kept lightly furnished with minimal, yet comfortable furniture to grant breathing room that doesn’t compromise on comfort. For a slightly larger conservatory, more impressive statement furniture can be introduced, but always consider space limitations. Muted colour palettes and styles make an easy complement for a conservatory space, and area ideal for multi-purpose rooms. A themed finish is another good idea for a conservatory, and can help stamp a character to a space easily. Avoid picking novelty ideas that’ll date quickly, and keep accents light and understated so you can repurpose your conservatory space quickly and easily

What to watch out for when buying conservatory furniture?

When buying conservatory furniture, always invest in quality that’ll stand the test of time. It’s easy to invest in second-rate when buying for a conservatory, but a premium and hard-wearing finish is essential to ensure ongoing enjoyment of your furniture and conservatory space as a whole. Go for conservatory furniture specialists, with bespoke designs that take into account limited space and use. When dedicating a conservatory to single use, investing in premium furniture is a must. A conservatory turned into a dining room requires a dining set and furniture that will endure for years, not just do for single use. When buying conservatory furniture, always go with the experts and do your home work, consulting customer reviews where possible. Wherever it’s possible to inspect the product first hand, do that to ensure the quality you need.

Decorating ideas for small conservatories

When decorating a small conservatory, a more muted colour palette is a great option for keeping the space more versatile. A conservatory will have more natural light and more windows, so decor and interiors should be kept light and breezy to complement. Decor can be kept to a minimum and allow for the sights of the outdoors to take centre stage when glass wall and natural views are fully utlised. Depending on the use of the space, more personalised tastes can be accounted for, transforming a conservatory into a dream personalised space. Here at homify, it’s easy to network with thousands of conservatory architects and designers to help realise design ambitions and transform them into a reality. Decorating your conservatory space offers you to really explore your creative side, and the homify Ideabook offers plenty of winning design ideas to try.

More styles for a conservatory

When designing a conservatory, it’s essential to pick a design that suits your home perfectly and stamps individual character to a newly created space. From the contemporary conservatory design, to more traditional styles and classic conservatory layouts—homify has plenty to get any project inspired. Whatever your space, budget or design ambition, there are dozens of conservatory styles to choose from, and thousands of design ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Modern conservatories

Modern conservatories utlise contemporary materials, streamlined edges and low-impact design for versatile spaces that extend living space, but optimise access to natural light and surroundings. A more modern conservatory needs to complement its host building seamlessly, so modern materials and understated finishes are a must. Integrated lighting and underfloor heating keeps design and aesthetic minimal, while furniture and fittings keep a space minimal, but incredibly livable.

Eclectic conservatories

A conservatory is ideal for making a statement, and it’s now easier than ever to create an eclectic conservatory to order. From individual contemporary designs, to fusions of classic architecture and new materials; conservatories are ideal for creating the ultimate retreat and personalised space to pursue individual hobbies and crafts. It’s easy to incorporate design inspirations and traditional ideas from across the centuries, stamping character to a new space that extends living space, but explores the outdoors.

Classic conservatories

The classic conservatory makes the perfect retreat, every day. Edwardian and Victorian conservatories remain an ideal addition most homes, with classic window and frame accents, and traditional brick work to complement exteriors. Lantern roofed conservatories provide more impact, while maintaining traditional design influences. Classic conservatory design is perfect for creating new, open spaces to extend living space, and ideal for providing new rooms with elegant character. The traditional feel can be kept for inside, with classic coving and contouring for a timeless Victorian feel. Perfect for dining or drawing rooms.