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Modern style bedroom ideas, inspiration & pictures

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Are you thinking of designing or renovating your bedroom? If so, homify is here to provide you with inspiration that will help you to adapt your bedroom design and make it modern, current and fresh. Sometimes, all it takes is a minor change in a couple of the elements of the room, such as the walls, floors, furnishings or lighting, to create a dramatic effect. Irrespective of whether you live in a large metropolis such as New Delhi or Mumbai, or a smaller city such as Pune or Kochi, you will find home décor stores with hundreds of options.

How can I make my bedroom walls look more modern?

Walls play a significant part in the design of a bedroom by introducing colours, textures or just an elegant background for the rest of the décor. Here are some ideas for giving your bedroom walls a modern touch. 

Wall paper: On homify, you’ll find several design ideas for using wallpaper in bedrooms. Additionally, in the market, you will find wall papers in hundreds of designs and styles. Choose one that truly represents you, whether it’s inspirational quotes, graphic images or beautiful floral designs. The prices vary depending on the type of wallpaper. PVC wall papers are the cheapest and range from 32-300 INR per square foot. Blown vinyl and embossed designs cost between 100-250 INR per square foot. Designer wall paper is more expensive. Based on your budget, you can choose to cover an entire wall or use it in a smaller area. Whichever alternative you choose, ensure that it blends with the rest of the design. 

Textures, patterns and prints: Another option for decorating the bedroom walls is to add textures and patterns. This can be done with stone or wood coatings in a variety of shades and finishes.  You can play with tones to create interesting patterns. Keep in mind that if your bedroom is small, you should use lighter shades that don’t make the space appear crammed. 

Contrasts: This is a very simple, but effective idea, since you only need paint. Contrasts can completely transform a bedroom by adding depth to the space. For example, you can paint the wall behind the headpost of your bed in a darker colour than the other walls to create the optical illusion of greater depth. On homify, you will find professional painters who can help you to achieve this in your bedroom. 

Decorate the walls: Beautiful frames, mirrors and paintings are vital for adding style to a modern bedroom. Mirrors are the perfect option for a tiny room as they reflect the space to make it seem bigger. Using mirror frames that are minimalist is best for the modern design style. This is also the case with the frames of your paintings. Banish ornate frames and old-fashioned portraits or scenic landscapes. Instead opt for basic frames and conceptual or abstract art to give an artistic and modern touch to your room. Of course, for a stunning element, you can mount an empty frame in a bright or metallic colour to contrast the bold shade of your background wall.

How can I coat the floor of my bedroom to make it warm and modern?

When designing modern rooms, you should not lose sight of the main function of the space as a place to rest. Although a bedroom should be beautiful and full of personality, it should also be comfortable, relaxing and cosy. That is why warmth is an essential feature of the bedroom floors. Wood is a wonderful option for coating the floors, and it comes in a variety of options.  Like with walls, a lighter tone of wood is recommended for a small bedroom, so that the space doesn’t lose light. Additionally, polished wood is preferred as it reflects light and creates the illusion of airiness.

You should choose the type of wood depending on the climate conditions in the city. For instance, hardwood flooring may be perfect for cold places such as Munnar and Shimla. However, in coastal areas such as Goa and Trivandrum, which are prone to heavy rains during the monsoon months, hardwood floors may not be able to withstand the humidity and could get warped over time, unless they are treated and maintained regularly.

How can I use lighting to add modernity to my bedroom?

There are several ways to use lighting to define the style of a bedroom. In modern bedrooms, it is common to light up the frame of the floor or the ceiling with LED bulbs. Instead of floor lamps or wall-mounted bedside lights, sleek and stylish hanging lamps that do not take much space can enhance the modern look of the bedroom.

How to segment bedrooms in a modern way?

As you know, modern design is based on the principles of functionality and lightness. Combining areas or creating rooms with dual functionality is a clever way to add a distinctly modern feel to the bedroom. If you are willing break tradition and open your mind to innovative possibilities of segmenting spaces, your bedroom will benefit from originality as well as modernity. Our suggestions for this include merging your bedroom with your bathroom or your dressing area. Does that sound like a crazy idea? When you think about it, all these areas are extremely private and intimate, so eliminating heavy walls to separate them can bring a lightness to the entire area. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Merging the bedroom and the bathroom: This type of open segmentation doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on privacy, especially in the bathroom. An opaque glass partition can separate the spaces effectively without reducing the natural light. Another idea is to locate the bathroom behind a bedpost wall so that the two rooms are merged in an open plan.  If you want to go completely modern and adopt a minimalist style in the bedroom, you can do away with partitions all together and have an open bathroom in the corner of a large bedroom. While merging the bedroom and bathroom, keep in mind that proper ventilation is essential. 

Merging the bedroom and the wardrobe: Multifunctional furniture is another element used in modern design. When designing your bed, a wardrobe can be incorporated behind the headboard. This will help to optimize the space and leave the walls free for decoration. You can get this custom-designed by an expert carpenter to add storage without taking up floor space. Another alternative is to install beautiful floating shelves or racks on one of the walls of your bedroom to create a wardrobe without doors! By including LED lights to illuminate the shelves of this modern storage system, the wardrobe can become a décor highlight of the bedroom.

How do I start designing my modern bedroom?

On homify, you will find a range of bedroom designs in the modern style. Collate your favourites and save them for future reference. You can then browse through our list of interior designers who specialize in modern bedroom design and get a free consultation by submitting your request. Based on this, you can choose a designer to help you get started with the renovation or design of your bedroom.