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Modern Style Bedroom Design Ideas & Pictures

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Modern bedroom ideas & inspiration

Home! A beautiful home is a prized possession of many and a dream of millions. Living in a rented or personal homes doesn't make a huge difference when it comes to décor and interiors. Designing a house is something very personal as it reflects the choice, interest and taste of the people living in it. Room interiors and decorations add to the aesthetic sense and make it a complete home. So, there is a need to take special care while designing a bedroom. Each and every nook and corner of the home is important when it comes to interiors. But for every family, the bedroom is a very personal and important space in the home. There is a strong need to emphasise its beauty far more than other rooms.

The bedroom—A place of peace

The bedroom is considered as the most sought after space in the house for the simple reason that it is here that one seeks peace and solace. The bedroom is the place where a person is on his own and can experience solitude. The bedrooms provide a setting to start a conversation between the conscious self and the unconscious mind. Hence, it is important that the interiors of a bedroom should match the taste and choice of the person living in it. One should be able to achieve a peace of mind.

Where can I find modern bedroom ideas & inspiration?

A beautiful home should indeed have a lovely bedroom. Traditionally, families have been making an effort along with the suggestions of some so called home experts to achieve beautiful interiors. The technology generation of today prefers to use google for everything. You can find great bedroom ideas and inspirations on lots of websites specially designed for home interiors and architecture. One such popular web site is homify, wherein one can find great ideas for interior design, decoration, architecture and much more.

How can I design my bedroom, modern style?

Designing a modern bedroom was never so easy before. Contemporary bedroom needs an expression of creativity supplemented by some style and, elegance is one of the most important criteria for designing a bedroom. While designing a bedroom in modern style, the first consideration should be for whom you are going to design the bedroom. This decision will affect the choice of décor, interiors, furniture and colour of the room. For all types of bedrooms, space consideration should be at the forefront. Use furniture that is chic and saves space. Also prefer adding furniture which has multiple uses and saves space. Upholstery and curtains are two things that give a trendy look to a bedroom.

Tips for decorating a modern bedroom

A modern bedroom should be a combination of colours, class and elegance. The décor should match the space and the need of the persons living in it. While designing a bedroom for children, safety should be the topmost priority. Furniture should be minimal supplemented by open spaces to facilitate movement. The kids generally require bright colours with lots of trendy decor and accessories. They may also need extra storage space and electricity plug points to plug in all their gadgets. Bedrooms for the elderly should focus on ease of movement and access to bathrooms and bedrooms of other family members.

What bedroom colours are right for me?

Bedroom colours should be soothing to the eyes and appealing to the senses. Choice of colours also depends upon the age group for which the bedroom is being designed. Whether a person is male or a female should also be given due consideration while choosing colours for the bedroom. For toddlers, the colour of the wall should be kept white as it will give freedom to add decor and accessories of different colours to the room. A bedroom for a toddler may require soft colours with minimal décor and low height furniture. A choice of purple and pink colours is best for young girls. A bedroom for a young girl will look elegant in pretty pink or purple with mixing and matching the upholstery to suit the room colours. Neutral pastel colours in combination and shades will look good for a feminine look.

What type of flooring should I put in a modern bedroom?

A modern bedroom requires beautiful flooring along with beautiful walls and windows. Gone are the days where only marble flooring was available. Today there is a lot of aesthetic sense attached to flooring. Contemporary bedrooms are designed with a lot of different material finishes. Today, one can have matching floors. There are several options available like hard wood, corkwood, marble, vinyl and laminate flooring. Selection of the flooring material should depend upon the person using it. Each type of flooring has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Cork flooring or Softwood flooring gives a comfort padded feeling, but it may develop scratches very soon. Carpets are good to use and give a luxurious look, but they are difficult to clean. Hardwood is attractive and durable but may create noise of foot movement. Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain but is volatile and poisonous, unless treated appropriately. Laminate flooring produces an exact look like hard wood but it fades very quickly. So considering that each type comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks, one can choose the best flooring for a house depending on the budget one can afford.

What types of bedroom accessories are right for me?

Bedroom accessories form an integral part of a bedroom and may convert a boring bedroom into a classic and elegant style statement. The choice of bedroom accessories is again need based. Accessories will vary depending on the need of people using the bedroom.

Bedroom accessories can be broadly classified into need based and luxury. Need based accessories will include objects that may serve to fulfil the need of an individual. They may include small furniture like a side table, a lamp, wall clock, cupboard and the list are endless. Luxury accessories will include photographs, artifacts, decorative pieces, etc. that may add to the elegance and aesthetics of the bedroom. While choosing the need based accessories, a pre-planning can be really helpful. A side stool can be an elegantly designed table with a lamp which will serve a dual purpose. A wall clock should be selected keeping in mind the colour of the furnishings and the style of the room. Cupboards should be tall to provide more storage space. Artifacts should be chosen keeping in mind the age group of the person. For a youngster, a portrait of some iconic leader, a poster of preferred hobby, a scenic beautiful painting will do a great job. For a couple, family portraits, a painting in traditional or even in contemporary style depicting positivity will add to the mood.

How do I furnish a small bedroom?

Furnishing a small bedroom is not a difficult task in this era of the internet. There are lots of ideas available for designing a small bedroom. Keep the furniture minimal and avoid using unwanted items. Use a storage bed with height in a small bedroom. It will provide sufficient storage space for the bedding. Use the vertical space of the bedroom wisely. Build wall to wall cupboards which can be used to store a lot of things, including regular clothing in the bedroom. Use items that can be fitted in the wall or folding furniture. The TV can be wall mounted. Similarly, use the wall to place artifacts and fit lamps on the wall instead of keeping them on the bedside stool of the bedroom.

Which wallpaper & wall colours should I use in a modern bedroom?

Walls are the first thing which one notices when entering the house. Today, there are lots of options available to replace the regular plain walls. Wall colours come in a variety of combinations and contrasts and innumerable experiments can be done to decorate them. Walls can also be decorated with floral prints or the prints of your choice. Choosing wallpapers instead of colouring them is also a good option as it will be a low cost affair. Wallpapers should be chosen with care and future durability should always be considered while choosing one. For a child’s bedroom, care should be taken that they are laminated and washable.

By and large, a master bedroom is the most attractive corner of the house and it should be designed with immense love, care and taste. Designing a bedroom is not a difficult task because now there are lots of ideas available on the internet to design a bedroom your style. homify is one such popular website where one can get many good suggestions and bright ideas for designing a beautiful and elegant bedroom that suits your needs and matches your home.

Which style of bedroom should i choose?

Classic style bedroom

Classic Bedroom is easy to design as far as the decor and colour choices are concerned. Start with designing a lavish bed having upholstery in classic style. You can choose traditional colours and designs. Accessories like art pieces can be selected from traditional madhubani paintings or any form of old classic art.

Minimalist Style bedroom 

Minimalist Style bedroom follows the idea of using bare minimum furniture and accessories to give a neat and elegant look to the décor. This style is best designed with an elegant bed and a small side chair for comfortable seating. Pastel colours further add to the elegance of the bedroom.

Mediterranean style bedroom

Mediterranean style bedroom showcases bright colours artistically done in lavish Mediterranean art forms. Select accessories like lamps and side tables to add to the splendour of the room. Big Mediterranean style bedrooms can also house an easy chair or sofa for sitting. Choose interiors in contrast colours to enhance the beauty of the room.