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Modern style bathroom ideas, inspiration & pictures

How can I make a bathroom modern?

To add a modern look to your bathroom, it is essential to consider finishes, accessories, features and lighting, among other details. An increasingly popular trend is to make modern bathrooms relaxing, opulent and spa-like sanctuaries. On homify, we present hundreds of ideas of elements, including some from modern Indian homes in cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore, which you can use to achieve a stunning bathroom design.

For every bathroom, a vital point to consider is whether to have a bathtub, a shower or a combination of both. However, since modern design focuses on achieving lightness, the best option is to separate the bath tub and shower. Fortunately, nowadays, you find models for both in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Another point to note is that in modern bathrooms, clear or open shower areas are replacing the old-fashioned cubicles of yesteryears.

Replacing the tiles, or refreshing the walls with new coat of paint, can completely change the look of an old bathroom. Grey is a popular colour as it has a clean and elegant look and can also help to create a soothing atmosphere that is a prerequisite for a bathroom. Working with a bathroom designer can help you to create the perfect modern bathroom for your home.

What are the essential elements to have in a modern bathroom?

With advances in technology, the types of elements that are available for modern bathrooms are quite different from those used in older ones. So, take note of the following tips to keep your bathroom contemporary and classy: 

LED lights on the floor: While LED lights in the ceiling have been in use for years, the new trend is to place them in the floor where they can infuse mysteriousness and modernity to the bathroom. These lights also come in several colours. Consider warm tones rather than cold ones, so you can add a cosy ambiance to the area when you are soaking in a hot bath (this way, you won’t have to use candles). Keep in mind that coloured LED bulbs are more expensive. They cost around 350 INR per bulb as against around 100 rupees for a white one.

Unique forms for the wash basin: A modern bathroom should have an eye-catching feature, and a perfect way to introduce this is through one of the essential fittings. A sink that is reminiscent of a waterfall or a sink cabinet in the form of a glass cube are some ideas to create a minimalist bathroom.    

Coatings: Whether you add stone cladding or vinyl stickers, wall coatings help to introduce an interesting element in a modern bathroom. Choose a soothing landscape or a pretty print that adds a relaxing touch to the space. You can find wall paper in a range of prices from 50 INR to 700 INR per sq. ft. (for designer wall paper). With a budget of around 3,000-5,000 INR, you can get a stunning print for your bathroom walls. 

White: The clearer and brighter the bathroom is, the more modern it appears. So, don’t hesitate to use white in your bathroom. It is a key element in the modern design trend. 

Art or photographs: If either you or your family members enjoy taking photographs or creating art, the bathroom can be the best place to put your artistic talents on display. Besides decorating the bathroom, this will also allow your guests to appreciate your work.  

Mirrors: Frames in organic shapes or modular mirrors that are simple and elegant can infuse a very chic look in your bathroom. You can also use thick frames or any other style that adds an original element to the space. 

Rolled towels: This is an extremely easy thing to do, but since it reminds one of a spa, it makes a considerable difference to the ambiance. So, instead of hanging towels, roll up unused towels to create a fresh and organized look that represents modernity in the bathroom.

What colours are suitable for a modern bathroom?

Colour plays a significant role in the design of any room. For modern bathrooms, grey is a popular colour. If you think that it is too dull, you can compensate with a focal highlight such as a decorative wall with tiles in a warm colour like orange or bronze. Or, you can create a contrast with furniture or floors in a darker colour. White, neutral shades, as well as soothing tones of green or blue are also suitable colours for the walls in a modern bathroom. When selecting the colour for the wall, consider the space available, as well as the amount of natural and artificial lighting. Stick to lighter shades to maintain luminosity in a small bathroom.

What type of floor should I use in the bathroom? 

For modern bathroom floors, there are several types of materials to choose from: 

Tiles: These floors are popular because they are the simplest to clean. Nowadays, you find a wide variety of tiles to add sophistication to a modern bathroom. These can have decorative details, patterns and textures. If you don’t have a focal wall, you can use striking tiles to create a highlight in the bathroom. 

Stone: This is a material that has become fashionable for modern bathrooms, for obvious reasons as it adds a lovely natural feel to the space. Additionally, it introduces texture to the bathroom and is easy to maintain. 

Vinyl: This type of floor is quite economical, eco-friendly and requires minimal maintenance. Another point in favour of vinyl for bathroom floors is that you can choose from a wide range of designs and patterns.

Laminates: While laminates are another popular option, don’t forget to consider the fact that without regular maintenance, they can get easily damaged by moisture and steam. Hence, they won’t be suitable for homes in coastal cities such as Chennai or Mumbai that are prone to high humidity. However, a strong point in their favour is that they help to simulate natural materials such as wood at a fraction of the cost. 

Wood: If you have the budget, it is always better to opt for natural materials like wood. However, you should be aware of the maintenance required to extend its life. With constant maintenance, it can last for decades. Another point to remember is that wood used for bathrooms must be treated to make it resistant to moisture.

What other tips can help when designing a modern bathroom? 

- Before you get started with designing or renovating the bathroom to make it modern, visualize the final appearance of the room in advance, and stick to the available budget. 

- Simplicity is the key to modern design. Use cabinets that help to conceal personal items to keep the bathroom uncluttered. 

- When selecting functional elements, make sure they complement the overall design of bathroom. 

- Even tiny elements, such as hooks, lamp shades and fasteners for the paper roll can make a significant difference to the final look of the bathroom. 

- An old bathroom can be transformed instantly by replacing handles and chrome fittings with copper, bronze or gold to add a touch of luxury. 

- Use natural materials such as bamboo, to add a contrast of textures and warmth to the room. 

- Tiles with geometric shapes or patterns can be used on the walls to create a stunning feature and to add depth to an otherwise flat space.